31 Projects.. Day 16

This project makes me laugh, because I’m not sure if it’s really really cool. Or just plain hideous. I texted my friend a photo of it when I was finished and she said “Don’t be mad. Because I thought it was really really ugly at first, but now I think I kind of like it” My thoughts exactly.

Another one said “You aren’t going to blog that are you?”

Well.. That’s basically an invitation..

phone case

It’s like.. Mardi-gras. Or.. A Christmas tree with lots of lights. A rainbow that exploded.. or a kaleidoscope. But I was going for stained glass.. Not quite Rachelle.. not….quite.

But then I still smile when I see it. Maybe because it’s hilariously funny-ugly.. I don’t know. I’m going to live with it for a day and we’ll see. But if you ever want your kids to be so super sweet and quiet all day? Buy a 15.00 ( don’t spend that.. use your 50% off coupon on your smart phone.) tub of jewels from Hobby Lobby and a tube of glue.. and let..them..go..wild.


Seriously we’ve glued papers today.. iphone cases.. picture frames. And we’ve barely made a dent in the tub. It’s amazing. Better than paying for a babysitter.


It was really easy, I shmeared some glue on the case in little bits so they could both take turns, and let them go at it.



They’d dip the tweezers in glue and then tap the gem to put it on the case for the small itty bitty ones.





Then once the first “coat” was on, I filled in where I wanted it to go since you have to put the glue on the back of the gems at that point. I was realllllly worried and even googled “How long does tacky glue take to dry” because it’s taking forever.. FOREVER. But google assures me that it will in fact dry hard.

*Insert side eye*

If you say so google.



But if colorful chaos isn’t your thing, this would be really pretty with just diamond looking gems.. or maybe just one color.. Or go all out like me. It’s gotten me this far in life. Ha! But it was pretty fun and was nice for a too-cold-to-do anything afternoon while we watched endless Halloween movies on ABC family.. it’s been a pretty awesome day. Try it!


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    Ok, I actually think that is super cute! You know what this would be a good gift for? A parent or grandparent made by the grandkids. I think they would love it! (I hope that’s not an insult, lol)

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