31 Projects.. Day 14

Need a super easy project, that you can do while watching a movie on a Friday night perhaps? Yes! Lets.

You’ll need– some terra cotta pots, small succulents from Home Depot, Lowes.. the farmers market if they sell them there! And some pretty colors that make you happy, and a pot of stain.



These were all the colors that I used for my Good Luck Charlie painting and I really love them. They’re.. warm and remind me of gems and they just make me happy. Fall is the season to be happy isn’t it? With some pumpkin spice cookies.. and halloween movies on.. Ohh I love it.

Back to the painting. Get some cheap foam brushes and start painting these suckers. They soak up the paint really fast so while you’re painting one, let one dry.. move on.. I did two coats on each and then a coat of stain that I immediately wiped off. I didn’t want them to have too much color on them, just enough to tone down the brightness and make them a little.. dirty.




I didn’t think you would want pictures of me painting, mostly because… it’s kind of self explanatory and this post is basically just to get you inspired to do a quick project that’s good for your health (Plants are AWESOME to have inside. Is that the same for succulents? I assume so? Is that a dumb question.. Perhaps) I keep them in the living room and it’s nice because they hardly ever need water, so even though they aren’t on plates to catch the water and dirt– I can just take them to the sink every few days… (weeks) and water them by the sink, let it drain and put them back.




That’s what I love about these plants, so little maintenance and so far, I can move them around and they like whatever light I put them in. The aloe plant has actually grown quite a bit and the other one with the flower is about to bloom.. I’m waiting on pins and needles to see what it looks like!

Yeah.. I don’t get out much.




(This goes without saying, my living room is NOT staged. Crap is everywhere.. We built that white table and haven’t talked about it.. The brown one is filling in until the other white one is done and.. our floors are hit. HIT I tell you! But.. It was nice and bright and said “Take my picture..” So I listened.)

:) Happy Friday!


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