Oh hey.


See how I just walked into the room like nothing happened and I didn’t quit blogging for a year? That’s fun. Awkward and awesome– my favorite combination. I couldn’t sleep tonight so I started to go back on the blog and read. DON’T DO IT. Ugh, it’s like reading your high-school diary. It’s awful and embarrassing sometimes. ha.. But it’s also kinda great to see how much you change and get better and grow and learn and become this totally new person who hates chevron (Why did anyone convince me it was a good idea..) ;)



But seriously. I figured I would just pop in and say I’m alive. Ever since this last year, I didn’t really feel my voice anywhere in side of me. I didn’t want to make jokes about uncomfortable situations, or try and be motivating, most days I didn’t feel like cleaning the house let alone fluff some pillows and take pictures of it. It was a weird phase in my life, a little bit of just getting through the day without losing your mind and spending the nights thinking ‘oh shit, what now’ Rinse, repeat.



In a nutshell.. things are good. So good.

I’m moving.

I’m happy.

The girls are awesome.

Life doesn’t ever stop. Sometimes it just takes a minute to catch up.






  1. Kristine says

    Cheers to happiness!!! You and your girls deserve it! Welcome back…. I always loved reading your thoughts !!

  2. says

    I’m so happy to see you happy. I remember very fervently praying for you a few summers ago. I haven’t blogged in a year or more either. Just not feeling it/ too busy. Anyway, glad to see you smiling.

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