Flower Magnets {Summer Crafting}

I was going to title this post crafting with kids, but I hesitated because we used a glue gun and not all kids can of course! But you could use any other type of glue for this and you can definitely have the kids help out. I let my oldest use the glue gun but she’s very careful and getting quite good at using it carefully.. no burns ’round here! There’s my little liability spiel.. ;)

We have many many branches of fake flowers, borderline hoarding actually.  I rotate them for different tablescapes, mantels, anything really, even though I love me some fresh flowers I can’t always run to the store every day and get bunch, poor girl problems I guess. But Lily wanted to do a craft the other day and I thought sure! Lets go through the stash.


All you need are magnets, flowers off the stems and glue. I used orchids and cherry blossoms, sweet and dainty.

You’ll want to use the flowers that just pop off the stems and have plastic backs, not the ones wrapped in paper since they tend to fall apart once you unwrap them. If the back of the flowers have longer stems on them just clip them off so they lay flatter.


Then it’s easy as one, two, glue!

IMG_6170 IMG_6171


Boom! In a few minutes (definitely not long enough for a crafting session I suppose, when we were done she was asking “what’s next?”) you’ve got a ton of flowers for just a few bucks! I’ll probably use them in my office if it ever gets completed! Crossing my fingers!





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    This is such a good idea. I have so many flowers in my scrapbook stash that probably will never be used. I seem to always have a shortage of magnets so this is a great idea.


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