Happy Birthday Chalkboard

One of my favorite rooms in our house is the mudroom. It really showcases a lot of my favorite things right now– maps, my outrageously in your face door, and our chalkboard. I’m trying really hard to get better at chalk lettering and practice makes perfect they say! I envy those girls who can just start writing and wham bam, it’s the prettiest lettering you’ve ever seen. HOW?! HOW DO THEY DO THAT?! Oh well. I turn on some jams {Last night it was Sail Radio on Pandora if you’re wondering} and make a night of it.

Birthday Chalkboard

It was a little somthin’ for Jared to wake up to. It’s his 29th (If you couldn’t tell) birthday TODAY and I’m more excited than him. :) Anyway– enjoy some eye candy! It’s not perfect but it was made with love (cue the collective awwww!) It’s a really hard wall to photograph because it’s so long and skinny and well– it’s a doorway so there’s no way I can show you head on. Such is life.



You can see here where Lily wrote her name on it ^ and well– it sure enough never came off. I need to re-paint the wall anyway because some of the chalk is starting to not come off when I clean it. This is why you season your chalkboard well, people! Learn from me.




And– that would be a bottle cap. ha ha. I try.




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