2015 Goals

Oh hey!

So I thought I would start out this year really motivated, like seriously loving life.

Then I basically said ‘Rachelle, you’re funny. Nice try though’

But it does help me to write out some goals, both personal and house goals because, I can’t stay still for too long before I need to paint something. But today I want to share some personal goals of mine. I know resolutions kind of annoy some people, they annoy me too around day 12 or so, so for the time being I’ll call them goals.


1. Travel as much as possible.

I really have the travel bug lately. I would love to sell every thing we own, pack our bags and travel the world. However, that costs money and my parents will frown if I choose to raise my children as hippies. So I’ll just add a little more to my vacation fund every week and hopefully be able to see a little bit more of the world slowly, and cost-effectively.

2. Work out

Now, this does not say every day. Nor does it say every week. But I need to be more active. I feel so much better when I’m at my ‘happy weight’ and I’m creeping past that into.. Desk job, and sit at home in pajamas on the weekend eating chips and guac watching friends on netflix…weight. I don’t want to freak out too much over it because, it’s not much.. But when I feel better about myself and get at least a good walk in, or sweat it out at night in the gym, before bed. I feel 10000 times better. And, it’s all about being BETTER.

3. Blog more.

This is obvious. Blogging makes me happy. And, I get too busy and just let it fall. It’s my outlet. Stress reliever. I meet so many amazing people through blogging, read about their lives and think.. Thank God, someone else gets me. It’s my place. I need to take care of my online home.


4. Be a better Mom.

This should say, be a better Mom to an almost 10 year old and almost 7 year old. Life with older girls is weird. Before I would freak out about if they were sleeping well, or had enough layers on.. Now I worry about their hearts breaking at school because.. girl drama.. Or attitudes slowly growing.. It’s a weird thing to have to learn and I just want to do it.. Better.

Better should be my word of the year.


5. Be a better friend.

Last year was the year that my friends kept me alive. There really isn’t much more to it than this year I want to pay it back. I’m who I am today for each and every one of them.


How about you? Any goals this year you want to work on?

I’ll be back tomorrow with my home goals! Woohoo!

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