Not-So-Spooky Halloween Decor

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Now, let me start this with saying I’m pretty sure everyone buys toilet paper. But not all toilet paper is made the same you know.. And, it’s not always used for.. what you think it’s used for. Haha.



Case in point– I decided to use it for some Halloween Decor that’s less spooky as we usually use. Now, my kids aren’t frightened by much- they can watch the haunting and hang with the rest of us and not have a scared thought in their head. ;) Lily tells me all the time– “Mommmm, it’s not real..” when scary things are on tv.. But, that doesn’t always mean their friends exactly love zombies, ghosts and gouls. So I whipped up something that is more silly– than scary. Win win!



These vases I used were from Christmas a few years ago. I lightly sprayed them with silver spray paint for a foggy effect which I think works for the mummies too!


Start by rolling out your toilet paper and cutting it down the middle.

If you had larger vases I wouldn’t suggest cutting it but since the toilet paper is so thick three wraps around the small vase it would have been covered, and that’s just no fun.

Don’t try and be perfect by any means, these mummies are back from the dead remember? Tattered and torn works.


I just put a dab of glue on the beginning and on the end, trust me when I say do not stress about this. The beauty of this project is quick and easy. Let perfection walk right out that door!

I cut some eyes and a silly grin from black construction paper and voila! We’ve got a not-so-spooky-mummy! Since I was putting them in a little collection I went with different faces for each. The mummy with the glasses is my favorite.


I think these will look really cool lit up at night! I’d suggest using battery operated candles just for safety reasons ;) Plus toilet paper like this I’m sure would light up VERY fast if you aren’t careful ha ha! :)



Lets talk shopping while we’re at it, because you can get some deals when you by the Cottonelle Triple Roll at Target this week!

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And, at my Target and I’m assuming at yours too.. They had a special price for the rolls 9.99 and you got a free box of wipes. Yes, I’ll take free! I’ve got kids! ha ha. Everyone loves a good deal and I like to share the wealth!

Halloween on the Brain

Hola Friends! I wanted to pop in on this chilly Sunday because I’ve been pinning Halloween things like a maniac and even though I’m trying not to decorate anymore for the Holiday.. I thought maybe some of you might still be putting some fun things out and like the inspiration! Enjoy!

How stinking simple is this? SO STINKING SIMPLE THAT’S HOW MUCH. I don’t have a source since the pin lead to google, but.. if you know who it belongs to.. let a girl know and I’ll credit!



Seriously I love J-A-G’s decorating style. Always simple and I dig the black and white as you know..


Just A Girl does it again.. Cheaply!

Seriously this house makes me swooooon. She’s got some more good Halloween goodies in her post as well!


Love this Halloween House Tour

Simple! My kind of decorating.


A little Outdoor decorating perhaps?

Yes! For those lil’ ones who don’t dig the scary.


Some not-so-spooky monsters

Lets have a little impromptu linky party shall we? Have any Halloween Posts you’d like to share? Link up!


Valentines Mantel {2013}

I did a little playing with the mantel this weekend.

Just in time for Valentines Day. Clearly I was not on the lovey dovey holiday ball this year. But, it’s still fun to add some pink to the house. I wanted a touch of industrial if I could so Jared helped me make this arrow– which I’ll show in another post.


C for Cupid!


Ombre “art” if you can call it that. More like cut up strips of paper and taped inside a frame. But secretly.. I love it.


The arrow needs to be sanded down, I tried the salt trick and well.. the salt is being a whiny little brat and wont come off– Some way some how, it will look like rust if it kills me. Which it might.

Anyway, this mantel was completely free. Everything I already had and it felt really nice.


Like that little piece in the frame there? Come back tomorrow for the deets on that, it’s so romantic it’s sick.


If you want to see pictures of Valentines pasts check these out!

Valentines Day Etsy Style

You know I love me some heartfelt gifts.

I love them even more when they’re from handmade shops, from Moms like you and me who stay up late making things we LOVE. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Etsy. They have everything! Here’s some of my favorites for the big VDay.

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New Years Resolutions

Happy Last Day of 2012!

I’m one of those people..It’s true. I make the lists. The resolutions. The goals. Yup. I do, and I love every minute of it.

I thought I’d share some of my personal goals with you today, and maybe later on this afternoon if I can get the post together I’ll share my “homey” goals as well.

1.) Breath, and Just Live. I have a horrible tendency of letting my struggles become who I am. They aren’t. The fight inside, the perseverance,  the bright side. That’s who I need to focus on being. I can’t go back in time and do this, that, this or such and such and make the outcome better. The outcome is exactly how I wanted, why dwell on what I could have done to make it better. I have my family, my home and my health. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, right now. So knock it off, Rachelle.


2.) I miss staying at home with my children. There, I said it. I miss feeling like my home is clean, and making dinner and having TIME to blog..and create. I go to work when it’s dark out and I come home when it’s dark out. It’s making me a sad person. I know financially we can’t afford for me to stay home because it was a large trade off having Jared in town vs. me being at home all day. But gosh, it’s a goal. We have ideas, and we want to make it happen. Because you know, you only get one life.. and some how..some way, I’ll see my babies more.


3.) Let go, live a little. Stop stressing the small things. So the kids spilled something, or I lost one of my favorite $3.00 target special earrings. Life will go on. No need to stay up at night worrying about silly little inconveniences (However, I still do stay up at night missing my 1st wedding band set the girls played with secretly..and lost.. Sigh.. but it’s just a ring.. say it with me, it’s just a ring)  But, when the girls are acting act when we’re at home depot. I want to just smile and keep on, movin on. Because really, they’re dancing in the store. Who said you had to walk anyways? Everyone should break down and dance once and a while. Key to happiness people!


Besides those super cheesy, weepy ones.. :) I also would love to generally just be a happier version of me. Sometimes life really just gets me down and why? There’s so much beauty in just being able to wake up every day! Positive living, I’m working on it.

I also want to eat as clean, and healthy as I can. My body is definitely telling me things lately and I’m trying to listen. The other day, I was craving Brussels Sprouts like a crazy person. Why? I’ve NEVER had them in my life. But I couldn’t think about anything else. So off to the store I went. My body wants greens, it’s getting greens– ha!

And, no. I’m not pregnant.

But, can that be my N.Y.Resolution too? ;)

So tell me yours!

Christmas Decor 2012

I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet. Picture heavy if I can help it. :)

I went really simple this year. Once I felt overwhelmed with it… It was time to pack the boxes away and just relax.. It’s a TREE. It’s a MANTEL. It’s not the end of the world if it isn’t perfect. C’mon Rachelle.. Focus! There are bigger things going on.

I took what I liked. I asked the girls what they wanted. And, boom. Flower Muse helped as well by sending me a ton of pretty white hydrangeas. Goodness, this year..this week.. I needed some beauty. And, that they were. They were super fresh and have held together for almost a full week now. I loved them so much, I stuck them in my tree! They’re white and big ol’ balls

Ahem..{C’mon google, I dare you}

So, they mimic ornaments really well I think.

Okay, I said short and sweet and it’s novel long. Enjoy some twinkle lights. Some glitter and gold. And, be happy. Right now, this moment. Be. happy.

Merry Christmas, loves.





















More info on the Mantel?

How about those Gold Ornaments?

Want to just be best friends forever?

To see last Christmas

I’ll be joining the Nester for her Holiday party.. and hookin’ up with HOH

Wooden plate chargers

I showed you the sneak peek yesterday and I thought I’d go in a little deeper on how I made the wooden plate chargers from the rustic tablescape post.

First of all, these are all the ladies at Shanty-2-Chic’s idea. They’re the geniuses behind these, I just put my own spin on it. ;) Let’s just get that out in the open first shall we? We shall.

They painted theirs with a stencil, which is fabulous but instead of painting on snowflakes I thought it would be fun to reverse it a bit and have the wood be the focal point.

First up, stain. I used ebony first and it was too dingy looking for this, so I switched to walnut. See the difference? The ebony is great for the aged looking color that’s totally in right now but wasn’t warm enough for the look I was going for. :) Oh, and don’t bother getting a whole can of stain if you don’t already have some laying around. I got the 2.00 tiny pot of it and it was more than enough.

Once it’s applied and wiped off and dried long enough it’s time to put on the stickers. I used two packs of foam snowflakes from Michaels. If I were doing it again I would have gotten a few more packs, so I could use more big flakes. They had three different sizes and the small ones were very abundant in the pack. ;) Oh well, next time.

Instead of doing all snowflakes I thought it would be fun to switch it up and also do three striped chargers.

This gets fun.

I didn’t want to go into measuring them so I just started taping different widths of stripes. Slim, thick it didn’t really matter and it wasn’t perfect and I’m 100% okay with that. Because, they turned out great I think. Plus it saved me a lot of time and sanity not worrying about measuring, but if that part doesn’t bother you go ahead and measure! They’d look cute with perfect stripes or even chevron if you wanted to get really detailed with cuts and taping off. MMM chevron..

Anyway.. I spray painted right over the tape and stickers, trying my best to spray straight down and not angled so it wouldn’t by any chance get under the stickers.

I swore I took a during photo but it’s MIA so you get the idea. Paint..dry..paint..dry.. Then the fun part. Pulling off the stickers! Oohh, ahh! Love them. I distressed it some more and that’s about it! I’d love to put a glossy clear coat on them but didn’t have any in my stash.

Easy peasy! Thanks to the Shanty chicks for letting me run with their idea, check them out.. They rock the socks. :) Now go make some!

Tie some bakers twine around a stack of them and you have a perfect handmade Christmas gift!

Christmas tablescapes

Yes, this is a semi-old post but it’s Christmas themed and pretty awesome..  Rhoda is having a vignette party and well, I can’t miss a party. So this is whatchya gettin’. :) 

So during my “I didn’t win the contest pity-party” the other night, I decided to knock it off, chin up and keep myself busy instead of being miss gloomy pants who isn’t getting a new basement. Boo..

But, Thank YOU! ladies who voted and sent me such nice emails and comments. You, my friends rock.

Right, table scapes.. So I started on these centerpieces and if you were with me on facebook that night, I just started posting them with my phone. :) I figured I could take some blog-quality photos and go ahead and show ya’ll (Oh yes, yes I did just go there.)

Everything that I used was something I already had. There was no buying of anything new since it was a spur of the moment anger project. ;) Kidding. Kind of. Oh! And, I’m well aware that the chargers are coming off the table. If I were really going to set the stage I’d add the leaf to the table but can I tell you a secret? I’m super lazy and it was about three feet to far away from me to go grab it and snap it on. :)

The runners? My scarves. Yup, and why not? They’re pretty and the brown one is way too long to wear.

The blue and white stripped one I was actually wearing before I put it together. :) I needed something to go with the theme, and stripes do it for me.

Can you guess what this one was? 

12 Days of Christmas! It’s actually my favorite even though it doesn’t make much sense to anyone unless I explain it.

Pear tree? 
Maids a’Milking? Ball Jars scream milk to me, no? 
Well kind of. 
Five Gold rings? Well I don’t have that but I do have 5 gold ornaments. :) 

Anyways, it’s kind of crazy, kind of cute and I like it.  
This one didn’t exactly fit the bill, too many of the same colors going on. I don’t know what I was doing here, but you can see it anyway. I really wanted to use the vintage milk carrier but wouldn’t you know nothing fits in it. Of course.

So these are just a little bit o’ fun, and I figured they might inspire someone to decorate for Christmas even if it is a week before Thanksgiving. You have my stamp of approval. ;)

One last Christmas post

My last Christmas post. Pinky promise. Meet Mr. P’s sister Kathlyn, to otherwise be known as Miss Katie Baby. The girls adore her & these pictures are too presh not to post. Enjoy! I’ll be back tomorrow with my first project off my to do list! :)

Here I’ll help you open your gifts.

New slippers!

Just like Cinderella.

Easy last minute ornaments

Need a quick and easy present this year? How about if you can make each one for under 3.00? Yes? Let me show you how. Grab a 4 pack of big glass ornaments (if you wanted to stretch your dollar even more grab the normal size ornaments, I believe they come in an eight pack. Score!) a pack of scrapbook rub ons & some ribbon and package filler.

Grab your ornament and center your image and start rub rub rubbin.

I tried two methods, starting from the center and moving my way out, and starting from one end to the other.

I liked the first one. I’m sure there’s a really good scientific reason for that maddness but I just thought it worked better. Getting out the bubbles better from the middle? Who knows, but this one wasn’t from the inside -> outside technique and ended up a little wonky. Darn you crappy Y, darn you!

I think I’ll give that to Grandma, she can’t turn down my wonky ornament, and she loves anything I make. Ahh, Gram’s aren’t they great? *Sigh*

Back to the ornaments. Once you have it the way you want it, stuff some filler in it. I’m not sure if you can mess this up, my four year old did pretty awesome at it.

Then take your better ornament and grab some ribbon and tie it on, my ribbon was a little too fire engine red compared to the brick red color in the rub on but at the time it’s what I had, and well.. You know I like using what I have! :)

See here I used some of my silver stickers from the Memory Jar? Love it. So pretty. Can’t beat homemade, and under 3 bucks–or less!

Lastly, because it’s cute. The girl who wont stop growing no matter how much I tell her to knock it off..


Transformation Thursday @ Shabby Chic Cottage