The easiest halloween decor, ever.

So, since it’s the first day of Autumn and everything.. which is evident by every Facebook post on my feed being a picture of a Starbucks cup or the same photo of leaves with the tag #hellofall photoshopped to it I thought maybe I could get a jump start on the Halloween posts, try something new for a change.. What? I know. I’m just as surprised. So I have some goodies lined up this week that are a little halloweeeeny and a little basic ‘i love fall’ white girl style but lets go with it, shall we? This one is a flashback post– is that cheating? I sure hope not because it’s just too cute not to share again and I know you have the supplies in your house.. if you don’t have toilet paper.. we need to talk.

Grab some vases, these are from the dollar store, left over and spray painted from Christmas.. Anything will do, but long and skinny was pretty ideal for the look I was going for.


Tacky glue, toilet paper and thick black paper. Done, done, and done.


Cut it into strips, don’t worry about being perfect. They are mummies after all. Tattered works. It does help to use thicker toilet paper though, not so see through and holds up to cutting better. But, girl– use what you have. This is supposed to be cheap, easy, and fun, remember that!


Wrap your toilet paper around the vases and…. the fun part that I didn’t photograph obviously… Cut out some goofy smiles for those mummies!


Leave some spots open to give that mummy effect, otherwise you’ve got yourself a ghost.. Which works too.. I mean.. go with it.



Stop it right now! So cute.


My favorite. IMG_6930


There ya have it. Easiest Halloween craft ever. Takes minutes, super thrifty, and it wont spook your little ones. :)


The perfect Margarita {Chalk Art}

It was time to change the chalkboard again.. and since things are getting pretty colorful.. I went with something a little more fun. I found this print on pinterest from this shop and I really wanted to do that, but I mean, I didn’t want to be a full on copy cat.. so I just dabbled in the copycatness and made my own version. Her’s is so much better and I’d buy ALL of them if I could!  And, truth be told I’ve never made my own margarita so this could be completely false and for that I apologize. Let us pretend that it really is though! So guests can say, wow.. she’s rad writing about alcohol on her walls..for her children to see. She must be mother of the year.

If only you knew.

Less talking, more pictures. And go!



*Please note we swapped out backpacks for swimsuits this week! Yeehaww!*



If you’re over the whole chalkboard walls trend I’m sorry you had to endure this. I’m still a big fan, and I’m not a dust hater so it works well in our house. :) As for the summer list that looks like it’s already checked off– those are from last year. Lazy lady here hasn’t even done 2013′s. Oy!

Kitchen Shelves {Decorating above the Fridge}

Hello hello! First off I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to all the lovely ladies who signed up for the birthday giveaway day– it was a great response! I used rafflecopter this time and it was super easy, the winners are announced on each post so jump on over to see if you won! :) I’ve been very low-key on facebook and here for the past few weeks because I had a horrible cold for almost two weeks..lost my voice..couldn’t breathe.. basically hell. Got through that and now I have a tooth ache from well.. hell. :) So we’ll see, I’m pretty sure I’m fallin’ apart. But life goes on, I’m holding out until the dentist can get me in. Eeek.

. . .

So I’ve been playing around with color lately and I’m pretty smitten. It may or may not be because I’m home more and I’ve become obsessed with good luck Charlie. Um, their house is amazing! They have a serious way (I’m talking like it’s a real family and not a stage house..? Too much t.v.) with color and texture. I snagged some pictures online just so you can enjoy it with me. :) And, because they’re not sited correctly they came from pinterest and led me to no where. But a quick google search will lead up to the same pictures..


living room

Lots of turquoise, golds, yellows, greens, mixed with woodtones, natural elements and white. Even the toys look like they belong there but it doesn’t look cluttered and give me an eye twitch. THAT that is what I want my house to be. “Hello, we live here and it’s not perfect but enjoy my house with me.”

I feel weird analyzing what I put above my fridge, I really do. But we’re going to go with it. Maybe it’s my meds from my toothache? Maybe I’ve flown off the deep end? Maybe it’s because talking about what’s on your fridge really ISN’T normal.. but what can I say?  Onward.



It was super flat before, and way boring. But I was trying to be safe and neutral. Like always.. Booo.



I just threw some things I like up there, the globe was a gift from my amazing friend & her hubby for my birthday (the crate was from her too..and my gold watch I instagramed the other day.. She’s a goldmine of goodness!)



The photo is one of my absolute favorites and the flying pig with its sad broken wings makes its round around the house and this week it’s perched up here. I like each room to have a little whimsy so I think this fits well. The moss C was something I made a few years ago– and the cute little succulents in an ikea pot and a silver cup from my mother in law.



See that picture right there? I totally just hot glued it over the glass. That right there is decorating laziness. Or is it genius? Hmm..

Boom boom– done!


Bedroom Makeover {Decorating a Small Bedroom}

I’ve finally got to a point where I feel like I can comfortably show you our “Master” bedroom.

I say “master” because it’s the smallest bedroom in the house. Nothing grand about it. But it’s on the main floor and when we first moved in, we didn’t feel comfortable with Lily on the main floor and the other bedroom upstairs wouldn’t really fit two beds for the girls to share a room. And, I was pregnant at the time and walking 2 feet to the bathroom in the middle of the night sounded a lot better than a flight of stairs.


So for a while it was a dark dungeon, and we switched it up a bit by making it lighter but we still didn’t have a headboard, and I hated having the bed by the windows, it would be freezing cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Horrible windows anyone? Yeah it’s on the fix it list.. the long list. ;)


So, we moved the bed which I liked. And, then one day when Jared was working late something sparked in me to start painting.. and it went on for months. But, the end result is beautiful, I think. Imperfect and mom-made just how I like it. But, don’t thank me for the brilliant idea– it’s all from this woman, she shows you how to do it and has a little template you can print out. If you haven’t seen her blog yet, run..go check it out. It’s one of my daily reads. :)

Anyway–I had this vision in my head, feminine meets masculine meets rustic meets metals and sparkle and textures.

Get it? You can almost picture it right? Me too.


So the wall was getting done slowly, and I painted the nightstands, and of course never talked about them. But sometimes I forget things are blogworthy– these really aren’t we’re just cheap and like to reuse what we have. A few coats of white paint and some pulls from the HD and we’re good to go.

  IMG_5726 IMG_5721

I’m a BIG fan of mixing metals. Big fan. Shiny pulls.. Dark headboard.. Yes please. I liked the nice pretty ones at Pottery Barn, but my friends.. This one is not it. It was a cheap $100.00 Amazon find that we spray painted and bolted to the wall. Not because the boats a’ rockin or anything, but because it’s lit-er-a-lly the most rickety headboard I’ve ever seen. No lies here. But it’s secured now and I kind of like it. Jared not so much, but we’re going to DEAL WITH IT until I make another. :)

This is getting pretty wordy so I’m going to make a separate source post, but a few other things I want to mention.



The other side of the room is pretty bare, I’d love to add a small chair next to the dresser. And, a nice rug but I haven’t found anything that suits my fancy as of late. What I’d really love under the Love sign is this shoe dresser from Ikea. We could use all the storage we can get but I think the register would be in the way. Once I get my butt to Canton to see if I could make it work in person, you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be getting it, if it will.


Oh, and if you didn’t notice Jared’s side against mine– I played the masculine/Fem game again- His definitely screams manly. Wooden frame with his favorite photo of me on our honeymoon, feeling mighty fine thanks to all those watered down Cancun drinks. Metal bucket so he can put his, I don’t know.. Manly things in like the remote and burts bees chapstick ;) The 7 made me happy since it’s our 7th anniversary this year. Also a sand dollar we smuggled into the US on our cruise. Please don’t alert the authorities.



My side. So girly..Gold..Sparkles and flying pigs. I don’t really need to say more.


Other favorite things:

The wedding pictures we FINALLY hung up. I like that they’re facing the bed. I wake up to memories of a very fun hot day, every day.


Also, it gets super moody at night. I enjoy it ahhhlot. I forgot how nice it was to have lamps, that I actually use.



I love it, it might be small but she is fierce.

Be back tomorrow with a source list and price breakdown. :) Later alligators!

Back to School Mantel

I shared this post over at Tatertots and Jello last week and I thought it’d be fun to share here as well. :) Enjoy!

Kicking off the end of summer-hello school I decided to fancy up our mantel a bit.

First it started off with the white frame I used in our Summer “Pure Michigan” Mantel. I wanted to use it for a chalkboard but didn’t want to deal with making the chalkboard. So, I picked up a 1.49 piece of black poster board over at Target and the sharpie paint pen and went to work.


A little Dr. Suess can fix anyone’s mood.

A few boxes of pencils and rulers (which we’ll gift to the school when we’re done with the mantel, who needs 15 rulers unless you’re a teacher? Wait, don’t answer that. Crafters do get crazy sometimes. ;) ha ha!)

I wanted a red apple but wally world was fresh out. Of course, the only time you need a fake apple they’re out of the color you want. I snatched up the last green one though. Is there a fake apple shortage I haven’t heard about?

Some books, blocks, scrabble tiles and a few framed flash cards one from a new set we bought for chloe and one that I took off our Playroom wall and we were all set! I’m loving the feel it gives to the room. It’s a little cheesy, yeah. But, it gets everyone in the mood for school. Plus it’s an excuse to play around with a new mantel theme. I can always do spring, summer, fall, halloween etc. But there’s only a short period of time I can do school themed and have the kids still like it and not moan and groan to not remind them of what’s to come! :)

Because I can’t stop talking about the thing above my tv.

Okay, ONE MORE I swear…Maybe.. Unless something comes up and I have to talk about it again, but I’m definitely done decorating it– Until after Halloween. :)

Fall is a tricky tricky Holiday to decorate for if you like to sprinkle in some Halloween spookiness. Do you wait till Halloween? Do you decorate before, then change it to spook then back to fall for Thanksgiving? This year I went with a light, bright early fall with my mini-fantel, which you can read about here.

Then I beefed up the fantel here.

And, today– in honor of the Mantel party at Nesters and because Miejer had some adorable bats on sticks as the cashier lovingly called them, I decided to go all out for Halloween. Last year (When apparently I had never taken a picture before..Eek, sorry for the dark blurriness) I went with a brighter color scheme by using more scrapbook papers, which I left out this year for a more white and black theme.

And…This year! 

I love it. It’s calm, cool, creepy and vintage– Thanks to the free images printed from the internet and framed.

Love the old photographs of kids in their costumes! Some where mighty scary huh? The pop of the single orange pumpkin really does it for me. I {LOVE} IT. I also sprayed some branches from the yard and added a bit more moss and called it a day. If I wanted to be Miss Perfect I would have made that #7 tag be #13 or #31.. But, I took my perfect crown off and put my lazy hat on. It is what it is.

Want a couple more sneaks?

Pumpkins and a bat photograph.

Eek sign, from last year and a fake pumpkin from Michaels. Sitting on my primed but never painted side table. Gotta keep it real.

Thats it so far! I have one more bin to bring up with lovely creepy things to scatter around the house and thats it! So happy I finished before the 1st, I get a whole month to enjoy my favorite holiday!

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Decorating the Fantle

Fantle? What’s fantle you ask? Well it’s my faux mantle! :) The little shelf in my living room that I like to pretend is thick and lovely hanging above a roaring fire.. instead it’s a shelf from HobLob above my not even a flat screen television. I’ll take that over nothing!

Since I’m going through a nervous breakdown and painting everything white, I wanted my fall decorations to be lovely whites and creams and less orange and in your face– I’ll save that for Halloween. ;) The best part of this re-do was that it was *Free*

Spray painted pitcher from last year
Chipped frame from the 90% off HL clearance that was sitting in my bedroom
#7 bucket that was previously holding our remote for the television
Milk glass vases & Straw wreath from the Mother. Thanks, Mom!
White pumpkins from last year

FREE I tell you.

Doesn’t it feel good using things you already have? There’s a couple more things here and there I’d like to add around the house but for now the fantle is done, and you know what that means? Time to open the windows, let the cold breeze in and enjoy some pumpkin spice latte, a heaven sent that I was just introduced to.  

 Hello, lover

Make sure you fall on over (bwaahahaha) to Nester’s fall mantle party & The Inspired Room & This Blessed Nest for some more Autumn delishiousness. AND, Frugal Friday. :)… And CSI project

Because everyone else has them..

Remember these forks and spoons that used to hang in your grandparents houses? Okay, (parents) maybe.

I remember them in my Gramp’s house way back when. Now they’re back like wildfire. Or, last year they were. Ha.. Yeah, I vetoed them greatly and said “No, I will not go back to that era.” Then, I’d see them out and about and think.. Aww look at that. Cute! My mind would say no, and then my heart would get mad at me later. You know what happens when things come back in style? The price tag goes up too.

But when these lovelies were at HobLob for 3.00 a pc, I gave in. 

Gramps, you’re back in style. Not so much the dark cabinets and mustard colored counter top but your giganto fork and spoon, yes sir!

I just needed to tweak them a bit for my taste. I saw this a *long* time ago which started my– oh, they’re not so bad mentality, and I wish I could tell you who started it. Blogger friend, if you’re reading this: Let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

Anyways, a spray of some left over white paint and some jute and I’d call it good! How about you? Tell me, love it or leave it on the huge silver wear hanging on your wall topic. Am I silly for giving in? Silly for doing it a year after they came “back”?


Okay, now I know you’re waiting for it.. The winner of the Bella Michele Stamped Jewelry giveaway is…
Pitter patter pitter patter..
Michelle (Weirrrrd.)

I just emailed your contact info to Michele! Thanks so much for entering, everyone!

Spring Fluffing

In the process of adding a little spring our lives, my lovely other half brought these home to me the other day!

I put them in my Spray Painted vase and decided to add a little more spring to it. It was extremely easy, wanna see? I cut the jute twine and ribbon long enough to wrap around and tie in a big enough bow for my liking.

Then I cut a 4ish inch strip of cream burlap and cut it in half so it was super skinny.

You could tie a bow with the burlap but in my silly ol’ mind it would have been to bulky.. See?

So I improvised and I tied the ribbon and jute together around the vase and fluffed with the bow until I liked it. Then I folded and tweaked with the burlap in the back of the ribbon to hold in the shape of a bow. A faux bow, if you will. No bulk and just a hit of that lovely stuff called burlap!

[That color is a little funky..whoops. As you know I'm too lazy to change that. We'll have to suffer through it together. ;)]
Easy peasy! Then we had a photo shoot in my bedroom.
On my white washed dresser
Needs some texture though huh?

Entry way part….17.5 million

How far along are we now? Second trimester? :) Really it’s taken about two three weeks but I think it’s pretty much done. I’ll let you see for yourself. Let’s have a mini recap shall we?
I’ve linked all the stages separately be sure to check them out for the how-to’s! :)
Start..drab..boring..orthopedic looking waitress shoes..

Something cozy welcome us home, we’re done!
Let’s see that before and After again

I’d still like a fabulous door to walk into the kitchen with, but that takes time and money. Both of which I don’t have right now. :) But I adore my new entry way. I did it myself (besides some saw help from B.D) Surprised husband with my talents, and gave the girls a place where they can forget to put their snow gear. I love it.

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