Laundry Room Inspiration

So as some of you know from instagram we’ve been working on (but slacking off on lately) our basement. It’s never ending people! Mostly because things cost a lot of money and I haven’t quite found that money tree to plant so we save up for something.. do it.. save again.. do it.. bahh.. Shoot me we have so many half done projects– but that’s neither here nor there, the other half of the basement is a deep dark hole of dismay. I took pictures but I’m not brave enough to post them yet– think cinder block walls, peeling gray (blue, they’re liars) floor paint, wires wires and wires and it just looks like it screams daaaamp. It needs help. We aren’t going to frame in the whole thing and drywall it all yet so we’re going to try to whip it out with a small budget, and with things we already have. I piled up some of my favorite pinterest pins and a room board I made up on a whim. Anyone else have a horrible basement they just want to cry about? Just me?







Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 9.39.58 PM

Neutral.. Pops of color.. Rustic elements.. Basically a dream come true.. think it’ll help me want to do laundry? A girl can hope.

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