Bedside Orginization

Oy Oy! Today is all about bedside table organization! Whoohoo!

Okay, maybe you don’t get as excited as I do but, today’s post is near and dear to my heart since many a phone cord & Mac charger have perished thanks to my cord loving cat, Oliver.


When the people at MOS contacted me about my situation I knew it was nothing short of divine intervention since I had just purchased my 6th.. (SIXTH!!!!!) charger.

I tried those little rubber things that are supposed to suction to your table and didn’t have any luck so I was really pumped to see that these were magnetic. And, not hideous. That’s always a bonus!


I got the aluminum, but I think the next one I’ll get will be white for my office (Eeeek! OFFICE! That is being drywalled as we speak!!) since my computer is white and you know how much I love cohesiveness.


There’s also a sticky side on the bottom of it to put it on the side of the table, which is awesome except Jared and I share it so we move it a lot depending on who can get to it first ha ha so we haven’t taken the plunge on sticking it anywhere serious. I might have to get a third for him. Once I get one for my office of course. ;)


The coolest part I think, is that it has 3 little magnetic hooks so you can have more than one thing hooked up to it without searching for fallen cords if you’re hiding them from crazy animals.



They’re really strong too so you don’t have to worry about them moving too much and it being 100% pointless like some other products similar to it out there on the market.

So there you have it. How I stopped the chewing of the cords in the bedroom with a little help from MOS

*This is a sponsored post by MOS Magnetic Organization System, however all thoughts and opinions are mine, and only mine. ;)


  1. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Oh I love this. I really need to get one of these. I think I need one for every room in my house. Thanks for sharing the information.

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