31 Projects.. Day 7

Remember when I added the Map Wallpaper  to the entryway? The zebra print, though I loved it very much so, just wasn’t working at all.



Most of the time it’s covered in coats and backpacks and other stupid things that find it’s way there (tools, juice boxes, rocks, random socks) so I overlooked it for the most part. But then I found this fantasticly green curtain at an end cap at Target for 7 dollas! Dolla dolla bill y’all. Even though it looked like a barrel full of monkeys popped out on it, I was sold. My house gravitates towards greens/blues/mustards.. so it was right up my ally.


But– I wasn’t ready to part with the zebra because knowing me, in a year or so I might want to change things up.. lose the maps? paint? I wasn’t ready to quit the zebra. So for now I just covered it up with some fabric I had from an ikea curtain I cut up. This way, you wouldn’t see the stripes through the monkey fabric.. I mean, shower curtain.. wait, that doesn’t sound better.



You can find approx 17.9 million tutorials on covering a bench, I recently did one here that shows how we tufted it. But for this one, it was super easy..



Staple, fold, staple…and fold. I folded the corners like a present facing towards the sides where they wouldn’t be seen in the little cove. And, voila. 2200 staples later and there she is! In her glory.


It’s projects like these that I really like. Super fast, I can watch a tv show during it and I need zero help. And, I’m still excited about it by the time I’m done because it was so fast.. ha ha :)

IMG_6614 IMG_6613


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