31 Projects.. Day 1

Yes this is a repeat, but it’s a good one. And, it sets off a project that I’m going to get to during these 31 days too. Can you guess what that is?




Ever since I saw this pin, which lead me to this blog post I was in heaven! It’s just the right about of quirk and whimsy that I’ve been looking for as I bring more color into the house, without it being too trendy.. Are maps trendy? They’ve been around quite a bit so lets go with classic. Maybe a little trendy to put them on the walls but we wont think to hard about that. If you love it, throw it on the wall I say.



Melissa used tacks to keep hers up, I couldn’t do that thanks to our plaster walls which crumble at the sight of anything sharp, so I did the next best thing and just hot glued them. The best part about hot glue is when you’re done with it it (usually, knock on wood) pops right off. The only downside to this is I couldn’t get the maps quite as tight as I’d like, but a little double sided tape should help that, if I get my lazy butt to fix it that is. Contentment is good for everyone, I also say. ;)



I used maps we already had, which is why you’ll see a lot of Michigan maps (Thanks Mom!) and an Alaska one, which made me laugh since my step dad clearly circled a town and wrote “lunch” next to it. Priorities. We have them people! It would have helped laying flat if I actually used new maps we wouldn’t have the creases and folds and imperfections but that’s what happens when you’re on a spending freeze like this little chick is. Saving myself, from myself.



Okay, enough talking– you get the point. Maps.. walls.. glue.. Go!






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    I have always loved your Mudroom/entryway! I remember when you did the board and batten. Oh yeah……been following ya that long! lol Btw – what camera lens do you use?


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