Feature Yourself Friday {End of Summer Edition!}

*First off–thank you all for your sweet words. My family is forever grateful for it, really. Kate was a beautiful girl and she’ll be forever missed, and forever remembered. *

So as you might have noticed Feature Yourself Friday kind of slacked during the Summer months. It was just too much– I feel like we were soaking in every minute we could and still didn’t get enough out of it. Maybe it’ll change in the fall while both girls are in school but for now I think I like the idea of once a month FYF– something fun to browse around on a Thursday night while watching some netflix. I need a no-brainer thing to do tonight too much on my mind.

So– I browsed the internet and I figured I’d share some of my favorites :)

Digging this Back to School Mantel

If I didn’t put myself on a spending freeze at Target– I’d be getting this notebook from there ASAP. But.. then again, if it’s only a dollar….. ;)


The girls and I are on a friendship bracelet kick– These heart ones? I die.


Have you seen this cool new website? The Inspiration Network. They have tons of cool links to browse through when you’re all pinned out..

The Inspiration Network
Like this deserts round up? Yumm! Thursdays just got more delicious.
Okay okay– let’s get some more links out there! Show us what YOU want to feature! Whoop whoop!

Feature Yourself Friday

Hello, hello!

I hope you’re all as excited for the weekend as I am! I’ve been in such a good mood lately thanks to our decision, I can’t wait for weekends to come to get my blog content going– and get closer and closer to my “do it” date..Wait what? If you didn’t read the post I swear it has nothing to babies, or doing.. anything like that. Ha But, maybe I can convince Jared of that too.. No? Not quite.

Anyway– Now that it’s super awkward. Let’s look at some things I’m obsessed with right now.

My gorgeous friend Lindsay shared a post recently about layering. Big fan. Big, big fan.


Um, this staircase reveal?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Stunning.


And, don’t even get me started on this reading nook. Goodness! Beauty!



So, now it’s your turn– Share yo’ stuff.

(Oh, I almost forgot! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow at 9:00 am for a GIVEAWAY!)

Feature Yourself Friday

Friday Friday! Woohoo! Lord knows I need a weekend, badly. But I think I say that every day. :)

It’s been a minute or two since we’ve had a FYF so ‘Lets play a game called– look at the pretty pictures’ and then party.. Shall we? But first, I need to take a little survey..

1.) What browser do you read the blog on, if you open it up in a browser. If not, what means are you using to read the bloggy blog.

2.) Would you say, the blog is slow–or fast?

3.) If I had to truncate posts to speed up the blog, would that bother you. Scale of 1-10. ;)

If you could help me out with those three questions I would love it. Trying to make things a little better around here!


Tomorrow I’ll be sharing these little diddies on the blog.


They’re a fun new addition to the dining room.

I also set up a new centerpiece for the table. It makes me smile.


And, I have to share my bedroom again, because I love it. In case you missed it.. it’s done it’s done!

Small Bedroom

Well let’s just jump into it shall we?! Party on!

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Feature Yourself Friday

First off, I want to give a big hug and warm thought to all those who were affected by Sandy. It’s mind blowing what some people are dealing with and really makes me hush my mouth when I’m thinking/saying how I’m having a bad day or something ridiculous is inconveniencing me– When people are living with no heat, no power or the loss of family and friends. So sad. Thoughts and Prayers, Thoughts and Prayers.

Hello Friends… and welcome to *gasp* November! Which seems to be basically the kick off to the Holiday season. Crazy I tell you. Were we not just making s’mores and rubbing aloe on our sunburns? No?

So, that’s it people. It’s basically Christmas. Time to accept it, in all forms. Elf being on ABC family every hour and the million “can I have that..can I have that.. can I have that?” Don’t even get me started on the weight I’ll gain in the next few months– oh no. Don’t get me started. ;)

Did you all have a good Halloween? We had a.. cold one.

But what’s a little rain when you’re begging for candy, eh?

So, I guess we should get on to the party.. Come back tomorrow to see how we brought some rainbows in the house in the midst of all this rain.. :)

Feature Yourself Friday


 Did you know this is the 96th FYF to date? Seriously people, that’s crazy! We should have a big ol’ party for number 100. :)

In other news, I’ve been gone for what–10 days?! I know. I’m having a case of the blahs and when I get the blahs I spend too much time painting furniture and watching Sons of Anarchy apparently. I did however, have a stranger come up to me and tell me I had beautiful hair. Which, has never been said before– beautiful dimples? Sure. Eyes? All the time. Hair? Let me tell you something about my hair. I have what I like to call, bad hair. You might have heard of it? Well, yeah it’s not my strong suit. It’s thin, dangerously thin. I think my Dad cursed me when I was an only child and told me I’d be bald like him some day. Thanks Dad, really. It’s also fried to a crisp, my fault my fault I know. I’m indecisive about color. Hate me. And, have I mentioned all my new growth is GRAY? Wild crazy gray. Sigh..So, there wasn’t much more to the story besides I thought my case of the blahs was fixed by that dear old lady. No worries, later a little boy told me I had a weird name.

I see what you did there, world.

Anyway– You know that feeling you get when there’s just too much stuff. Not physically, mentally too. Too much stuff to do. Too much bad on my mind. Too much worries. Too many too do lists. Too many deadlines. It flows into my house, too much crap! I’ve been taking trips to goodwill thinking every car load will make me feel better. You know, I’ll wonder what I did with that 26th gold frame with the cracked glass.. Because someday I could use that! Too much second guessing, clearly. ;)

I feel like, I’m striving for something, I’m just not sure of what it is yet. I’ll let you know. Until then, let’s move on to happier things.. Since someone likes to be a Debby downer at the party *cough cough*

What other creative things have been happening around Ye olde blog land..

Crazy cool screen door. I want one!


 If I didn’t take all my Halloween decor down in a ‘Too much stuff in this house’ fit.. I would have totally made this. It rocks my {witches} socks.


Beautiful centerpieces..just gorg.



So how about you show off your stuff (since clearly mine wont be shown tonight haha) and we’ll get this party started!

Feature Yourself Friday

It’s baaaackk.


The hiatus went on long enough I think. Plus schools almost back in session, work will start to simmer down (August is our crazy, pull your hair out busy time) I can have time to breathe let alone check out some fun links. :) So.. ’tis back. Welcome. If you’re new to FYF then basically, it’s what the name states. Time to Feature Yourself. Share your favorite projects of the week.. Something you’re proud of. Because if you’re a big blog or small, you still have something awesome to bring to the big bloggin’ table.




Does everyone else think of couples retreat when they say that? I do. My husband says it at least 30 times a day, so it’s hard not to.

There’s a few baby-making yoga poses in this clip. So, maybe don’t click on it when you have little eyes on the room. Just made me giggle.. okay, laugh out loud. Big time.

Anyway, since it’s been so long I thought I’d share a few fun features from my other favorite place on in inter-webz. Pinterest.




So cool. Be sure to check out the sites with those.. Lots of good ideas out there.

Also, if you’d like to follow along with my pinning.. I’m FOTFBlog.. Some randoms.. Sometimes indications on what we’re working on.. Sometimes you can just tell if I’m really pms-y and pinning lots of chocolate and sad quotes. Good times to be had by all.

Now, it’s time. Party on people..part-ay on.

Feature Yourself Friday

Happy Friday y’all. 
Did you enjoy your middle of the week break as much as we did? Even though today felt like the second Monday of the week, I survived it and it’ll be nice to have a surprise Friday tomorrow. At least, I sure think it will. 
Since it’s the beginning of the month I’d like to give a little shout-it-out to all the amazing sponsors who help this place run smoothly. Not to mention help fund some of the projects around this joint. :) They’re a true blessing, won’t you go check ‘em out?

Signazon.com something diane made Dresses from Shabby Apple Alternative Name 
Click on any of those fancy buttons there and they’ll take you to a magical fun place.. ;) 
Now, back to the party.. 

Feature Yourself Friday

Hello.. Friday!


Again, posting has been sparatic I know. I hate that! But summer just eats away at my time. I wanted to thank you all again for the lovely words over little miss and her shiner. She’s much better now. ;)

Besides that we’ve been…

Checkin’ off the summer bucket list..


and Farm life..

And, working on our inner peace.

Follow me on instagram? FOTFBlog

Maybe it’ll make up for the lack of posting.

Shall we party hardy? We shall! 

Feature Yourself Friday

Feature Yourself Friday has been a little sporatic around here. 
I blame it on the summer, I do. 
I really hate to just put up the link every week without featuring some, it kind of defeats my purpose, but that’s what I keep doing because we get caught up doing something and I run out of time. I’m thinking about doing a Feature Yourself Friday twice a month until September. This way you still have a place to party hardy, and I don’t get bitter about it. ;) 
Speaking of busy Thursday nights..
This is what we did LAST night. 
Also known as the scariest night of my life. She fell off the monkey bars which landed us in the e.r for quite some time last night. Checking on her over and over last night.. and all smiles today. She landed on her back though so the black eye baffles me. But we’ve taught her to just say “You should see the other guy!” when she gets her 1000′s of questions. ;) 
Our shenanigans are also on instagram.. Naturally, if you’d like to follow us we’re FotfBlog
So, your turn. Party on peeps, party on!

Feature Yourself Friday!

Hey there, how you doin?

Giveaway Day was SO FUN! I want to thank each and every one of you who came out to play. ;) And, a super-giant-fist-pumping-Yeaaah Buddy! to every shop that sponsored it. You ladies are the bomb dot com.

Other haps this week..

It was my birthday, hence the celebration.. and the husband treated me with a date night that A.) I didn’t have to plan. and B.) I didn’t have to plan! I love secrets.. Wait, scratch that. Good secrets, I love good secrets. This one was dinner and a movie and alone time which is definitely good. :) Enjoy some instagram pics that celebrated the occasion and then some of our week just for kicks and giggles.

 Date night.
 Awesome Co-Workers
Have I mentioned I signed up for the Color Run? Yeah. The girl who DOESN’T run. 
So if you want to check the fam out on Instagr.am I’m FOTFBlog, naturally. :)
Okay how about time to party on? I’ll be back tomorrow with winners of GIVEAWAY DAY!