Christmas Decor 2012

I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet. Picture heavy if I can help it. :)

I went really simple this year. Once I felt overwhelmed with it… It was time to pack the boxes away and just relax.. It’s a TREE. It’s a MANTEL. It’s not the end of the world if it isn’t perfect. C’mon Rachelle.. Focus! There are bigger things going on.

I took what I liked. I asked the girls what they wanted. And, boom. Flower Muse helped as well by sending me a ton of pretty white hydrangeas. Goodness, this year..this week.. I needed some beauty. And, that they were. They were super fresh and have held together for almost a full week now. I loved them so much, I stuck them in my tree! They’re white and big ol’ balls

Ahem..{C’mon google, I dare you}

So, they mimic ornaments really well I think.

Okay, I said short and sweet and it’s novel long. Enjoy some twinkle lights. Some glitter and gold. And, be happy. Right now, this moment. Be. happy.

Merry Christmas, loves.





















More info on the Mantel?

How about those Gold Ornaments?

Want to just be best friends forever?

To see last Christmas

I’ll be joining the Nester for her Holiday party.. and hookin’ up with HOH

Christmas Mantel 2012 {Gold, Glitter and Blue}

When I told my husband I wanted to try and incorporate antlers into the mantel for some fun he didn’t even bat an eye.

Parts of skulls.

On a festive Christmas mantel.

Yeah.. Seems legit.

But really, I get a lot of flack for some of the things that interest me. Antlers being one of them. But they’re just so cool! And, aside from the hunting debate I’m not getting into at the moment… They’re as close to nature as you can get ;)

Plus deer. Reindeer. Rudolf. It all makes sense, no? I think so. Anyway, carryon.

Since I couldn’t find a head to mount I decided to rock the silhouette and make it myself. But shinier.

The girls requested more glitter, when I first did the mantel and tweaked it a tad they said “That’s it?”

Whomp whomp.

You want more? Oh, I’ll give you more, children.

So I took it all down, and encouraging myself to not buy a damnned Darn thing this year I broke out the bins of blue ornaments. Last year I really did try to like the blue. I did. But I couldn’t do it, it wasn’t Christmasy enough.

I’m happy to say, I tried it again. And, I liked it.

It’s kind of a mix between a hoarders Christmas with all the jars, and someone clearly interested in the sport of hunting Rudolf..And sprinkling glitter all over him. And, it’s glorious.

I have some tea lights for the jars but, the battery operated ones have way too much orange in them and it throws the whole thing off so I think I’ll put some real ones in on Christmas for a touch more magic.

The jewelry box is from my bedroom. I used this tutorial for the dipped ball jars.

The antlers are from my fajah

The jars are an assortment of Ball Jars, Jelly Jars and random ones from my fridge with questionable items in them that got cleaned out.

Blue ornaments from Walmart, gold ones from the dollar store.

Greenery is old, but it’s from Target, there’s actually a few swags intertwined together. Makes it fuller..lovelier.

The deer isn’t centered, so I put a frame there and just hot glued an ornament to it. It’s not my favorite thing but what’s one more item in the hodge podge of hoardiness.

And, at night.. it’s lovely.

Next up..The tree!

Handmade Ornaments {All that glitter…IS gold!}

So, letting the girls dictate how Christmas is decorated this year (I’m trying) they requested more glitter. More sparkle.

More sparkle you say?

Then you shall get more sparkle!

So we decided to take some clear ornaments, you can find these anywhere right now. I’ll stress that again, anywhere.

And, some Martha Stewart glitter, it came in a package of three but I bought the same kit last year so I’m overflowing with Gold glitter. Hate me, I know. The herpes of the craft world is having a serious outbreak at my house.

I also have an abundance of Mod Podge and glue because you just never know when you’ll need it.

And, clearly this tutorial started out as a Ball Jar tutorial. Apparently I didn’t take pictures of the ornaments. And you call this a tutorial Rachelle? Geesh.. But, well.. It’s late. Pretend those are ornaments.

I’m really good at this.


Then you basically take your pick. I taped off one so I could spray paint it with some muted gold, which I’m a big fan of. It isn’t yellowy at all. I also get really messy when it comes to spray paint. That can is embarrassing.

I taped one off and shhmeared some Mod Podge on it and dipped it in glitter.

Again, pretend that’s an ornament. Mason Jar, ornament..Same thing.


Bet you’ll never guess what my next tutorial is going to be…bwahahaha.

Moving on.

I used the glue to make little dots and sprinkled the glitter on it. My favorite! But super hard to photograph.

Chevron was used too, but he’s a jerk and wouldn’t photograph either.. You can see a bit of him up there though.

Are you laughing? I am. This tutorial is all over the place.

Blogger shmogger..I won’t quit my day job anytime soon. ;)

Then, one I got really wild and put it in the spray paint cap to spray it and it turned out with a really cool ombre’ effect.

So easy. The possibilities are endless with these clear ornaments, you know.

Put some snow in them, maybe a mini tree and it’s like a winter wonderland!

Have the kids write out their Christmas wishes and tuck them inside for keepsakes every year.

Shells and sand from your vacations.

Sprinkles. Enough said.

Pinterest has a million to choose from if you’re in need of some more inspiration.

Inspo, as my husband calls it–he says it’ll go viral soon.

So, there you have it.. Some of my favorite sparkly ornaments as of late. :)

I’ve also done these little diddies in Christmases past.

I hope you’re inspired to go make some ornaments this year. Because all that glitters IS gold!

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And, then it was the Christmas Season

Welp. Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’m 10 pounds heavier and my house is 10 pounds lighter of anything orange, brown and yellow. Welcome, Christmas. I intend to get my fill for the next 30 days er, so.

Since I’m trying not to stress.. and just make it magical and all. (A lot harder than I thought.) I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite handmade giftsies I’ve found on the world wide web. Enjoy!

I’ve been thinking about making a tent for the girls. Or, well.. actually buying the fabric and begging my Mother to help me sew it.

This one is MAGICAL.


Found on Pinterest..the furthest back I could source it is here.

I’m pretty sure I know two Mothers that would enjoy this. I’m not saying any names.. But I’m sure you know some as well. That Nester, she’s so clever.

Rainbows! These have got to be the coolest wooden spoons I’ve ever seen. For.Real. And, it’s totally simple. I’ve also seen them done on silverware found at the thrift store. Basically, put some paint on it people. Think about it.

Lace Crowns. You’ve got to be kidding me. So freaking cute. Santa needs to bring these, stat.

There’s a few ideas for you folks. Of course, I’ll be sharing some more throughout the month so keep an eye out. And, if you’re going to pin it- pin it from the source please! :)

Psst.. Did you see I opened up a Holiday Gift Guide? I shared a few of my favorite handmade stores and a few things from Amazon that keep popping up in my wishlist. :) There’s also a link up over there if you have an Etsy site or Shop. Enjoy!


Christmas 2011

I actually didn’t take 1000 pictures this year, I kind of just lived in the moment and didn’t have a free hand with all the fudge and shhnacks I’ve been munching on. But I did get a new Cannon Rebel for Christmas so hopefully with this new toy I can take a lot more pictures in 2012 to make up for skipping it this year, yes?


From our family to yours, Merry Christmas..Happy Everything..And a Wonderful New Year. Let’s make this one the year, shall we?

Christmas giving ideas..numero….Three!

How about some more Christmas ideas for those lovies in your life. I have a nice little list of things I know that the people in your life would enjoy.

I recently went to a craft show and met so many fun women who own their own shops. I love that! I’m a big supporter of buying handmade, not only do you get something made with love but you’re probably helping a mom follow her dreams and pay the bills. Bonus..and Bonus!

First up, Joy Sparks Designs.

If my camera weren’t dead I’d take a photo but I bought the cutest typewriter ring from her. It says 1/2 1/4 which.. 2 & 4 are special dates to me as it’s my kids birthdays! How cool huh? Once I got home and browsed her shop I saw these.

SUCH a cute idea for that man in your life. Unique and fun. She’s got lots of other goodies in her shop and if you join her on facebook you can get 10% off your order. There’s still time to order for Christmas ya’ll JUMP on it.

Whimzie is another shop I recently fell in love with. Her shop doesn’t have a lot in it because of the recent craft show but I promise you, she’s a shop to look out for when it comes to headbands and bows. I purchased some for my girls and they adore them.

Tons of feathers.. Tons of flowers.. so dainty and pretty. I’m excited for her to get new items in, because you’ll love them! She’s got a facebook too if you want to check her out more!

One more Michigan shop :) Remember my facebook post about these lovely finds?

They’re from Two Charming and it was really hard to stop at just two things! Her shop is so fun! Look at her booth photos! Big fan..Big big fan! It’d be really easy to find something for a secret Santa gift from her!

With love Marie
I just bought these the other day and I’m itching to get them in the mail! My oldest wants feathers so bad and these were a good price and they had really good reviews.

If you’ve got a little fashionista on your hands like me check it out. Plus right now she had a special going on where you get a free gift. Whoop whoop. Great stocking stuffer!

I love that these are gifts that you know they aren’t going to get from someone else, you’ll be the cool friend who knows where to buy all the awesome finds. ;)

Please note I wasn’t compensated at all for this post. I bought all these gifts with my own moolah and I just wanted to share a few shops that I’m really happy with and thought you might be too! Merry Christmas! 

Christmas tour of homes 2011

Why hello there! It’s that time again, time for the Christmas tour of homes 2011 with The Nester! I’m so excited this year, I know I say it every year but this one is really my favorite.

Until next year I’m sure.. ;)

But for now, I’m so in love with it! I decided yesterday that it was my absolute LAST day I was going to spend decorating anything, I could tweak and perfect forever so it was time to put a stop to it and sit back and actually ENJOY the last 12 days until Christmas.

Things like sitting around the Christmas tree with hot chocolate and watching Elf for the 200th time? Bliss.

So I worked my tail off, finished some projects, cleaned like a maniac (Because lawd knows my house is never this clean, trust.) and anything that I didn’t get to do? Well, that’s just okay. It’s time to be present in my families life. Even if it means being present cuddling in front of the t.v ;) Just kidding.

Less talking more pictures right?

Thar she blows!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night :)
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Christmas tree o’ Christmas tree

Well, I got my cozy red and gray theme goin’ on.



 Basket o’ Christmas books :)

It’s so warm and fun and not the usual gold and white I’ve rocked in the past.

 2010 White, Gold, Sheet music garland and chalkboard ornaments

How about 100 pictures just because? :) Enjoy!

I’ll be back with the mantel and a tour of the whole house tomorrow! :) It’s official.. 
12 days of Christmas ya’ll. Can’t wait! 
ho ho ho

Want to see the rest of the house decked out for the holidays?

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Christmas Ornament making

When it came to my Christmas decor this year I wanted something a little different than my usual gold scheme. I tried my hardest to rock the blue/green/peacock combo but I just couldn’t love it. And, if mama don’t love it, she can’t deal with it in her face for a month. It just wasn’t cozy enough for me, but it shore was purdy.

On to something else though.

Red, because it screams cozy to me. But with a twist, some gray. Which could feel really cold and the opposite of warm and cozy but, I think with the right color gray and with the soft textures it works really well.

First up, some yarn ornaments. These aren’t new to the blog world at all so I’ll spare you a how to. It’s easy, hot glue a bit then wrap. Over and over and over it can feel like forever. I also only glued the ornament and didn’t add any more on once it was all covered because as you wrap the yarn holds itself. Easy. No mess. Non-breakable. Yes please.

Next up. Faux mercury glass ornaments.

Now, a few things.

They aren’t exactly mercury glass looking, almost like old foggy glass mirrors? Spooky looking windows? This is because I couldn’t find any mirror spary paint at Michaels the other day. Clearly everyone else wanted to make these ornaments too when I thought I was on to something new and awesome. ;) I also wasn’t going to drive all the way across town to HL.. Oh well.

I used Chrome instead. Chrome works, I like how it looks.

First I did a super light coat on the ornaments and then I used a spray bottle filled with water and spritzed the ornaments pretty heavily. Then I sprayed the chrome once again and let it dry.

Once they were fully dry I wiped them off with a paper towel, you could take a light sander to it, which is what Katie did on her mirrors but I didn’t have one on me and it was coming off really easily anyway.

Cue the Ohhhh and ahhhs Aren’t they pretty? I love them! They’re not reflective like mercury glass but they’re so.. lovely! See through and splotchy but good splotchy! And, where the chrome was more heavily applied it’s more shiny. All around good, okay. All. around. good.

 The tree looks so cute now! I can’t wait to show you. :) Let’s all cross our fingers and say a prayer that we get some nice weather in Michigan so I can take some pictures of it!

Until then.. me being artsy.. with one heck of an awkward pose going on.

Wooden plate chargers

I showed you the sneak peek yesterday and I thought I’d go in a little deeper on how I made the wooden plate chargers from the rustic tablescape post.

First of all, these are all the ladies at Shanty-2-Chic’s idea. They’re the geniuses behind these, I just put my own spin on it. ;) Let’s just get that out in the open first shall we? We shall.

They painted theirs with a stencil, which is fabulous but instead of painting on snowflakes I thought it would be fun to reverse it a bit and have the wood be the focal point.

First up, stain. I used ebony first and it was too dingy looking for this, so I switched to walnut. See the difference? The ebony is great for the aged looking color that’s totally in right now but wasn’t warm enough for the look I was going for. :) Oh, and don’t bother getting a whole can of stain if you don’t already have some laying around. I got the 2.00 tiny pot of it and it was more than enough.

Once it’s applied and wiped off and dried long enough it’s time to put on the stickers. I used two packs of foam snowflakes from Michaels. If I were doing it again I would have gotten a few more packs, so I could use more big flakes. They had three different sizes and the small ones were very abundant in the pack. ;) Oh well, next time.

Instead of doing all snowflakes I thought it would be fun to switch it up and also do three striped chargers.

This gets fun.

I didn’t want to go into measuring them so I just started taping different widths of stripes. Slim, thick it didn’t really matter and it wasn’t perfect and I’m 100% okay with that. Because, they turned out great I think. Plus it saved me a lot of time and sanity not worrying about measuring, but if that part doesn’t bother you go ahead and measure! They’d look cute with perfect stripes or even chevron if you wanted to get really detailed with cuts and taping off. MMM chevron..

Anyway.. I spray painted right over the tape and stickers, trying my best to spray straight down and not angled so it wouldn’t by any chance get under the stickers.

I swore I took a during photo but it’s MIA so you get the idea. Paint..dry..paint..dry.. Then the fun part. Pulling off the stickers! Oohh, ahh! Love them. I distressed it some more and that’s about it! I’d love to put a glossy clear coat on them but didn’t have any in my stash.

Easy peasy! Thanks to the Shanty chicks for letting me run with their idea, check them out.. They rock the socks. :) Now go make some!

Tie some bakers twine around a stack of them and you have a perfect handmade Christmas gift!