Small House Livin’

   “This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign withPollinate Media Group™ andLitter Genie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #petparents”

So here’s the thing about living in an itty bitty house.




Okay, scratch that– because we’re very lucky for the house we DO have but it is a little cramped. And, I don’t know how many times a day I say I wish we had more ROOM. But, that’s neither here nor there. Well, I guess it is– because that’s what this post is about. Ha!

The house is laid out kind of funny, small rooms and very tight so for the animals in the house, they don’t have a designated spot to hang out… and I have a big issue with smells. I don’t want someone to come in the house and KNOW we have pets, ya know? So this Litter Genie from Target kind of fit the bill.


The cool thing about it is there’s literally no smells to be had. I’m NOT a fan of kitty litter, at all. But, it comes with the pet and since I love the dang cat, he stays. But so does the litter box. This fancy contraption locks in smells– so you don’t walk in the house and say wow.. there’s a cat here. It’s easy enough to use that my children can do it (ha! Chores, buddies!) and it takes about 30 seconds to pop the lid, clean the box and boom. Fresh house all over again.



And, everything was right in the world.

Except my cat who can’t keep his the dish.


Here dude.. let me clean that up for you.

The things we do for them. #petparents ha.

So here’s the deal, you can get this fancy Litter Genie at Target AND use this 3.00 off coupon and be excited that you saved some pennies while keeping your house smelling so fresh and so clean, clean.


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    How did I NOT figure out that you have this amazing blog before now. Puts mine to shame……….I so need to spend some time working on it.
    Love – LOVE – love this place.

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    Legit, how small is your place because I, too, have a small house but yours always looks big in pics! I have had space envy looking at your interior shots.

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