Things that just make me laugh

A friend said to me the other day..

You never share stories anymore.. Why don’t you share the funny crap.. THAT was your blog material.

Welp. See, I went through that.. “I need content! I need to do projects! But I’m working.. So I’m too tired to do anything..ever.” I sometimes forget I can write about whatever I want.

Like the time we did a juice cleanse and we failed the first time we tried. (Respectively, we tried again shortly after.)

The first time? Brutal. Literally the day after we bought our juicer and approximately five thousand dollars worth of fruits and veggies, drank our drinks.. got home from work and it went a little like this.


No joke. I gained probably 10 pounds just that evening. It’s all in your head people.. Make yourself think you’re eating less and all of a sudden you picture yourself on a desert island with cheeseburger mirages in front of you. It’s not pretty. If it weren’t for taco bell that night (and Chinese food, and brownies. For shame) , I might have chewed off Jareds arm in my sleep.

Or, I’m not too sure why I never share the fact that I married a duck dynasty member.


Or.. any other character he decides to be that day.

If you didn’t laugh at the middle picture, there might be a problem. Look into it.

So basically, I’m here to tell you I’m still alive. I quit posting because I was worried I could ONLY post about home decor. And, I realized that this is indeed my blog.. and at one point you liked it for me. I think? Maybe for the sheer reason that I might post pictures of my hot bearded husband. But either way. This is me. This is my blog. I love it. It makes me happy and sometimes I’m going to throw “me” posts in. And, that’s okay right? Right.

Go team!

Wednesday Happ’nins

I figured it was time for another chit chat post. I really like those, I like to see the conversation going in the comments so chat it up ladies. I’ll start.

I kept leaving little hints on instagram and facebook about life changes that are starting to happen.

Remember my 2013 goals?

One was to be home more.

And, we’re well on our way to make that happen. Like– Jump into it feet first.. No, I take that back more like a cannon ball. And not a graceful one, if there is such a thing. More like– Holy shit this is really happening we’re going to be poor but happy.

Hashtag live off of love? ha. Because we will be. But I’m going to have faith it will work out.

Which leads me to my next thing. We’re also diving into trying to be debt free. Ha! Ironic no? Let’s quit our jobs live off the land and pay off our debt. Pray for me next year this time we wont be saying “we’re idiots” Anyway, I took up this little gig on the side selling It Works! And, you guys– I’m hooked. I’m not going to get all sale-sy on you but you know when you really fall in love with something and you keep thinking I need more I need more? What’s that called?


Oh yeah, crack.


It’s like crack for me. So, my friend said, instead of buying it all the freaking time why don’t you sell it too.. Duh. So I promised myself all my money I make doing on that– will go towards my (our) debt.


Because, I love to share the deets– Let me know if you’re interested or email me

at and we’ll hook a sister up.

I can’t say enough good things about these things.. I’m workin hard people.. tryin to get that pre-baby body back haha.. I’m going to be uber embarrassed about this tomorrow but, this was after 45 min. I swear I wasn’t pregnant, I just constantly walk around LOOKING 6 months pregnant. Oy.


And, that was with 1/4 of the kit. I still have two more to do! Eeek. :)

Now.. onto what I want to do… full time…

I’m going to follow my dream and blog. Design. Be a Mom to my girls. And be..


I can’t wait to see how the next few months play out. Pray for us okay?! Could be scary. But oh so good.

How about a picture from date night the other day… Everyone said, you look so pretty what did you do different?



Hahahhaa. Actually, I showered people. It does wonders. Or so I hear, I’ve only tried it the one time. ;)

Oh, and my 7 soon to be 8 year old figured out how to text me via her ipad.

I dislike how old she’s getting. I like how blunt she’s getting.

Bangs. That is all.



So what’s new with YOU?!

Oh and tomorrow I’m going to show you our basement.. Did I mention we gutted it, reframed it and we’re drywalling!? Um.. Surprise! You guys can help me decide what we’ll use the room as.

Hint: You’re going to agree with me and say playroom and switch the playroom to a nursery.

Jared won’t agree, but who said he has a say? Kidding.

Peace out homies. Tell me about your week, lives..favorite perfume, I don’t care! Just tell me more. Let’s engage!

Secret life of Rachelle

Remember when we had a Q&A Day and it was super fun, and hilarious to read some of your questions? Let’s do that again, because I don’t keep track of the emails I get that ask the same thing multiple times. My fingers are gettin’ a wee bit tired. So, just like last time go ahead and ask whatever question, whether it be decor related, family, weird, silly funny, in the comments and I’ll answer them in the next post. Let’s get the ball rolling now and I’ll let you in on a few things you may not have known about me. Dun dun dun…

I have tattoos.. Yeah, plural.. More than one. One is right out in the open and I get comments on it *all* day long, seriously. It’s a name. A boys name. haha. The kiss of death right? Yeah that’s what I hear, want to know my answer? Well, divorce isn’t an option for us so he’ll stay just like the tattoo. But, looking back I would have hidden it. Eh, young and in love at 18 what can I say, I wanted to profess my love with ink. I edit most of my pictures to crop it out, not sure why though? You’re a group of non-judgy-mc-judgers right? It’s on my wrist.. Were you thinking my neck or something hard core like that? :) Let’s see if I can find some non-cropped pictures of it….

Now that’s romance.. ;)

Wedding day.. Awesome.

I also had lots of piercings when I was younger (because I’m an old lady now ;) *winks* I had my nose pierced, belly button and tongue. Weird right? I know. They’re all out now. Actually, I hardly ever remember to wear earrings as it is.

Look here’s a picture of it… funny stuff. 

I do this thing with my hand a lot, I played the trumpet in middle school and memorized the B(flat? Sharp? I don’t know) some scale and I do it now a lot, like air guitar but um… air trumpet. ha More so when I’m concentrating on something, hmm.. Weird right? Maybe my teacher shouldn’t have made me practice so much, it grew into a tick! :)

I bite my nails. Hardcore, husband hates it. Gross right? I know.

Contrary to popular belief that Snookie started the poof, no. I did.. Proof Circa 2006. thankyouverymuch

I’m going gray, and not in a good decor color way. Gray hair, lots of them. RIGHT in the part.. Because they can’t be underneath or something like that. Jerks.

Sometimes I think that ghosts follow me, we’ve had some eerie nights in our house and previous houses and it’s like they’re following ME. Didn’t the girl in paranormal activity have a spirit latch on to her? I don’t know, one day I’ll share all the creepiness and see what you think.

I need these dudes to come check it out. :)

So, there’s a few fun facts ala Rachelle. Let’s not make this awkward and no one ask anything okay? Then I might just get embarrassed and shut the whole blog down, you wouldn’t want THAT now would you?

Blackmailing my readers. Awesome.
Ready set go!

Psstt.. I’m also adding this to Kimmie’s Linky party.. Crasher style.

When my hair said, “Stop.Now”.

When I bleached my hair to the brink of falling out. My hair said, “Stop now”.
When it was 9:00 pm and I was bored and grabbed a box of light ash brown. My hair said,
“Stop now”.
When it turned gray because of too much ash, my hair said, “Stop now”.
When I asked my bff to go get me a box of highlights at 10:00 to undo what I did, my hair said, “Stop now”.
When said highlights turned white, my hair said, “Stop now”.
When I asked bff to yet again go to the store to get deep brown to cover up my mistakes at 12:30 a.m my hair said, “Stop now”.
When my hair turned green, my hair said, “Stop now”.
When I called the salon and they were booked, my hair said
“Told you so”.

Mr. & Mrs. Highschool crush turned fate est. 2006

Mr. Perfect.
That you are.
Thank you for putting up with all my habits.
For always ordering boneless wings, even though you prefer with the bone. (Ew)
For opening my car door, still.
For shutting the dresser drawers that I continually leave open, and just shaking your head and walking away.
For never checking out another woman in front of me. :)
For trusting in me when I tell you I painted something in the house black, or red, or blue, pink purple or even yellow.
For calling me religiously at 10:00 on the dot nightly.
For loving my friends.
For loving my tries at cooking.
For loving The Notebook as much as I do.
I promise I won’t tell anyone you cried during the ending.
Thank you for being you. For being the father of my children. For giving me butterflies after so many years together. For allowing me to be a stronger person because you’re behind me in everything I do.
I love you.

Everybody get together, Try to love one another- right now.

Should be.

Ya know when your so motivated to just scrub down your walls and get those old cheerios that were strategically placed in your sofa for safe keeping? Then you glance at that old dresser, and it speaks to you?
“Paint me”
She whispers to me.

So, naturally this is what I did instead.

Then, of course when I walk back into the house I see a mirror. And, look at my hair. Geez, why wouldn’t someone tell me I look a “hot mess”?
So, I take some time to do this.

While eating this

and watching this.

I can clean tomorrow.

Pretty things.

Look what came in the mail today! I Finally won a give-away! I’m so excited especially because this is so freakin’ cute and LB1 loves it, and I’m sure LB2 does too.. She just would rather put it in her mouth at the moment. I take that as a good sign though.

I won it from my dear friend Kathy @ Having a Hallelujah good time, Check her out! She was the first person to comment on my blog, and she’s stayed ever since! That takes strength. I talk a lot about nothin’ most of the time. Anywho, she started doing reviews and I’m lovin’ it. Please check her out. She’s sweet like caaandaay. You might too, win something gorg-u-ous.

So, let’s talk business. I mentioned before I want to start an Etsy shop. And, before I chicken out and run away like a dog with it’s tail between it’s legs. I wanna have a give-away day. Week, Month. Something to see how my stuff goes. I wanna know if ya’ll like it. The best part of blogging is, with these girls even if what you make isn’t that great, the women are and they’ll support you no matter what. SO I shouldn’t be scuuured. But, I am.

But, I have a secret.

What I’m making is fabulous.

Here’s the deal. I’d like to come back next Monday at start my give-away. I’ll pick a winner by Wednesday night and have the fabooshness out by Thursday at high noon. ;) Anyone have a guess to what it is?

If you end up liking what I have, I may even open shop early instead of May 1st like I originally planned. Oh, and for a discounted price because I luh-ve you guys.

Any thoughts, ideas, opinions welcome.

I’m new to this.


I reek of freshmen meat over here.

My Teeny Tiny Bathroom

Well, I promised this Monday, and had a blizzard. So I promised it Wednesday, and I ran out of batteries for my camera. BUT I’m here now, with pictures of my *almost* big enough for two people bathroom. Pictures are bad because- you know the drill bad camera.


Wow, that’s dark. It’s an absolutely better color than it looks here. And, as you can see LB1 doesn’t understand the fact that some towels are for looks only.. So, most of the time there are four there. Much more filling and pretty. Now, help with the shelves, they’re way too high and I’m aware of that, but I couldn’t think of anything to put in the empty space. Besides some shelves and frames one of which is empty? You like!? ha.

Now you can really see how small my bathroom is! Scary huh? Oh look at that, it’s so small the window is going into the tub. Can you imagine sharing this with 3 other people on a daily basis! I barely had anything to work with! But, I loved the house anyway. Remember I said there was tile on the walls? Yeah, we just covered that with the bead board. I’m sure experts would say that’s a no-go. But, it worked for me, you can’t even tell. Liquid nails are my bff.

Here is my sink. It’s nothing special just a stock sink and base from Home Depot. You should have seen the sink before. It was attached to the wall so 1.) no storage. Bad! 2.) Was very rusty on the lower part. Do you know what that means? When rust gets hot, apparently it drips. Yes I had drippy rust on my floors. Ick! Bad! 3.) It had two separate spouts. As in one handle and spout gave you hot, one cold. There was NO warm water! Imagine me splashing the two together to wash my face. It happened. Bad! Now it’s pretty, clean and white. With plenty of storage underneath for all my stockpile of stuff for the bathroom. :) Love.

This was my inspiration! Isn’t she lovely? Kohl’s, last year. I have a matching frame too! Wanna know what they had at Targets global bazaar this year? Yep a matching mirror. Huge. Shoulda‘ got it but.. 100.00 for a mirror when I already had one. Mr. P didn’t quite agree with that. And, it’s not like I coulda‘ pulled a “Oh we already had that you just don’t pay enough attention” again. Some day he’s gonna catch on. :)

Welcome to my storage closet. Over the door shoe holder. Love. You. It holds everything I need and it’s all in close reach. And, you can’t see it right now, but I hang my bathrobes there too, so if someone where to come in my bathroom and close the door they’d just see a few robes not all my JUNK.

Well that’s it ya’ll! I know, it’s not that great looking from the outside world. But to me, it’s lovely. She was tiny cold and hadn’t had a face lift -EVER- There’s something about a do it yourself project that gives you so much pride, others just don’t understand!

New things coming.

Anybody miss me?

I’ve been busy! Not only planning this much needed vacay coming up, I also started my own Etsy shop. I’m a little ready to pee my pants I’m so terrified nervous. But I think I have a couple cute ideas and I’m just ready to get myself out there, ya know? You do, I like that about you. You understand! ;) My one lonely reader that is!

So.. I’m ready to move back on to my tour ala love bug. If you still care or remember! Next room is a cutie. It was totally gutted, think pink and black tile. Ugly grey and pink floors. Can you guess the room? My “Master/Whole house/So small it could be a closet” bathroom! You have to squeeze to get in it so, we’ll see how good I can take pictures of it, but it’ll be done tomorrow.

Another thing I did this weekend? Steam cleaned the floors. AHH, I LOVE the feeling of clean floors! So soft. It’s actually really disturbing how many tubs of black dirty water I pulled out of the steamer.

Yeah, I did just admit that to the world.
Well- anywho. Time to winterize my house again since there’s a SNOW STORM coming in APRIL.

A tough choice.

I’m going to be honest with you all right now. I have a SERIOUS temptation sitting

It’s name is Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Hello, friend.

I’ve lost 5 pounds already in my quest to *Not* look like I’m pregnant anymore, what do I do? I already went and bought it.. there’s no harm right? *Sigh* It probably doesn’t help that I paired it with a soft supreme and nachos. Yes, add the large mountain dew, soda from the devil and I’m doomed arent I? Yes, yes I am.

Anyways. (Anyway) I’m thinking of doing a tour of the home…Love bug style. What do you think? Will -YOU- be tuning in? My counter keeps going up but I don’t see any beautiful faces to add to that? It makes me sad- THERE I SAID IT! :) But yes, so my kitchen should have trim and toe kick this weekend (obviously I can’t show you with out toe kick.. ;)….) Which, will jump start my tour lets say…monday? Next week. You like? If it will bore you I can skip it.