31 Projects.. Day 8

I’m going to be posting a few times today to play catch up– so be on the look out for day 9 & 10 too!

It’s getting a little halloweeeenie around these parts! You might remember our previous Halloween (Faux) Mantels



They were pretty standard, black / white with orange or green. I did the same thing this year but really it’s a totally different look since I threw EVERYTHING I could up there and I love the non-symmetrical look of it with the crazy bats flying out from behind the tv. Obviously I’m not cleaning enough back there ;)


Everything that I used, I already had so this cost $ no money $ which is what my husband likes to hear. But, you could easily recreate it with some dollar store skulls, some glittered out like martha stewart on crack and some printables from the internet.


(Look a bat fell, and I didn’t even fix it. Embrace the imperfections people! ha ha Or.. I got lazy)


If you can’t find black books (I only had two.. Twilight for the win) Just turn them around and let the pages do the talking. (ha..get it? Pages.. Words..yeah..) The bats would have been way easier if I had a silhouette but since I choose to spend my money elsewhere like lamps and pillows and taco bell, I don’t have one. But I do have two little girls who need to practice their cutting skills! Parenting at it’s finest. Here babes, cut out 100 bats, ready set go.


The imperfections don’t even phase me anymore, but you knew that.


There you go! This is the extent of our Halloween this year, I’ve been trying to organize and purge our house from things we really *don’t* need and I refuse to open any more boxes.

*Drops mic*

Mom, out.




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    This is fantastic, and those bats are perfect! The only way they could get better is if you recruited small children to cut them out for you. Oh, wait.


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