Living Room Dresser

We’ve had this dresser forever



It started out pretty ugly and damaged. Then I painted it, and over time it started to yellow from the poly… Whomp whomp. But, my house is full of imperfections so I kept on loving it.


One day the girls and I dragged it into the living room to see how it would look as a media stand. I was pretty hooked. The storage was awesome, it was a good height, and the white(ish) flowed a little bit better in the room rather than the dark wood the previous media stand was.


The only downside to the dresser was there wasn’t anywhere to put the t.v components. And, if there’s one thing I hate about t.vs.. It’s cords, and boxes, and the annoying things we pay way too much for every month. But, so far I can’t give up my breaking bad & walking dead so I just dealt with it. But then a light-bulb went off. (In the photo here, they’re in the basket next to the dresser)

I ran to the store and picked up some trim pieces, and metal grading. Which was $10.00 a piece– CHEAP!

First things, you take out the two top drawers. They’re basically collecting junk anyway. I used a piece of MDF I had in the basement and some L brackets and made sure I had a level shelf. It’s also scientifically proven that it’s best to do this at night, when lighting is awful and it makes you hang your head in blogger shame. Oh, and a ice cold soda to go with all your hard work.



While I did this, I ripped off the back of the dresser. It was a really thin piece of board, and was super warped and damaged anyway. But you’ll want as much ventilation as possible. I’m no professional but.. Those boxes get hot. And, the last thing I want is a fire hazard. Let it breathe.


One the shelf was up I just stapled the metal grading to the front and attached the trim with my Ryobi AirStrike, which by the way is the bomb. It’s super light and easy to use and NO CORDS! I love it. And, in no way are they sponsoring this, it’s just my jam.



Fill those nail holes with some wood filler.. Slap some paint on it and you’re done! It’s camouflaged enough that you can’t exactly see the boxes, but the remote sensor still works, there’s air flow (no fires!) and it looks awesome!


Have a dresser laying around? Try it! For under 50.00 and half of an afternoon of your time, it’s so worth it!




*Notice anything different in the room?! I’ve been overhauling the living room and I’m so close to being finished! I can’t wait to show you!


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    This is such a good idea! Ive seen dresser make overs before where the drawers are removed and left open, but I like how you still concealed all those ugly boxes and wires. When we bought our house 3 dressers from the 70s were left and I’m always staring at them in our basement thinking about how to bring them back to life. Thanks for sharing!

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