31 Projects.. Day 10

Hello Hello!

Do you follow me on Instagram? (I swear it’s not fishing for followers.. ) I posted this picture the other day and it made me laugh.


CLEARLY since I’m knocking my to-do list out of the park lately and getting more and more things done around the house that I want, I need to be more careful when I say we need something.. rather than want. For example, this cookbook shelf we needed. Is it really a need…when you have 4 cookbooks? ha ha. Maybe not, but I’ve had family members and friends offer them up to me since then. I guess they don’t want to see Jared put the kaboosh on my project series and doing things that are unnecessary to the house ha ha

Anyway– I wanted a place to put my cookbooks (lol…) and we could always use more shelving. Am I convincing you yet? Let me show you how to make the EASIEST shelf ever. Because you know I like things quick, and easy.


Here’s a before picture– since I missed out on that. We have very standard cabinets. Unfinished from Home Depot– painted Popcorn white. Plain Jane– and a planked backsplash. Simple and clean.



It’s not my dream kitchen but it’s a HECK OF A LOT BETTER (Yes I’m yelling) than it was before–Small picture. Only one I have from when we first moved in. So cute. I wanted that Terra-cotta paint color like nobody’s business. Funny how things change.

old kitchen Back on track– I didn’t take a picture of putting on the lattice strips for a few reasons. One– because I was gluing.. drilling and holding them up while taking pictures alone. This means, I said screw it and just did it without the pictures. Measure and level.


Now, this is where your husband will say “I told you to pre-drill the holes.” And you’ll say “I told you to quit your job and stay at home with me and help me with these things.” He’ll roll his eyes and you’ll move on. Basically. Pre- drill your holes, playas. It’s got some glue on it too, I’m honestly not worried about it but I sure don’t want Mike Holmes coming and critiquing me either.

Lets have a closer look…


Sad stuff.

Okay so you pre drill, and make sure EVERYTHING IS LEVEL. you don’t want a crooked shelf, I mean c’mon. So the shelf sits on top but what about those (Cracked) strips of wood!? I know. Lets cover those up. I grabbed a wider strip and nailed that sucker right onto the shelf. Similar to making a box– but after one wall of the box you get tired and quit. ;)



I could tell you I painted all that underneath so it would be pretty and glorious and magazine ready but I’d be lying. Aint nobody got time for that.


I do however, plan on caulking it. But I wasn’t making an extra trip just to buy some new caulk. Truth.




I did have time to style it though, so Jared didn’t have to stare at an empty shelf for too long. I like keeping the silverware up there actually, it keeps little fingers from grabbing an extra fork they don’t need.


Pretty milk glass.. pretty leaves from outside.


There she be people! And I know you’re all thinking.. gosh.. she has such a clean kitchen. She’s like super mom. Lets zoom out….


Bahh ha ha ha. Illusions people! Happy Tuesday! Happy shelf making & faking clean houses.



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    I was thinking how clean your kitchen was. Love that adorable shelf and how fun will that be style for the seasons?!!
    The terra cotta paint made me laugh. We painted our office that color in our last house. Oy!

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