Kitchen Shelves {Decorating above the Fridge}

Hello hello! First off I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to all the lovely ladies who signed up for the birthday giveaway day– it was a great response! I used rafflecopter this time and it was super easy, the winners are announced on each post so jump on over to see if you won! :) I’ve been very low-key on facebook and here for the past few weeks because I had a horrible cold for almost two weeks..lost my voice..couldn’t breathe.. basically hell. Got through that and now I have a tooth ache from well.. hell. :) So we’ll see, I’m pretty sure I’m fallin’ apart. But life goes on, I’m holding out until the dentist can get me in. Eeek.

. . .

So I’ve been playing around with color lately and I’m pretty smitten. It may or may not be because I’m home more and I’ve become obsessed with good luck Charlie. Um, their house is amazing! They have a serious way (I’m talking like it’s a real family and not a stage house..? Too much t.v.) with color and texture. I snagged some pictures online just so you can enjoy it with me. :) And, because they’re not sited correctly they came from pinterest and led me to no where. But a quick google search will lead up to the same pictures..


living room

Lots of turquoise, golds, yellows, greens, mixed with woodtones, natural elements and white. Even the toys look like they belong there but it doesn’t look cluttered and give me an eye twitch. THAT that is what I want my house to be. “Hello, we live here and it’s not perfect but enjoy my house with me.”

I feel weird analyzing what I put above my fridge, I really do. But we’re going to go with it. Maybe it’s my meds from my toothache? Maybe I’ve flown off the deep end? Maybe it’s because talking about what’s on your fridge really ISN’T normal.. but what can I say?  Onward.



It was super flat before, and way boring. But I was trying to be safe and neutral. Like always.. Booo.



I just threw some things I like up there, the globe was a gift from my amazing friend & her hubby for my birthday (the crate was from her too..and my gold watch I instagramed the other day.. She’s a goldmine of goodness!)



The photo is one of my absolute favorites and the flying pig with its sad broken wings makes its round around the house and this week it’s perched up here. I like each room to have a little whimsy so I think this fits well. The moss C was something I made a few years ago– and the cute little succulents in an ikea pot and a silver cup from my mother in law.



See that picture right there? I totally just hot glued it over the glass. That right there is decorating laziness. Or is it genius? Hmm..

Boom boom– done!



  1. says

    I hope you’re feeling better!! I love the “after”! It looked nice before too. You are right about that tv show house. We haven’t watched in awhile but I remember loving their digs! I kinda miss the Disney shows…especially now that we’re in Disney, I feel out of it!

  2. Erin says

    Can you post a floor to ceiling of your fridge? Trying to decide if we need to encase ours and do a built in shelf or if we could just add some like your have. Thanks!

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