31 Projects… Day 13

Sticking with the wreath theme…. Enjoy!

Since I got lucky and had some new goodies to try out thanks to Home Seasons I thought I’d put them to good use and actually craft something. *Gasp* I know. My glue gun and I have been separated for far too long.

This particular project is super easy, you just need a wreath form (Mine was a leftover from a 4th of July project I never finished)

Spider webs (Fake ones.. Please..har har har)

White fabric (Unless you have a white wreath)

Plastic spiders..different sizes if you want to be fancy.

Glue gun

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

This is when Jared said I should just stop and make it a mummy with googly eyes. Possibilities people! They’re all around you!

Boom. Mama and her babies. Creepy..Gross. And, as being as terrified as I am of spiders I’m a little surprised I pulled this off and am allowing it to grace our front door.

It helps that some are sparkly.

There you have it. Cute wreath in under 5 minutes. Get your spook on people! It’s time!


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