31 Projects.. Day 15

Let’s NOT acknowledge the fact this is day 15.. and the calender says otherwise. Lets just, not go there.

So I wanted a place in the basement to fold laundry and store crap.. Stuff. You know– like linens and all my freakin’ reusable bags that I have.. MILLIONS of. Wrapping paper, gift items.. Things of that nature.

I had this dresser that we used in the nursery when Chloe was this big–or I should say this small, tear. It was nice for storage and all but we have the built in dresser (That Jared uses for work clothes which is why she used the dresser) and since it’s a playroom now there’s really no need for the dresser, built in or otherwise.


SO, it’s sat in our garage for three years just waiting for me to make it pretty again.. and I figured.. while I’m on my mustard kick… ahem.. why not? So I set up a little paint station down stairs.. although I did forget to cover up the floor, that would be a whoopsie.. and good thing we have to paint the floor anyways. Details people..


But it kind of makes me mad because I can NOT get a good picture of the color, it’s a true mustard.


So beautiful in person and since I used my Home Right Finish Max sprayer the coverage is AMAZING. (By the way, the peeps at Home Right wanted me to let you know that the Finish Max is BACK IN STOCK! Hurry! Run run run! I can’t tell you how much I love this tool. I’ve already used it on SO MANY projects in the month or so that I’ve had it. I LOVE IT.)


I didn’t tape off the drawers, though I could have if I wanted to stop any over-spray but I just don’t have it in me to worry about that. I do think the drawers would look cute painted a nice gray so there’s that pop of neutral when you open them. Maybe someday. :)


We still have so much to do downstairs– next up is the floor, which I’m going to try and tackle tomorrow. The trim on the wall, the ceiling which is going to be the death of me.. ahem. The other walls downstairs need to be attended to and a few more storage issues.. but I mean.. really that’s nothing ;) HA!


So far I like the lamp down here, I’m not loving the black shade but I’m trying to figure out something else that I love. I also might move down my good luck charlie painting since it’s currently in the stairway which I love– colors, kids, it kind of just goes together.. But I’d like to see it more. And, of course the upstairs is always such a mess I try not to go into their rooms ;) Kidding.. maybe.




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