The easiest halloween decor, ever.

So, since it’s the first day of Autumn and everything.. which is evident by every Facebook post on my feed being a picture of a Starbucks cup or the same photo of leaves with the tag #hellofall photoshopped to it I thought maybe I could get a jump start on the Halloween posts, try something new for a change.. What? I know. I’m just as surprised. So I have some goodies lined up this week that are a little halloweeeeny and a little basic ‘i love fall’ white girl style but lets go with it, shall we? This one is a flashback post– is that cheating? I sure hope not because it’s just too cute not to share again and I know you have the supplies in your house.. if you don’t have toilet paper.. we need to talk.

Grab some vases, these are from the dollar store, left over and spray painted from Christmas.. Anything will do, but long and skinny was pretty ideal for the look I was going for.


Tacky glue, toilet paper and thick black paper. Done, done, and done.


Cut it into strips, don’t worry about being perfect. They are mummies after all. Tattered works. It does help to use thicker toilet paper though, not so see through and holds up to cutting better. But, girl– use what you have. This is supposed to be cheap, easy, and fun, remember that!


Wrap your toilet paper around the vases and…. the fun part that I didn’t photograph obviously… Cut out some goofy smiles for those mummies!


Leave some spots open to give that mummy effect, otherwise you’ve got yourself a ghost.. Which works too.. I mean.. go with it.



Stop it right now! So cute.


My favorite. IMG_6930


There ya have it. Easiest Halloween craft ever. Takes minutes, super thrifty, and it wont spook your little ones. :)



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    How cute! My kids will love this craft… I’ve been saving toilet paper rolls for… well, no reason actually. I think I’ll do this craft with my kiddos and use tp rolls instead of vases.

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