Bedroom Switch-er-roo

Hello hello my friends! Where has the time gone?! Oh yeah.. speeding right along. Life is weird like that, isn’t it? Days are long.. years are short. I’m due for an update, but today isn’t the time.. I’d need about a day or two to type everything I want.. However, I appreciate every email, message, comment.. more than you’ll ever know. This little corner of the world is so special to me.. Group hug. {hugs} So much love in the room, can you feel it!?  So the second best thing would be a little bedroom inspiration right? Yes!


I’ve had the itch to switch up the bedroom a little bit lately and I think I’ve finally narrowed down what exactly it is that I want to do. Mostly add more color, some nice rich tones.. a little more whimsy, since you know I love me some whimsy in the house.. and I’m trying out putting the bed under the windows. It kind of drives me crazy since it’s not on the focal wall, but the first night I thought about moving it, and actually did it… I slept SO GOOD. I don’t know if it’s because it’s by the window..and our windows royally suck, so a nice breeze was coming through (ha) or just the change.. but home girl didn’t wake up once that night.


4520ce44634ba73160a07ff6bcc3d930 I saw this mood board on pinterest, which originally came from here.. and ohh.. the colors! The nice thing about just adding color is I can do it with pillows and throws, a rug and maybe sprinkle some more art. The room itself has good bones, the mirror from Pier 1 has the right vintage feel that I love and mixing it with the mixed metals from the headboard and lamps? I swoon. I do. I’m well aware it drives some people batty to have ORB and nickle and golds in the same room, but I just really dig the pulled together feel. Matchy matchy makes me twitch.



Back around Christmas I got these small mirrored nightstands from Target which will add a little sparkle, they’re not quite these guys but they’re similar.


And, I’m thinking of possibly purchasing this Hemnes ikea dresser to add more storage. I do love the tall dresser I currently have that was my great grandmothers but sometimes, you just need something new. It’s slimmer, so it would work nicely I think in the teeny tiny room against the wallpaper wall, under my big ol’ mirror. Maybe add some sparkly knobs to switch it up a bit. We’ll see.. :)


So– that’s whats going on in my head. Actually.. that’s about 2% of it, I really want to just go through the whole house and redo ALL…THE..THINGS.. But baby steps. It feels good to go through the whole house and give it a massive spring cleaning.. organizing.. and makeover. Feels good for the soul. :) Happy *almost* Friday peeps!

Office Corner

Since staying home full time now I find myself taking over the kitchen table, or bed, or couch with my computer, files I need, too many envelopes to mail out wraps, calendars (blog, personal, and it works calendar) and it is becoming way too much. While we’re still working on the basement so I can have a TRUE space to myself I needed something in the mean time. When the fine people at Staples asked if they could send me a new laptop to help organize my life (yes, yes yes!) it was the perfect time to jump on it and find a place in our small house to wrangle my crazy life. And, some peachy pink never hurt anyone.



If you’re wondering what Jared thinks of all the pink.. He really doesn’t have a problem with it. He actually said the peach (Blushing Apricot from Home Depot.. I’ll get to the pin board later this week) was nice. And, if anything it’ll motivate him to keep chuggin’ on the basement. ;) It really is the only pink in the house– Even the girls’ room is blue– so a little bit wont kill him. His only complaint is that our room is too small for a desk, which is true but for now it’s saving the dining room from being taken over with my junk. Compromise people.



The pink ombre’ printable is actually a background freebie, but when we got our new printer you could print straight from your phone– this was the first thing I tried to test it. For coming from a phone, it worked out really well! Plus i love it. Aubrey is kind of the coolest chick you’ll meet.


The calendar came from Lisa Leonard when I ordered a piece for my Mom for Christmas, the flower came from the magnets that the girls and I made a while back and the picture is from Casey Kendrick and her geniusness.


So there you go– a little office space just for ME. Thanks to the people at Staples– that was easy. ;)



Bedside Orginization

Oy Oy! Today is all about bedside table organization! Whoohoo!

Okay, maybe you don’t get as excited as I do but, today’s post is near and dear to my heart since many a phone cord & Mac charger have perished thanks to my cord loving cat, Oliver.


When the people at MOS contacted me about my situation I knew it was nothing short of divine intervention since I had just purchased my 6th.. (SIXTH!!!!!) charger.

I tried those little rubber things that are supposed to suction to your table and didn’t have any luck so I was really pumped to see that these were magnetic. And, not hideous. That’s always a bonus!


I got the aluminum, but I think the next one I’ll get will be white for my office (Eeeek! OFFICE! That is being drywalled as we speak!!) since my computer is white and you know how much I love cohesiveness.


There’s also a sticky side on the bottom of it to put it on the side of the table, which is awesome except Jared and I share it so we move it a lot depending on who can get to it first ha ha so we haven’t taken the plunge on sticking it anywhere serious. I might have to get a third for him. Once I get one for my office of course. ;)


The coolest part I think, is that it has 3 little magnetic hooks so you can have more than one thing hooked up to it without searching for fallen cords if you’re hiding them from crazy animals.



They’re really strong too so you don’t have to worry about them moving too much and it being 100% pointless like some other products similar to it out there on the market.

So there you have it. How I stopped the chewing of the cords in the bedroom with a little help from MOS

*This is a sponsored post by MOS Magnetic Organization System, however all thoughts and opinions are mine, and only mine. ;)

Bedroom Makeover {Decorating a Small Bedroom}

I’ve finally got to a point where I feel like I can comfortably show you our “Master” bedroom.

I say “master” because it’s the smallest bedroom in the house. Nothing grand about it. But it’s on the main floor and when we first moved in, we didn’t feel comfortable with Lily on the main floor and the other bedroom upstairs wouldn’t really fit two beds for the girls to share a room. And, I was pregnant at the time and walking 2 feet to the bathroom in the middle of the night sounded a lot better than a flight of stairs.


So for a while it was a dark dungeon, and we switched it up a bit by making it lighter but we still didn’t have a headboard, and I hated having the bed by the windows, it would be freezing cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Horrible windows anyone? Yeah it’s on the fix it list.. the long list. ;)


So, we moved the bed which I liked. And, then one day when Jared was working late something sparked in me to start painting.. and it went on for months. But, the end result is beautiful, I think. Imperfect and mom-made just how I like it. But, don’t thank me for the brilliant idea– it’s all from this woman, she shows you how to do it and has a little template you can print out. If you haven’t seen her blog yet, run..go check it out. It’s one of my daily reads. :)

Anyway–I had this vision in my head, feminine meets masculine meets rustic meets metals and sparkle and textures.

Get it? You can almost picture it right? Me too.


So the wall was getting done slowly, and I painted the nightstands, and of course never talked about them. But sometimes I forget things are blogworthy– these really aren’t we’re just cheap and like to reuse what we have. A few coats of white paint and some pulls from the HD and we’re good to go.

  IMG_5726 IMG_5721

I’m a BIG fan of mixing metals. Big fan. Shiny pulls.. Dark headboard.. Yes please. I liked the nice pretty ones at Pottery Barn, but my friends.. This one is not it. It was a cheap $100.00 Amazon find that we spray painted and bolted to the wall. Not because the boats a’ rockin or anything, but because it’s lit-er-a-lly the most rickety headboard I’ve ever seen. No lies here. But it’s secured now and I kind of like it. Jared not so much, but we’re going to DEAL WITH IT until I make another. :)

This is getting pretty wordy so I’m going to make a separate source post, but a few other things I want to mention.



The other side of the room is pretty bare, I’d love to add a small chair next to the dresser. And, a nice rug but I haven’t found anything that suits my fancy as of late. What I’d really love under the Love sign is this shoe dresser from Ikea. We could use all the storage we can get but I think the register would be in the way. Once I get my butt to Canton to see if I could make it work in person, you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be getting it, if it will.


Oh, and if you didn’t notice Jared’s side against mine– I played the masculine/Fem game again- His definitely screams manly. Wooden frame with his favorite photo of me on our honeymoon, feeling mighty fine thanks to all those watered down Cancun drinks. Metal bucket so he can put his, I don’t know.. Manly things in like the remote and burts bees chapstick ;) The 7 made me happy since it’s our 7th anniversary this year. Also a sand dollar we smuggled into the US on our cruise. Please don’t alert the authorities.



My side. So girly..Gold..Sparkles and flying pigs. I don’t really need to say more.


Other favorite things:

The wedding pictures we FINALLY hung up. I like that they’re facing the bed. I wake up to memories of a very fun hot day, every day.


Also, it gets super moody at night. I enjoy it ahhhlot. I forgot how nice it was to have lamps, that I actually use.



I love it, it might be small but she is fierce.

Be back tomorrow with a source list and price breakdown. :) Later alligators!

Bedroom Sneaks

I’m waiting for the sun to come out and give me a good day to photograph so for now, you get some sneak peeks. I love it. I wanted something that was a little feminine meets masculine meets rustic meets modern meets shiny, glittery fun. All wrapped up in a bow and presented to me with cupcakes.

Maybe not that great, but it’s a small room and I wanted a big impact. Something you wanted to just lay in and watch movies all day long. Which is basically my dream day, in case you were wondering.





5 Minute Shelf

January tends to do something to me. It makes me want to ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS! Organize the cups in the cabinet? Yup. Organize my underwear? Maybe. Organize the craft buttons by color, size and use? No. But now that you mention it..

I’ve talked about our closet before. I mean, it’s silly. How many times can one person really talk about a closet on the internet and hope people care enough to listen? Three apparently.

So you know I just basically added some nails for my necklaces and I had a rolling cart in there for clutches and something weird happened? The clutches always ended up on the floor and it turned into three junk drawers. That’s something I learned about myself. Give me a drawer and I’ll take a mile. Wait what?


But seriously, I didn’t utilize the rolling cart like I originally intended and it was wasting valuable space in our super tiny closet. It was a pretty big pain to squeeze by it everyday to get to my clothes. #firstworldproblems perhaps? Okay, lame hash tag insert, I know. I’m embarrassed myself.

So for something this easy you just need a piece of wood, the straighter the better. Since it’s going to be a shelf you want it to be level. You’ll also need some L brackets, screws and painters tape.


I painted my shelf with some leftover samples that we keep around the house for emergencies like this, and some fun bubble design I felt it needed last minute. Thanks to a gold Sharpie and a glass jar it was easy as heck. It looks a little yellow and gross in the next few photos but I assure you it’s the prettiest grey blue with bronze bubbles you ever did see.


Then comes the hangin’– this can be REALLY easy, I promise you. Take a piece of painters tape and your little level. Once you tape it on the wall and make sure the TAPE is level, you just attach the brackets to the wall and boom, bang pow. You’ve got yourself some level brackets.. Which means, your shelf will be level. See? Couldn’t be easier. It literally takes minutes. And, since you’re going to use paint samples which are flat paints, they also dry super fast. Did I mention this is the easiest tutorial ever? Yes. It is. Fast and easy.



That’s what she said.

Just kidding. How gross. ;)

So then you set your shelf on the brackets and screw them in to the shelf underneath. See!? Done. Add your pretties and you’re ready to go.


Confession, I have a perfume hoarding problem. I’m taking the possible steps to get rid of a few, but it’s hard to say goodbye.


The cutest little love bunnies you ever did see. Good job Hubby, good job!



So much more room! For bras! Not really, but Jami said it’s better to hang them so hang them I shall. I listen to her like that. Also, not pictured a perfect little magazine basket that is now housing my shoes. I guess most girls wouldn’t want to throw their heels in a basket but my stock doesn’t really go into shoes.. More like.. Perfume, and power tools.  ;)



So all in all.. Little closets, we’re making it work people!

Worlds Smallest Closet

I don’t know if you’re aware but we live in a ridiculously small house. Okay, I take that back. I know we’re beyond blessed to even have a roof over our heads and have the space that we do have but sometimes when I walk into my 2 foot by 3 foot closet I cuss a little bit. I do. I’m working on it.


Now that I’ve got THAT off my chest ;) I’ll share with you a few tweaks we did this weekend while working on the bedroom. Since we have very little room to store clothes, what we don’t wear we get rid of. And, out of season items go in the basement. Summer is my favorite closet time since there’s no bulky sweaters and hoodies. Praise the Lord for Michigan summers that’s for sure. Yes, those are my bras over yonder. Let’s all agree we’re adults and not giggle. I hear it’s better to hang them than stuff them in a drawer so that’s what I do.


Awkwardness aside I scrounged up an old frame and some chicken wire to make a little pin/ earring holder it adds a pop of color to the white walls.

Let’s get something out of the way. This whole closet aims more towards function than being the prettiest closet on the block. I love the look of door knobs for holding necklaces & bracelets but honestly I couldn’t waste the space. Tiny nails it is. Basic and boring but I sure store a lot.


Which brings me to my next point.

Clearly, I’m a necklace hoarder. I tend to go for things that can be worn up or down. Everything from Target goodies to some shops you may have heard of like Lisa Leonard & Cap Creations.. watches..

The cheap roller cart stores fabric, pillow covers, clutches and extra hats. How random? But it felt right.

On top is a pretty little dish I got from a wedding many moons ago to hold earrings. I always say I’m going to put a picture in it like it’s supposed to have but it’s been years and still haven’t gotten to do that, I’m not holding my breath.

The heart box is something I made my senior year. It’s one of my most favorite pieces of art, honestly. I just love it. It holds..Junk, right now.

So there you have it. The most smallest closet and it’s mini overhaul. I’d love to do a pretty paint job in it and have a pretty door with window panes but, you know how that goes. :) One project leads to another!


But, in more exciting news, I finished the wall that never ends too this weekend!

I also added curtains.

Oh, beauty. You’re sure coming along nicely. Once I pick out bedding and swap out the light fixture & add some lamp shades (The blue is not staying) it’ll be all done. Well, as close to done as anything in an ever revolving house is.


How to make a super cute sign.. two ways!

So, way back when I blogged regularly (I know..I know, we’ll get to that.) I said I’d write about how I made this sign.

Into this sign.

It’s seriously the most simple process ever if you can eyeball lettering..or easier if you can trace.. OR if you’re super lucky and have a Shillouette it’s the easiest project ever. (How many times can I say easy in one post?!) But I don’t and I didn’t have any paper for my printer to trace so, eyeballing it it is. But, first things first.

You saw it on our Christmas mantel, and I adored the rustic vibe it had going on and the faux aluminum letters. But, as much as I loved it we have a small house so things need to have a home or say goodbye. (For the most part) a sign this size fits into that category.

Luckily I applied the letters with hot glue which peels off with little to no effort. And was left with a perfectly good wood planked sign. A blank canvas if you will.

Now, I eyeballed my fonts straight from and just went for it with a pencil. If you’re more of a tracer you could write it out on the computer, print it and trace it on your sign and it’d probably be a lot less shaky like mine and more precise. I like to skip steps personally and I’m okay with a little imperfection. It’s supposed to look worn right? Sure, I’ll keep telling myself that. Ha! Or, you could go a step further and use a fancy silhouette and smack some vinyl on it and it’d be gorgeous. It really just depends on your comfort zone with imperfections and straight lines. :)

As Jami would say, Pray about it. 

Once I wrote it all down with a pencil and decided that it was good enough for my liking I used a sharpie paint pen and went to town. Little by little. What’s nice about the paint pen is that anyone who can color can do this. Then that’s it.

In photos you can totally see the color strokes and uneven-ness so I should probably go over it with some real paint just to even it up. Or I might not. So far it hasn’t drove me crazy. ;) Maybe when the whole room gets done. But either way, It’s a fun sign that was cheap to make the first time around for Christmas and free the second time around.

Now, I’ve been the BIGGEST fan of these signs for the longest time. I’ve seen them floating around Pinterest for ever along with seeing them on a few blogs and such. Nester was the one I believe who found the original artist. Woohoo! However, unfortunately I can’t afford one of her’s right now, so I’m not trying to say “hey, why buy her gorgeous signs when you can make them at home.” I’m not. At..All! Because it’s no where NEAR as good as this artists but, until I can afford hers I’ll rock my little knock off version for the time being. I think she has some amazing talent and her work is definitely worth the cost of such a beautiful painting. Just giving credit where credit is due. If you can afford to buy “legit” haha, then I’d highly recommend it I’m such a supporter of buying handmade and when I can save my pennies to buy the lake painting, consider it mine! But if you’re like me and would love to rock some handmade art and want to try it yourself, I thought I’d share how I made mine. Got it? Everyone agree? Yes. The wide world of blogging is tricky like that. I want to be inspired but not take. That was a lot of rambling and I hope it came out with grace.. HA HA.

Master Bedroom Faux Wallpaper

Whew! I’m back with a lil’ somthin somthin for the bedroom. Thanks so much for the kind words y’all. It’s definitely still a project that is taking forever, I could finish it quicker but I’m a little slowly but steadily going on this one.. Here’s my latest sneak peek (A long with the sign you saw on our Valentine’s day Mantel. Love that sucker! I’ll do a tutorial soon if you want? Maybe?)

It most definitely wasn’t my genius idea.. You can thank Ms. Emily for that! She completed the whole ROOM! Whoa.

That girl has some willpower. I started to cuss about half way through my one tiny wall. :)

Anyway, you can check out her tutorial here since she did such a great job of explaining it I wont steal that thunder. But a few tips I learned along the way with mine..

Don’t draw so dark with the pencil. You’ll be happier later for lighter lines to cover, less coats. :)

For the first coat I used some old cheap paint we had lying around and it would have been much easier and quicker to use a better quality paint. Even though it’s a small amount that you use, the thickness was something I didn’t account for. Cheaper thinner paint = more coats = frustrated Rachelle. The second coat I used better paint and you could tell the difference. Oh well, live and learn.

DON’T QUIT. Seriously, when you’re so close to being done and just over the whole thing, keep on chugging. It’s like exercising for me, I’m all ready to go at first then over it within a week. But, it’s worth it in the end. :) Or at least I’m telling myself that, give me another hour and it’ll be DONE-ZO.

Bedroom Inspiration

So I’m a little over our last bedroom makeover. Not to mention I went a little bleach-happy on our Target bedding and it ate a hole in the bottom corner of it.

Laundry foul I know, but what can I say? I love the smell of freshly bleached bedding. Ahh.

Anyway, because of that and because we had a real life marriage compromise in the works, I get to do a make over..he gets a T.V (With cable) in the bedroom. Who says romance is dead?


But either way, I’m excited. I’m excited to do it on a budget is there any other way? Not around these parts I’m excited to still keep the feminine meets masculine and has a baby named neutral theme. AND I’m excited to sleep in a big puffy bed. You know all those pictures on the internet (Intranets to Jami) and the bed looks so freaking comfortable you just want to cuddle in it? That’s what I’m pumped about. Even if we’ll be cuddling watching Hillbilly handfishing…… Wait what?

So I’ve been pinning like a mad woman rooms that inspire me. This is what I know I want..

Wood..Dark wood.
Mixed metals.
White. Not cold white.. Creamy warm white.
Sparkles. (Did I lose you? Trust me, now.)
Manly twead..ticking..and linen.


Can you picture it? You will. It’ll make sense soon! Until then let’s enjoy some pretties.

Well.. do you get it?
It’s going to be glorious.