Because some of us still like to eat..

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #TENways”

How’s that for a title, eh?

Okay so if you follow me on instagram (if you don’t.. you’re missing out I tell ya. All of my *whomp whomp* bad luck stories are there.. too many awkward face selfies (I’ve yet to perfect my sexy selfie..what?) and lots of pictures of my cute kids trying to manipulate me into turning on the wifi for them #firstworldproblems..) Wait, I got off track. Okay..


Back to it, if you follow me on IG you might have heard me ramble about my recent weight loss (almost 50 lbs..I know right?), a lot of it was probably just stress-weight loss.. since most of my hair went with it.. But now that I’ve leveled out (in the head. ha) I don’t want to GAIN it all back. So, I’ve been doing things to help out.. like keeping up with my It Works regimen.. working out.. (kill me) and trying to eat a little better. I say little because, though I do enjoy taco bell way too much, and I love love love me some fast food.. I’m trying to cut back, baby steps… my biggest downfall? Lunch… and Pop.. Okay, soda.. if you’re from anywhere in the country besides Michigan.


I need sugar, that’s just how it is. I need the bubbles, and I don’t love coffee so I can’t get my jitter fix there.. I like ice. cold. pop. There, I said it. With these new TEN products I got at Walmart, I feel better having my sugar fix throughout the day. It has less calories (Only TEN!) but I’m not sacrificing any of the taste, which is huge for me. I’m not a diet girl, no thanks.


Another thing, that has totally helped me in my quest to keep the weight off even though.. I love to eat. All the time. All the things… Is to plan. Plan ahead!

I make a ton of shredded chicken ahead of time, and am totally digging lettuce wraps at the moment! They’re so easy to switch up so I’m not having the same thing every day, and they’re filling! I don’t feel terrible if I have 2 or 3 and feel like crap the rest of the day. Chicken.. Good.. Lettuce.. Good.. Cheese.. Gooood. (How many of you are picturing Joey from friends and the trifle episode? No? Well then..)


My favorite at the moment is Salsa Chicken, which I make ahead of time in the crock pot– a few chicken breasts, a can of salsa, whatever spices I can think of to throw in there and then I’m good for the week! I sprinkle some cheese on it, stay away from the sour cream even though, I do love it.. and dip it in some mango salsa if I need a little extra sweetness. I’m telling you– it doesn’t get simpler than this! Pair it with some bubbly 7-UP TEN.. Yes, meal complete. I don’t feel awful for drinking soda if I’m skipping the calories AND eating something good for me.


Some of my other favorites for the lettuce wraps are Greek Style: Shredded chicken, greek dressing, kalamata olives, feta cheese. Buffalo Style: Shredded chicken in the crock, with some hot sauce, feta (I’m no bleu cheese fan) and maybe a dab of ranch if I want to get crazy. ;) Pair it with any of the TEN products, and I’m set.

Since I know you want to try out the new TEN Products as well.. and get your bubble fix, you can use this coupon at your local Walmart and get .50 cents off any purchase of TWO 2 liters of the new ten calorie products While supplies last, until April 17th..:) Bonus! Coupons make the world go ’round, they say.


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