31 Projects.. Day 12

I’m all.. Hey lets do a #tbt.. Except then I remembered that it was Wednesday. Sigh. See? There I am losing my mind some more.. Anyway, this is one of my most visited tutorials and it’s STUPID EASY. okay? Enjoy.
How about a ridiculously easy tutorial for the day? Yes?! I thought so too.

So we had a very u-g-l-y fan in the playroom. White, one light, very standard and blah.

*Imagine a before picture..here.*

I wanted something with a little more pizazz and searched lots of tutorials online but they ALL needed a fan with two lights so you could screw a rod/finale into the fan to attach your shade too. Young house love did it a few times. Did you hop over and see what I mean? Yeah, mine couldn’t uh..do that. So I used my thinker.. and thunk some more.

And. BAM.

Thanks to my Secret Santa at work this year I had a handy dandy little tool bag that had some wire in it. I wrapped it around the prongs? arms? metal part.. yes.. the metal part of the shade, like so.

Then made sure it was all semi-even and just stuck it right on the screws that had formally held the old globe in place.

See how freakin’ easy that was? I KNOW. Imagine all the awesome shades you can put up now! Awesome. It’s not super pretty from below, but no one will be looking right up at it, since the kiddy table is below.



Wanna see the whole room?



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