31 Projects.. Day 9

Okay I did sprinkle a little more Halloween around the house, but it did NOT involve lugging up those stupid heavy boxes upstairs so I’m still happy with my “NO MORE” stance on decorating.


Today the windows were open, we had a pumpkin candle burning and I wanted to get a lil’ artsy. Soo.. Instead of trying to find a cute quote like last years Halloween Chalkboard, I just drew my second favorite Halloween characters! (First being, the witches from Hocus Pocus of course!)

Halloween Chalkboard

The best thing about chalk is that it’s so forgiving! You just shhmear it around if you want to add some shading, soften it up, or just go ahead and erase it if you hate it. (Case in point– I asked on Instagram if y’all thought I should add Zero, the dog. The verdict was no. So he was erased and I did the graveyard scene that is so well known from the movie.)

Jack and Sally

Nightmare before Christmas

Now, lets get this straight- I do NOT call myself a chalk pro, and I know for a fact the shading isn’t technically correct because it’s coming from all different directions, but the more I practice.. the better I get!


I wish I could give an actual tutorial for this but that’s kind of hard. How about just some inspiration for you and another project knocked off my list. Because, anything that takes me 2 hours really is a project in my book! ha ha Happy Halloween!



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