Not-So-Spooky Halloween Decor

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Now, let me start this with saying I’m pretty sure everyone buys toilet paper. But not all toilet paper is made the same you know.. And, it’s not always used for.. what you think it’s used for. Haha.



Case in point– I decided to use it for some Halloween Decor that’s less spooky as we usually use. Now, my kids aren’t frightened by much- they can watch the haunting and hang with the rest of us and not have a scared thought in their head. ;) Lily tells me all the time– “Mommmm, it’s not real..” when scary things are on tv.. But, that doesn’t always mean their friends exactly love zombies, ghosts and gouls. So I whipped up something that is more silly– than scary. Win win!



These vases I used were from Christmas a few years ago. I lightly sprayed them with silver spray paint for a foggy effect which I think works for the mummies too!


Start by rolling out your toilet paper and cutting it down the middle.

If you had larger vases I wouldn’t suggest cutting it but since the toilet paper is so thick three wraps around the small vase it would have been covered, and that’s just no fun.

Don’t try and be perfect by any means, these mummies are back from the dead remember? Tattered and torn works.


I just put a dab of glue on the beginning and on the end, trust me when I say do not stress about this. The beauty of this project is quick and easy. Let perfection walk right out that door!

I cut some eyes and a silly grin from black construction paper and voila! We’ve got a not-so-spooky-mummy! Since I was putting them in a little collection I went with different faces for each. The mummy with the glasses is my favorite.


I think these will look really cool lit up at night! I’d suggest using battery operated candles just for safety reasons ;) Plus toilet paper like this I’m sure would light up VERY fast if you aren’t careful ha ha! :)



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