Bathroom Makeover Complete (and a discount code!)

We’ve been working on it for a while, and when I started our mini makeover I thought real hard about things that I wanted the bathroom to be.



  IMG_5865 IMG_5863


Smells good.



Lots of whites, splash of color.






Something my husband would love, and something my kids will feel comfortable in. Being that it’s our only working bathroom at the moment ;)

Um, and cheap because home girl is on a budget. While I’d love to have a whole new bathroom with a deeper (non-ivory) tub and more storage..this is what I’ve got. And Mama’s gotta work with what she has! I fully believe that if you have clean spaces that make you feel happy and smell delicious then you find yourself wishing less for expensive massive changes, and being happy with the spaces you’re already in.

So not only did it get a full paint overhaul… it got an Honest overhaul as well.


The people at The Honest Company sent me over some products to try and I’m pretty impressed. First of all, they’re all natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Boom! Awesome.

Second, their packaging is really pretty and I’m a sucker for good packaging. Especially the hand soap and hand sanitizer. Since they’re out all the time it’s nice to have something that isn’t in ugly bright colors that don’t go with my schhheeme, which I might add, I’ve worked hard to perfect ha!


Third.. Grapefruit scent and eucalyptus mint scent for cleaners. Uh, YES. I’m so over the nasty chemical scent that burns your eyes for the next three hours after cleaning.


They have a free cleaning trial which is pretty neat, and a diaper trial for you new Moms with the itty bitty babes still in diapers!

Okay, now let’s be honest here (har har) I know what people are thinking, “She was sent those products of course she’s saying she likes them” True, you’ll see a lot of blogs that do that. But, you and I both know that I’m very open about what I do and don’t like. When Jared and I were looking at the website and picking out things he even told me to order some more because he liked the sound of it. Once it came and he saw that the kids could actually help me clean without worrying we’ll burn their skin off? Golden. I’m really excited to try more, one that I’m eye-balling right now is the fruit and veggie cleaner and the sunblock since Lily is horribly allergic to a lot of sunblocks out there. Not to mention it’s the same price, if not less than many of the other cleaning products out there! Hello..! Why wouldn’t you love it?

Rant over.

Plus, it’s a free trial.. Why not? Right? Ha!

You can also sign up for their email newsletter which has some pretty cool info in it. They’re also on twitter, facebook, and instagram so you can keep in touch with them– heck they even have a blog!

I’ve got a discount code for you to do a little shopping today.. Woohoo!

Get $10 off a $40 purchase at The Honest Company using code


(Limited to first-time customers and one use per customer. Expires April 26, 2013.)

Enjoy! I’m off to enjoy our new (clean) bathroom!


“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign withPollinate Media Group™ and The Honest Company but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #NaturallyHonest”

Basement Remodel

So part of my absence lately has a lot to do with a little basement overhaul.

Not just painting..and playing with colors and textures, oh no. We’re talking starting from the ground up.. LIT-RA-LY.



We (jared) took all the drywall down, cleaned the walls like crazy people.. sanded everything down and we drylocked the whole thing. The cinder block walls behind the old drywall was a hot mess, there were leaks that needed to be patched up, ROOTS growing on the wall. My worst nightmare.




Builder Dad Ricky came in and framed it in for us, while Jared’s friend did an awesome job at plumbing. Because, I’m that wife that wants the shower moved 5 inches.

It matters people. 5 inches matter. ;)


Whoa whoa whoa. C’mon now.

In a bathroom that’s already tiny as heck, we needed the space and it added a little bit more light coming around from the corner. You’ll see that soon.

Then came the electrician, who re-wired everything, and added two more lights (Hallelujah!) so we could actually see in the tiny cave that is is.



And, we’ve since drywalled–and mudded and by we I mean Jared. No, that’s a lie. I did help- I held up that mammoth ceiling ALONE while he lost the drill–found the drill–dropped the screw– found it.. all without breaking a sweat. I’m pretty sure that means my work outs are working. I’m built people, BUILT.

I haven’t taken any photos with my big girl camera, mostly because the room is soo small you can’t really get a fix on it. But I sure have been sharing it on instagram and facebook!

Our goal is to do the whole basement (ahh) under $2000.00. We’re using things we have, like re purposing old doors that were in the house before, clearance items (Hello sales on toilets!) and trying to just think smarter with our money. Do we NEED 2.99 a square foot tile, or can we get by with something cheaper? Yeah.. it’s a fun time. Pray for us, mmk? I’ve gotten a few come to Jesus talks regarding my spending habits, thankfully my husband is GREAT at reminding me we’re on a budget. :)

How about you? Any big overhauls going on in your life?

That one time, when I painted the bathroom..For the 8th time.

I have a commitment problem.

Luckily for my husband, it’s only when paint is involved, and sometimes couches. Whew.


I was never really sold on our bathroom before. The blue was just too…. baby blue for me. And you know I’m as big of a fan of putting a bird on it as the next lady but, ’twas getting old. And, I’ve had these pretty shweet prints from World Market from BEFORE we even bought our house that still had the plastic on them. It was time to put them up!

But, not with blue.

This is how I like to hint to Jared that I’ll be painting.

Via text.

Me: Hey, do we have any Sandstone Cove left?

Jared: Seriously, what are you painting now?

Me: Stop jumping to conclusions I’m not painting anything. I’m not even home

Jared: K

Jared: Where are you?

Me: Home depot. I needed a paintbrush.

Ha. :) So I thought we had sandstone cove, my favorite neutral and I just purchased a quart of flagstone grey for something else I was working on a few brushes and went on my merry way.

Well, come to find out we had a half gallon left of SC.


So I did what any sane- impatient person would do and mixed them together.


And, it actually came out pretty nice. Lord help me if I ever chip it or need to repaint it.

I would like to welcome you to Jared’s coming home to a new bathroom face.


I know. It’s awesome. THAT is why I do what I do. :)

Yes that’s the towel bar I used for a paint stirrer. Improvising, it’s my spiritual gift.

Other little tid bits before I share the whole thing

IMG_5863 IMG_5865 IMG_5858

Quick bathroom art

Thanks for coming by yesterday for Q & A Day, friends! Keep ‘em coming (here!) and next week I’ll do the answer part.. Woohoo.. Some questions have been quite funny and they 100% made my day, can’t wait to answer them.. haha.. Go on over, you know you have a fun one to ask right? Or am I shutting this thing down…. bwahaha.
Okay, enough with that silliness. Since I took on about 100 different projects lately, ie. The girls’ bedroom, and playroom, and randomly decided to paint the kitchen, finish the hallway (woohoo! The electrician is here today!! New light WITH a switch, yes please!) and finishing the entryway. That’s quite a list, but I get bored easily and seem to be saying to myself, “I’ll just add one more thing, here.” ‘Twitch, I did. I did add one more thing. Which will lead to another.. And, another.. 
Right..the thing, which I added. 
What do you do when you see the PERFECT tablecloth on a blog and fall in love with it 100 times over and RUN to your Target only to find out they don’t carry it anymore.

You go to ebay and pay 3 times as much. But it’s love. And, really it seemed affordable at 14.00 a pop, it was 20 something when it was at Target I believe.. But the 14.00 comes with a price, a shipping price. 10.00 bucks. So, 24.00 for a table cloth, finnnne I really wanted it, and in a minute it’ll sound cheaper than it was. ha.

I cut that sucker up. 
Yup my pretty table cloth, cut it up.

But there’s a method to my madness, and I’ll show you right now. Take your mat and figure out which image you want to show, and then pull it up a bit so you can have enough room to make pencil marks that will be hidden under your mat, and give you enough room to tape the fabric to the back.

Once you cut it out, tape and stretch! But not so stretched that your image is wonky. Makes total sense right? Right.. Hope so! A good blogger would have taken a picture of this part.. I didn’t.. Feel free to take my status away and give me my rookie card back.

 Here’s where the magic happens.
You see, I had this big spot on my bathroom that needed something and if you watch portlandia, you know exactly what it needed.

Put a bird on it.

 I didn’t even iron them. I was too excited when it came yesterday in the mail. If you do this, please iron it. If I get a burst of energy I’ll take them down and iron them, but they were kind of a b-word putting them up, so I’m not sure if I want to waste 4 more hours of my life just getting them to GO on the HOOK! Which is what I was yelling at it yesterday. Why so difficult? Gah.

Let’s just hope the steam from the shower smooths it on out. ;) That’s the best part of this, if it gets ruined, I have plenty more birds to choose from with my 70 inch fabric and they weren’t too expensive. I put another fella above the toilet but it’s horrible to photograph so, don’t judge.

So, for 24.00 (+14.95 for the third frame let’s not count that, ha.) that’s not too bad If you figure I got three prints out of it that’s only 8.00 pc. And I have a ton more fabric, so I could make a pillow, or shirt even. ha. What wouldn’t look better with a bird on it, right?
There you have it, that’s my little addition in the bathroom. Now I think it needs a bath rug, and something on the little table next to it. Here we go again.

*Winks* Happy Tuesday Friends! 
Joining Beth’s Tutorial Tuesday party, with my rookie tutorial. :)

And, the Before and After party at TDC!
Oh Oh! And, birds mean spring.. spring means SPRING FLING! :)
SAS day too.. ;)