Bedroom Switch-er-roo

Hello hello my friends! Where has the time gone?! Oh yeah.. speeding right along. Life is weird like that, isn’t it? Days are long.. years are short. I’m due for an update, but today isn’t the time.. I’d need about a day or two to type everything I want.. However, I appreciate every email, message, comment.. more than you’ll ever know. This little corner of the world is so special to me.. Group hug. {hugs} So much love in the room, can you feel it!?  So the second best thing would be a little bedroom inspiration right? Yes!


I’ve had the itch to switch up the bedroom a little bit lately and I think I’ve finally narrowed down what exactly it is that I want to do. Mostly add more color, some nice rich tones.. a little more whimsy, since you know I love me some whimsy in the house.. and I’m trying out putting the bed under the windows. It kind of drives me crazy since it’s not on the focal wall, but the first night I thought about moving it, and actually did it… I slept SO GOOD. I don’t know if it’s because it’s by the window..and our windows royally suck, so a nice breeze was coming through (ha) or just the change.. but home girl didn’t wake up once that night.


4520ce44634ba73160a07ff6bcc3d930 I saw this mood board on pinterest, which originally came from here.. and ohh.. the colors! The nice thing about just adding color is I can do it with pillows and throws, a rug and maybe sprinkle some more art. The room itself has good bones, the mirror from Pier 1 has the right vintage feel that I love and mixing it with the mixed metals from the headboard and lamps? I swoon. I do. I’m well aware it drives some people batty to have ORB and nickle and golds in the same room, but I just really dig the pulled together feel. Matchy matchy makes me twitch.



Back around Christmas I got these small mirrored nightstands from Target which will add a little sparkle, they’re not quite these guys but they’re similar.


And, I’m thinking of possibly purchasing this Hemnes ikea dresser to add more storage. I do love the tall dresser I currently have that was my great grandmothers but sometimes, you just need something new. It’s slimmer, so it would work nicely I think in the teeny tiny room against the wallpaper wall, under my big ol’ mirror. Maybe add some sparkly knobs to switch it up a bit. We’ll see.. :)


So– that’s whats going on in my head. Actually.. that’s about 2% of it, I really want to just go through the whole house and redo ALL…THE..THINGS.. But baby steps. It feels good to go through the whole house and give it a massive spring cleaning.. organizing.. and makeover. Feels good for the soul. :) Happy *almost* Friday peeps!


  1. tina says

    looooove your page also just found you on facebook :) please can you give me a link where i could find your white frill bedcover from please i love it soo much been after one for ever think they are only in america cannot find one here in the uk :( thank you xxxxx

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