31 Projects..Day 2..

We’ve got that little hallway in our house– really the ONLY hallway in our house that comes off the kitchen, leads to the bathroom, master (haha..sure.) bedroom and the stairs to the girls room & playroom. It’s maaayyybe 6 feet? 7? I’ve never measured, but it’s small. I went through a phase for a while and wanted black doors.. then we built some glorious long closet doors and painted them white and it really opened up the space.



It’s so hard to photograph so forgive me for the lackluster photos. Anyway– I tend to enjoy wall treatments and I sure do love stripes so I figured, this project could take me a few hours and have a big impact. I’m a lazy girl at heart, the quicker the project and the more bang for my buck– the better. This was one of those projects.


I used paint we already had, some painters tape that gave me wayyy too much trouble so I didn’t even photograph the process. I suck at this tutorial thing. Basically my walls hate painters tape, and it kept coming off the walls. Please picture me trying to hold one piece up with my foot, while painting the other part of the wall. Twister, I was playing twister.. alone.. during the day.. with my wall. But let me tell you what to do, without pictures because–sigh… that whole crap-blogger thing.


Measure your wall. Try and come up with an even number– I’ll pray for you. If not, I would probably come up with the closest whole number so I could divide it without having to have ANYTHING crazy like 8′ 5/6 or something silly like that. But I have bad judgment and tend to have projects go wrong, ha. Really just measure your wall and decide how thick you want your stripes.. I went with 6 because then I had a good amount of stripes and no fractions. Praise the Lord.. A-FREAKING-MEN.

Once I marked off every point where tape should be, I had to make a line with a pencil and a level. MOST people have a laser line and I do to but it seems to have walked off to the land of missing things. A level will do.. it’s what people used before technology got in the way.

Tape your life away.

Also, perhaps google how to paint stripes on the wall.. I’m sure you can find fantastic tutorials. Haha. :)

Basically the heavens alined and it worked, I had a few small oops where the paint pulled off but I think it’s mostly because our walls are glossier than they should be and I let the paint dry a smidge too long? Don’t let the paint dry. Just rip the tape off right away and you shouldn’t have a problem. Quick touch up and I was happy.

Oh– the two holes in the wall were where the smoke alarm was. I don’t understand it either, it was there when we bought the house and I was too lazy to move it. I’ve since moved it and I’ll fill those holes in about 6 years.. Kidding. Next on my list.



I know you’re jealous of our awesome flooring in the living room.. three types of flooring for the win, right? Ahh.. Hate seeing it.. imagine living with it. ;) Soon.. soon it’ll be gone! 


:) Happy Hump Day!


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    When I lived alone, I called it the “Mistress Bedroom.” Now I call it the “Main Bedroom.” “Master” it is not. I love how your walls came out! Pinning.

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