31 Projects.. Day 4

Flashback Friday for this post, friends. I’ve been painting my life away working on tomorrows post so we’ll be back to our regular routine then :) But.. I sure do love this rainbow chain, which yes everybody and their mama knows how to do but hopefully it will inspire some rainbows in your life! :)


It’s been pretty freakin’ rainy here in Michigan for the past few weeks. So, instead of spending weekends at the pumpkin patch like we kept planning on doing…

We’ve been napping. Coloring. Watching endless episodes of Sons of Anarchy (Me! Not the children, don’t call CPS quite yet.) and..making rainbows. :)

The playroom needed a little happiness so a pack of paper (only one page of each color made the whole thing!) and a little glue and bam, major happiness.

Did you notice the change on the gallery wall? I put the gift Kristi sent me from her shop Barn Owl Primitives and a 2.00 button I bought at Hob Lob a while back.. Oh, and that frame next to it? I saw a tutorial on Pinterest and HAD to go for it. ;) So cute.

I still want to strip the paint off the desk there (I did it in a moment of confusion, I blame it on little sleep– I really hate that I did that to the beautiful wood. Don’t hate me) and add a string of lights per request of the little ladies. I’m also thinking of taking out the kitchen since they don’t play with it and replacing it with a tent perhaps?


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    Such a pretty playroom!! I love the paper chain rainbows and all of your ideas! The teepee will be magical..and lights of course. I could never hate you!!!! Don’t be so hard on yourself!

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    What a fun room! Have you seen those kits for fort building? It might be easier/take up less room than a tent. A quick Google search would probably turn one up, and it would be an easy DIY. It’s generally a pillow case filled with a big sheet, some clothesline, some clothespins, a flashlight or two, and so on. One strings up the clothesline and throws the sheet over it. You get the idea. I was thinking of putting one together for my niece

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