The perfect Margarita {Chalk Art}

It was time to change the chalkboard again.. and since things are getting pretty colorful.. I went with something a little more fun. I found this print on pinterest from this shop and I really wanted to do that, but I mean, I didn’t want to be a full on copy cat.. so I just dabbled in the copycatness and made my own version. Her’s is so much better and I’d buy ALL of them if I could!  And, truth be told I’ve never made my own margarita so this could be completely false and for that I apologize. Let us pretend that it really is though! So guests can say, wow.. she’s rad writing about alcohol on her walls..for her children to see. She must be mother of the year.

If only you knew.

Less talking, more pictures. And go!



*Please note we swapped out backpacks for swimsuits this week! Yeehaww!*



If you’re over the whole chalkboard walls trend I’m sorry you had to endure this. I’m still a big fan, and I’m not a dust hater so it works well in our house. :) As for the summer list that looks like it’s already checked off– those are from last year. Lazy lady here hasn’t even done 2013’s. Oy!


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