Office Corner

Since staying home full time now I find myself taking over the kitchen table, or bed, or couch with my computer, files I need, too many envelopes to mail out wraps, calendars (blog, personal, and it works calendar) and it is becoming way too much. While we’re still working on the basement so I can have a TRUE space to myself I needed something in the mean time. When the fine people at Staples asked if they could send me a new laptop to help organize my life (yes, yes yes!) it was the perfect time to jump on it and find a place in our small house to wrangle my crazy life. And, some peachy pink never hurt anyone.



If you’re wondering what Jared thinks of all the pink.. He really doesn’t have a problem with it. He actually said the peach (Blushing Apricot from Home Depot.. I’ll get to the pin board later this week) was nice. And, if anything it’ll motivate him to keep chuggin’ on the basement. ;) It really is the only pink in the house– Even the girls’ room is blue– so a little bit wont kill him. His only complaint is that our room is too small for a desk, which is true but for now it’s saving the dining room from being taken over with my junk. Compromise people.



The pink ombre’ printable is actually a background freebie, but when we got our new printer you could print straight from your phone– this was the first thing I tried to test it. For coming from a phone, it worked out really well! Plus i love it. Aubrey is kind of the coolest chick you’ll meet.


The calendar came from Lisa Leonard when I ordered a piece for my Mom for Christmas, the flower came from the magnets that the girls and I made a while back and the picture is from Casey Kendrick and her geniusness.


So there you go– a little office space just for ME. Thanks to the people at Staples– that was easy. ;)




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