31 Projects.. Day 3

Well hellllllo00! I worked in the hallway again today to give it the finishing touch it needed I think. I’m excited because 1.) So easy. My type of project 2.) Cheap. Even better!


I wanted to put a mirror in here, but I’ve been drawn to wood tones for a bit now and I couldn’t find any frame that was the color I wanted, with clean simple lines. I was going to build my own but then Hobby Lobby came to the rescue! The 50% off for all frames made it especially exciting, well as exciting as shopping for frames can be. ;) They have isles and isles of frames ranging in price, style.. whatever you want you could probably find. I found just what I needed, besides color but nothing a little stain couldn’t fix..

I mixed two– Classic Grey and a Walnut type color. Not too dark, not too light– I know I’m so technical it’s truly amazing.


Let’s stop and talk about these babies for a second.


They’re awesome! They hold your project up to paint it so it doesn’t stick on your drop cloth..floor.. what have you. Jared stuck them in my stocking last year (yeeahh buddy) so I’m sure they’re pretty affordable, and well worth whatever price they are.


Carry on.

First the grey and it gave it a beautiful weathered look but not quite what I wanted.. so I put some of the darker color on (I originally thought about mixing them, which is why I had the jar in the picture.. Changed my mind last minute. Such is life) just enough time to take a picture and cleaned it off. Done! 10 minutes. Golden.




Now I know you’re saying, “Okay Rachelle, you have the frame but what about the mirror?” Yes, HL helped out there too with a 16×20 mirror for under 15.00 (Plus my 40% off coupon on my phone- Don’t pay full price for anything at HL..EVER!

I let ‘er dry for a few hours, just enough so it wasn’t tacky but to be honest I figured once I put it on the wall it could finish drying/curing if it needed to and there weren’t any fumes so I took the chance. Just pop the mirror in there and I put a bead of hot glue on the back to give it some grip and hold it in place and then used the little tabs they sell at hobby to keep it secure. Done and DONE.




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    I love those yellow triangles! We got some from Lee Valley and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else. I guess I’ll have to make another trip!


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