31 Projects.. Day 11

I saw this wreath on Pinterest a while back.. and it’s GORGEOUS NO? I love it. It’s beautiful. So naturally I had to copy it. That’s a form of flattery right? I wanted to spend as little though that I had to so that meant using ribbon I had from my cousins wedding.. and a straw wreath.. boo but I was able to snatch up a broach that my Mom gave me from some of my grandmas things. I’m pretty sure she’s okay with me using it and wont haunt me. But the verdicts still out on that.


I did buy the feather though. 1.99 maybe? USE THOSE COUPONS girls!

I was a little bumped the ribbon was transparent so I’m not really calling this project a win yet. Because I’m not 100% happy. Buttttttttt It is kind of pretty. And I like the colors, it’s very warm, fall, ready for thanksgiving type. So, clearly I’m conflicted. I might rip it up and put some ribbon on that I like. I might not. Time will tell!

You know the drill. Glue the ribbon at the end, wrap wrap and wrap and glue along the way. I also pinned it a few times in the back to hold it while the glue dried, but really hot glue dries fairly fast so I might not have needed to do that.


Once the gold was on I just glued the feather on, and added some glitter to the broach since the colors weren’t working for me.

Oct 14, 2013_2


And just stuck the pin in there. I wanted to be able to take it out when I’m ready (See.. Can’t commit.) So pinning it was the simplest way for me to do that.




Boom Done. You just spent 10 minutes making a wreath and you’re done already! Satisfaction at it’s finest. I’ll use the rest of my crafting time to wipe off my dusty door.. whoa now. Sorry about that! ha ha Even photoshop can’t fix that mess. Let’s just close up so we can’t see it…



Much better.. ;)



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