Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I thought it’d be fun to create a little gift guide of sorts. All though I’m still in the phase of homemade vases and sweet cards made at school- I need to branch out a bit when it comes to getting MY Mom a gift. However, I’m pretty sure if I painted a vase for my Mom and made her a card with my hand print she most definitely would not turn it down. ;) Would any Mother?


Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 12.59.18 PM

A few of my favorite things– and things I know my Mom would love! I can’t say what she got though, since she’ll read it! ;)

1.) Target Threshold frame with some cute pictures of her grand kids? She’ll melt like butter. Target has some great frames right now if you want to branch out of metals– they have really pretty weathered wood frames, and mirrored versions that I have my eye on!

2.) My favorite summer perfume ever. And, I think it’s still discontinued. But I buy mine on Amazon and I love it.

3.) A jewelry tree dish (also from Target, of course!) To hold all her pretties.

4.) Flowers. Obviously, you can never go wrong with roses.

5.) Speaking of rose…gold. Fossil has some gorgeous rose gold watches and I’ve been swooning over them a time or two. They’re classic and beautiful.

There you go! Hopefully you got a few ideas from it.. Come back tomorrow for your chance to win an AWESOME Mother’s Day gift for yourself! (Unless you feel giving and want to give it to Mom..) See you then!

DIY Valentines Art

Remember the piece of art in the corner of yesterdays photo?


Well that just so happens to be Jared’s Valentines Day gift I whipped up the other day for $1.79.

Seriously it’s so easy. You’ll thank me later!

First, the story behind it, is kind of silly and sickeningly sweet.

It’s the coordinates to our high school math class– I know I know. Roll those eyes baby!

But, that’s where we met and I have a soft spot for that place. So, I did what any sane person would do and message their old highschool teacher on facebook and casually ask her to 1.) Install a latitude/longitude app on their phone and go stand in the math room and write down the coordinates. Like that’s asking too much? Ha! Okay sometimes my crazy takes over and runs wild, what can I say.

If you don’t have access to the app or what to do it the (easy) way which I didn’t know about till after– whoops. Check this website out and put in your address. So easy! I promised, didn’t I?

But she said yes.. Yay! And I took those numbers and used Picmonkey to type them up with a chalkboard background.


You can’t really see the detail of the background but it’s got a hazy chalk look, the font I used was Chelsea Market and you can google chalkboard backgrounds and come up with a million different types and save them. That’s probably illegal. Pretend I didn’t encourage that.


I could have printed them but, devil cat chewed up that cord– so I sent it to walmart and an hour later, I had ye old print in 5×7 form. And, I couldn’t be happier. Jared couldn’t either!

Valentines Day Etsy Style

You know I love me some heartfelt gifts.

I love them even more when they’re from handmade shops, from Moms like you and me who stay up late making things we LOVE. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Etsy. They have everything! Here’s some of my favorites for the big VDay.

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And, then it was the Christmas Season

Welp. Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’m 10 pounds heavier and my house is 10 pounds lighter of anything orange, brown and yellow. Welcome, Christmas. I intend to get my fill for the next 30 days er, so.

Since I’m trying not to stress.. and just make it magical and all. (A lot harder than I thought.) I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite handmade giftsies I’ve found on the world wide web. Enjoy!

I’ve been thinking about making a tent for the girls. Or, well.. actually buying the fabric and begging my Mother to help me sew it.

This one is MAGICAL.


Found on Pinterest..the furthest back I could source it is here.

I’m pretty sure I know two Mothers that would enjoy this. I’m not saying any names.. But I’m sure you know some as well. That Nester, she’s so clever.

Rainbows! These have got to be the coolest wooden spoons I’ve ever seen. For.Real. And, it’s totally simple. I’ve also seen them done on silverware found at the thrift store. Basically, put some paint on it people. Think about it.

Lace Crowns. You’ve got to be kidding me. So freaking cute. Santa needs to bring these, stat.

There’s a few ideas for you folks. Of course, I’ll be sharing some more throughout the month so keep an eye out. And, if you’re going to pin it- pin it from the source please! :)

Psst.. Did you see I opened up a Holiday Gift Guide? I shared a few of my favorite handmade stores and a few things from Amazon that keep popping up in my wishlist. :) There’s also a link up over there if you have an Etsy site or Shop. Enjoy!


Christmas giving ideas..numero….Three!

How about some more Christmas ideas for those lovies in your life. I have a nice little list of things I know that the people in your life would enjoy.

I recently went to a craft show and met so many fun women who own their own shops. I love that! I’m a big supporter of buying handmade, not only do you get something made with love but you’re probably helping a mom follow her dreams and pay the bills. Bonus..and Bonus!

First up, Joy Sparks Designs.

If my camera weren’t dead I’d take a photo but I bought the cutest typewriter ring from her. It says 1/2 1/4 which.. 2 & 4 are special dates to me as it’s my kids birthdays! How cool huh? Once I got home and browsed her shop I saw these.

SUCH a cute idea for that man in your life. Unique and fun. She’s got lots of other goodies in her shop and if you join her on facebook you can get 10% off your order. There’s still time to order for Christmas ya’ll JUMP on it.

Whimzie is another shop I recently fell in love with. Her shop doesn’t have a lot in it because of the recent craft show but I promise you, she’s a shop to look out for when it comes to headbands and bows. I purchased some for my girls and they adore them.

Tons of feathers.. Tons of flowers.. so dainty and pretty. I’m excited for her to get new items in, because you’ll love them! She’s got a facebook too if you want to check her out more!

One more Michigan shop :) Remember my facebook post about these lovely finds?

They’re from Two Charming and it was really hard to stop at just two things! Her shop is so fun! Look at her booth photos! Big fan..Big big fan! It’d be really easy to find something for a secret Santa gift from her!

With love Marie
I just bought these the other day and I’m itching to get them in the mail! My oldest wants feathers so bad and these were a good price and they had really good reviews.

If you’ve got a little fashionista on your hands like me check it out. Plus right now she had a special going on where you get a free gift. Whoop whoop. Great stocking stuffer!

I love that these are gifts that you know they aren’t going to get from someone else, you’ll be the cool friend who knows where to buy all the awesome finds. ;)

Please note I wasn’t compensated at all for this post. I bought all these gifts with my own moolah and I just wanted to share a few shops that I’m really happy with and thought you might be too! Merry Christmas! 

Christmas ideas part..ONE.

So I thought it would be fun to do a little series on Christmas gifts. I was going to start with a sponsor-ified one but then, the Heavens alined and  Nester is doing a favorite things linky so, let’s go with my favorite gifts first, yes? Yes.


These pants.

I first read about them on a Mommy-type message board and everyone raved over them. I didn’t order them but I thought about it, you betcha–But I’m cheap. ha.

One day while browsing Targets clearance though, I got lucky and found a pair for 3.00 or something ridiculous. Then I was hooked, they’re seriously like silk. I got over my cheapness and bought a few more pairs at regular price, which okay– it’s not a bad price at all but when I wasn’t sure if I loved them.. well you know. I bought some for my cousin for her birthday last year and she said the same thing.

They’re HEAVEN on your tush.
There I said it.
You will too.


I finally kicked my nail biting habit, for now. And, I’m definitely digging being able to paint my nails. I’ve been changing them weekly and right now, I have *two* favorites for neutrals. They’re just too pretty not to love right?


I get the Essie colors at Target and the OPI at the salon. I also saw those cool nail sticker things and I could be wrong but I think they’re one of my BFF’sfavorite things. Maybe she’ll chime in for us and tell us how they work!


I have horrible skin. Okay, let’s get that out there. It’s bad. It used to be really oily and then I had babies and they both sucked the nutrients out of my body ;) And, now? It’s dry as hell okay. Like, flaky by the end of the day. GROSS. So, I think it was Kandee Johnson who told me (Yes just me.. Okay no, it was on a video, she told everyone. We’re not bffs……yet) to get this stuff.

Hello soft skin, I’ve missed you!


Oh oh oh.. One more!

This movie.

Oh my gosh ya’ll. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who didn’t like it but I could watch it 100 times. Maybe more. I love it. It’s probably on the pricier side for a favorite things party (which, btdubs is an AWESOME idea) but I’ve seen these on Amazon for cheap. So you could get them for 5 people and it wouldn’t be too horribly expensive. Ryan wants you to, okay? Try and tell him no.

So there you go. Some fun, affordable things that I can promise you, you’ll love. And your gift recipient will love too. If they don’t you can cuss me out, but it wont happen. Pinky swear! I’ll be back later with a sponsor-themed gift guide. Can’t wait. Totes in the Christmas spirit I am.

Home-made Christmas gift part two!

I’m back with another from the heart Christmas gift, woo-to-the-hoo right? Right!

This one is a little more expensive than the fridge board, but it’s ohsogood.

First things first, you need this.

Obviously you could get any brands you want but these are my personal favorites

*side note I actually didn’t use the pudding. I remembered seeing on pinterest about putting chocolate pudding in hot chocolate mix to make it extra delish, but then I couldn’t find the pin and wasn’t sure how much to put in. Second guessing myself wasn’t fun so I skipped it.

Cost breakdown was really affordable.

2.00 for the box of candy canes and I only ended up needing 5 of them, I have a whole box left! 
2.00 for the jar, Hobby Lobby has glass 50% off right now! If you decide to get it when it’s not on sale it’s still only 4.00– good deal right there.
5.00 cocoa mix from Target
1.99 chocolate bar..I’m partial to Dove so you could get a cheaper kind or go all out and get some Godiva.. Yum.

Put your candy canes in a plastic bag and crumble them up. I had a helper do it for me, a tiny hammer and a cutting board.

While she’s making tiny slivers of delicious peppermint, it’s time to cut up your chocolate. Take 2/3rds of it and leave the rest for later. Because, well you’ll want to eat it. Trust me.

Take your giant murder scene looking knife and chop up your chocolate. It’s easier if it’s room temp, mine wasn’t and I had to let it warm up a bit from the fridge.

Then layer it. Cocoa powder, chocolate and peppermint.


There you have it! Super affordable, cute and yummy. You could one up a notch and give it with some mugs and a spoon.
*Second note* It’d also be really cute to add another layer of marshmallows if you like those in your hot chocolate, I personally dig the whip cream so I opted out of that, but while I was making these I thought it would also be equally as delicious to do a white chocolate version, yes? Yes. Think about it! And, one more. Don’t fill it up quite to the top, leave a little room so they can shake it up so the chocolate and pepper mint are equally distributed when they get it. It tastes better that way but isn’t as pretty. ;)

Want to see Christmas gifts part one? Check it out here

Linking up to the Weekend Wrap up Party!

Home-made Christmas gifts

We’re a few days away from the (suggested..Psh! I’ve been rocking Christmas scents and music for a while now) kick off to the holiday season so it’s time to think about gifts! And, what better gift is one that’s hand made..with love.

The first one I want to share is a fun little memo board that I saw floating around on Pinterest. I don’t have any ornate vintage frames but I do have a Wal*mart and they’re cheap. 4.00 cheap. Yes, please.

I bought some yummy spray paint colors but I actually ended up liking this one the way it was. Since, it’s for my kitchen and all. I used brown painter paper from Home Depot for inside the frame. I really dig brown and black together, classic and neutral but you could do anything inside these! Scrapbook paper, fabric, a photo, the possibilities are endless. That’s the beauty of this.

I bought the paper for our Thanksgiving tablescape so technically it wasn’t in the total cost of this project but if you want to add it to it, it was 10.00 for a HUGE roll. Awesome for coloring at the table for kids, seriously.

I wanted to use magnets but, let me tell you about these suckers.

They were a dollar something at Wal*mart and to put it bluntly they suck. I put about 100 of them on the back of the frame and they still didn’t hold it up. Boo! I could have went to Michaels and used the heavy duty ones, because I have before for other projects and they do rock the socks, but.. I didn’t want to waste the gas driving there. Hello, I’m Rachelle and cheap.

Next best thing, these velcro command strips. I can’t rave enough about these things! I used them in the playroom makeover to hold up all the girls art on the walls and they’re still going strong. If you’re giving these away for gifts you could buy a pack of these and just put two on the back and leave the paper on the strips so they don’t lose their sticky, and it’s great because of the velcro you can still take it off the fridge to write on.

Which leads me to my next point, I’d wrap up a sharpie with the gift. Get a pack of 6 or whatever they come in for 5 bucks and tie it with a ribbon, instant cute! Bonus is with using a sharpie rather than a dry erase marker, if you bump it while you’re writing on it, it doesn’t come off but, it does come off clean with windex or a baby wipe if you’re like me and always have them in the house for messy faces and what not. Love those things!

So there you go.

This was a pain in the butt to photograph because of the glare but you get the gist. Super cute, super cheap and everyone would use it. If you wanted to go up one notch you could always order some cute vinyl and put the families last name on it, or something equally as cute like “Meal planning..Calender..To Do” Like I said.. Possibilities? Endless!

I’ll be back all week sharing fun handmade gift ideas, woohoo! See you tomorrow!

*Also I’m joining Chris at Just a Girl for her Handmade Holiday party! Check out all the fantastic links won’t ya?*

Diaper Cake wanna be!

A friend of mine is expecting her first baby next month. Woohoo! A little boy named Evan.. Or Carter, depending on if who you ask– Mom or Dad :) I wanted to take a try at a diaper cake. I absolutely LOVE seeing them around blog land and at parties. Whats the worst that could happen right?



I guess it’s not HORRIBLE. I don’t think we’ll see it on (diaper) cake wrecks ;) or anything. But what I had in my mind was a little more fabulous. Want to make one? Get your husband to sit down with you on a Saturday afternoon 2 hours before said shower and roll and tape diapers with God’s speed. :) Some pretty ribbon, wooden animals and sports stuff.. (Nursery theme is Sport safari) and some clothes, shoes and (Matching!!!) bubbles and lotion, and you’re set girlfriend! Practice makes perfect, anyone else want to get pregnant so I have a reason to keep making them?? Takers? :-D

Teacher Gift

A project? Completed? Here?! At Fingerprints on the Fridge?

Yes, I know. It’s ahem– been a while. But this idea did not originate in my head it came from my friend Kimmie, you make recognize her name as I’m spewing out free advertizing for the girl on a daily basis.. ;) She made these super cute flower gifts for her little girl’s teachers for Teacher Appreciation day. She’s super mom and remembered that day. Me, myself and I forgot.  So, preschool graduation will have to do! I got a super cheap terracotta pot from the craft store.

Something like 1.98, remember I just got back from Disney, otherwise known as drain your bank account world. It’s slim pickins around here! :) Used some fun spray paint colors and some scrap book paper. :) Easy as pie!

 Sorry it’s so blurry, we were running this morning trying to hurry.

 A nice little tag with the words “Thank you for helping Lily Bloom!” Get it, Lily? Yeah.. har har.. I know. ;) I’ve seen some super cute projects out in blog land for end of the year gifts or T.A day presents and I love them! If you’ve made anything special lately for your teachers out there and want to leave the link in the comments I’d love to see them! Now off to my usual procrastination… Happy Wednesday!

Love, the graduate and her cheering section!