Bedroom Switch-er-roo

Hello hello my friends! Where has the time gone?! Oh yeah.. speeding right along. Life is weird like that, isn’t it? Days are long.. years are short. I’m due for an update, but today isn’t the time.. I’d need about a day or two to type everything I want.. However, I appreciate every email, message, comment.. more than you’ll ever know. This little corner of the world is so special to me.. Group hug. {hugs} So much love in the room, can you feel it!?  So the second best thing would be a little bedroom inspiration right? Yes!


I’ve had the itch to switch up the bedroom a little bit lately and I think I’ve finally narrowed down what exactly it is that I want to do. Mostly add more color, some nice rich tones.. a little more whimsy, since you know I love me some whimsy in the house.. and I’m trying out putting the bed under the windows. It kind of drives me crazy since it’s not on the focal wall, but the first night I thought about moving it, and actually did it… I slept SO GOOD. I don’t know if it’s because it’s by the window..and our windows royally suck, so a nice breeze was coming through (ha) or just the change.. but home girl didn’t wake up once that night.


4520ce44634ba73160a07ff6bcc3d930 I saw this mood board on pinterest, which originally came from here.. and ohh.. the colors! The nice thing about just adding color is I can do it with pillows and throws, a rug and maybe sprinkle some more art. The room itself has good bones, the mirror from Pier 1 has the right vintage feel that I love and mixing it with the mixed metals from the headboard and lamps? I swoon. I do. I’m well aware it drives some people batty to have ORB and nickle and golds in the same room, but I just really dig the pulled together feel. Matchy matchy makes me twitch.



Back around Christmas I got these small mirrored nightstands from Target which will add a little sparkle, they’re not quite these guys but they’re similar.


And, I’m thinking of possibly purchasing this Hemnes ikea dresser to add more storage. I do love the tall dresser I currently have that was my great grandmothers but sometimes, you just need something new. It’s slimmer, so it would work nicely I think in the teeny tiny room against the wallpaper wall, under my big ol’ mirror. Maybe add some sparkly knobs to switch it up a bit. We’ll see.. :)


So– that’s whats going on in my head. Actually.. that’s about 2% of it, I really want to just go through the whole house and redo ALL…THE..THINGS.. But baby steps. It feels good to go through the whole house and give it a massive spring cleaning.. organizing.. and makeover. Feels good for the soul. :) Happy *almost* Friday peeps!

Minted Deals and steals!

I wanted to pop in on this lovely Sunday to let you lovely soon-to-be brides out there know about a special that Minted is running right now for Wedding Invitations! I’m the Maid of Honor in my cousins wedding in September so I’ve had weddings.. wedding planning and everything in between on my mind lately and when the people at minted asked if I wanted to share some specials with my readers.. it wasn’t too far away from whats been going on in my life lately that I said..SURE!

These were my favorite.. Since I’m a big fan of all thinks chalkboard it was an easy favorite.


This one, made me swoon! It screams simple summer shindig which I still wish we would have done. But I suppose we’ve always got next time.. (vow renewals..not next husband. ha!)


And a pretty bunting never hurt anybody.. I’ll just throw that out there.


Did you know there’s a code right now for 10% off all wedding orders! Ends tomorrow– Scoop it up! Also- don’t forget about their referral bonus!  For every friends order that ships you get $25.00 off YOUR next order! I’ve been using Minted for our invitations for quite some time and rack up quite the bonuses sharing it. I sure do love me some free loot! Brides sure do have a lot of invitations to send out so this could really help out in the budget area. :)


*This post sponsored by the fab people at Minted, however all thoughts and opinions are mine.

Basement Ideas

Since our house is on the market right now I’m reluctant to actually plan what I want to use the added space for. Back before we gutted the whole thing it was dark, damp, and thanks to thousands of spiders– really scary. I don’t want it to be scary! Plus I paid way too much money not only on the makeover but on spider control (Yes I said SPIDER CONTROL) to not enjoy the freakin’ thing!

Let’s be realistic, we’re in Michigan. The market isn’t great– and our neighborhood unfortunately was hit with a lot of foreclosures which bumped our house pretty low on the price tag spectrum. So, my brain is telling me we’ll be here probably for another year. Unfortunately.

But, it’s not up to me! What’s meant to be will be and if we’re going to be here for longer so be it. We have a roof over our heads and a cramped house but people live in much smaller homes, right? And, the extra space will help so so so much. Not to mention a second bathroom. HEAVEN.

I have dreams of it being an office. A place for me to work on the blog and my other job.

But, we’ve also talked about making it the playroom, in case we needed the other playroom for something else.. a nursery maybe? Hint Hint Jared.

We can’t use it for a bedroom because of housing codes, but it could be a nice family room perhaps? It’s small but I’m loving these small sectionals at world market! They look so comfortable and stylish at the same time. And, I’m fine with small cozy rooms with cushy sectionals. There’s no such thing as cramped when you have 4 people, two animals in a one bathroom 3 bedroom 1200 square foot house. ;) You embrace cozy.

I’m rambling.

Here’s some rooms I’ve found on Pinterest that I’m in love with!







I’d love to hear your thoughts! Remember, I’m working with a completely blank canvas! Super exciting! :) Make sure you check out my Basement Board on Pinterest for my latest inspiration

People Magazine Special Oscar Double Issue and a WINNER WINNER!

Ahh– it’s finally out!


And, I must say, even though my favorite Jennifer wasn’t on the cover– they picked a great other Jen to grace the cover of such a special magazine. :) She’s such a beauty!

I took that sucker home, sat down and enjoyed some fountain mountain (ha-ha) and a FEW chocolate goodies and got to readin’


Of course, when I flipped to the inside “Winning Moments” and saw Miss Lawrence in her GORGEOUS gown? I was so excited for her, she seems like such a sweet girl.

Besides the gowns, the make up and hair?! Get out of here. Gorgeous. I took a couple styles and added them to my inspiration files for fancy hair events. What? You don’t go to fancy hair events? ;)

Overall it was a great read. A lot of things to drool over, and I’m not just talking about the gents in tuxes. Jewels, make up, hair, dresses it’s basically a girls dream.

Reese Witherspoon looked flawless as always, and Amanda Seyfried? Gorgeous. Stunning!

I was also a big fan of the Oscar Memories article– love seeing celebs just be mommies and daddies. :) Makes my heart melt.

If you can’t tell– I loved it. :)

How about we talk about the WINNER from the 1st post?! Yes lets!

Dun dun dun– and the Oscar– gift card goes to..


Christa the BabbyMama

christa terry

Whoop whoop get it girl! She’s excited– can you tell?

For everyone else, there’s still a chance to win the sweepstakes going on!

Test your PEOPLE Trivia skills for a chance to win!
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This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and PEOPLE Magazine  but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #PEOPLEforOscars

People Magazine, and the Oscars {And, a Giveaway!}

It’s award season and you know what that means.


People watching!


All lovely things. ;)

My favorite thing about the Oscars is probably the red carpet, I “go” for the gowns, the hair, and the handsome men.

*Cough * Cough*

"The Place Beyond The Pines" Premiere - 2012 Toronto International Film Festival

Which is when PEOPLE Magazine Oscars Double Issue comes in place. It’s the perfect magazine for me when I’m trying to catch a glimpse of the Oscars, drooling and miss something because bedtime calls– Monday morning planning– and over-all “Mom Duties” that get in the way of the glitz and glam. So when Monday afternoon rolls around and I feel like I missed the whole thing, I can catch up in car line when I wait for the girls to get out of school. Please tell me you do this too? I swear it’s the only time I have some peace and quiet. ha!

It hits shelves on March 1st 2013 and will only be out until March 18th 2013– so you know I’ll be sure to get mine day one ;)

I want to be sure you get your copy too, so I’m hosting a giveaway for a $20.00 Target Gift Card to pick up your copy of PEOPLE Magazine Oscars Double Issue and still have some money left for some chocolate and pop. Or is that just my idea of a good time?

You know what else is a good time? PEOPLE Magazine is hosting sweepstakes to test your PEOPLE trivia for chances to win big!

So, as you can see there’s a lot of winning going on…

If you’d like to enter the $20.00 Target giveaway, leave a comment telling me which stars/celebs do you want to see on the cover of this year’s PEOPLE Magazine 2013 Oscars Double Issue Campaign.

Easy! I know which ones I want to see!

I’ll choose a winner March 3rd 2013 via :)


Good luck! And, may the odds be ever in your favor. ;)

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and PEOPLE Magazine  but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #PEOPLEforOscars”

Feature Yourself Friday

Hello, hello!

I hope you’re all as excited for the weekend as I am! I’ve been in such a good mood lately thanks to our decision, I can’t wait for weekends to come to get my blog content going– and get closer and closer to my “do it” date..Wait what? If you didn’t read the post I swear it has nothing to babies, or doing.. anything like that. Ha But, maybe I can convince Jared of that too.. No? Not quite.

Anyway– Now that it’s super awkward. Let’s look at some things I’m obsessed with right now.

My gorgeous friend Lindsay shared a post recently about layering. Big fan. Big, big fan.


Um, this staircase reveal?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Stunning.


And, don’t even get me started on this reading nook. Goodness! Beauty!



So, now it’s your turn– Share yo’ stuff.

(Oh, I almost forgot! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow at 9:00 am for a GIVEAWAY!)

DIY Lifestyle Magazine

I’ve got something kind of exciting.. (Okay, really exciting for this chick!) To share with you today :)

I was asked a few weeks ago if I would like to share a project in a new up and coming DIY mag made especially for IPads! Fun! They asked if I would share our DIY key holder and share I did! I wont lie, it was pretty cool seeing my picture up there.


Have an iPad and looking for some DIY inspiration? Check out the February issue of the “DIY Lifestyle” Magazine, for free! Many DIY projects contributed by talented bloggers (still pumped mine was included– they wanted a lil ol’ blogger like me?! haha) For your free trial download the magazine here: then click on subscribe and then current subscribers, enter in “1monthdiy” to get the current issue for free; and do it soon because the coupon is only valid until February 28th. Enjoy!

New Years Resolutions

Happy Last Day of 2012!

I’m one of those people..It’s true. I make the lists. The resolutions. The goals. Yup. I do, and I love every minute of it.

I thought I’d share some of my personal goals with you today, and maybe later on this afternoon if I can get the post together I’ll share my “homey” goals as well.

1.) Breath, and Just Live. I have a horrible tendency of letting my struggles become who I am. They aren’t. The fight inside, the perseverance,  the bright side. That’s who I need to focus on being. I can’t go back in time and do this, that, this or such and such and make the outcome better. The outcome is exactly how I wanted, why dwell on what I could have done to make it better. I have my family, my home and my health. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, right now. So knock it off, Rachelle.


2.) I miss staying at home with my children. There, I said it. I miss feeling like my home is clean, and making dinner and having TIME to blog..and create. I go to work when it’s dark out and I come home when it’s dark out. It’s making me a sad person. I know financially we can’t afford for me to stay home because it was a large trade off having Jared in town vs. me being at home all day. But gosh, it’s a goal. We have ideas, and we want to make it happen. Because you know, you only get one life.. and some how..some way, I’ll see my babies more.


3.) Let go, live a little. Stop stressing the small things. So the kids spilled something, or I lost one of my favorite $3.00 target special earrings. Life will go on. No need to stay up at night worrying about silly little inconveniences (However, I still do stay up at night missing my 1st wedding band set the girls played with secretly..and lost.. Sigh.. but it’s just a ring.. say it with me, it’s just a ring)  But, when the girls are acting act when we’re at home depot. I want to just smile and keep on, movin on. Because really, they’re dancing in the store. Who said you had to walk anyways? Everyone should break down and dance once and a while. Key to happiness people!


Besides those super cheesy, weepy ones.. :) I also would love to generally just be a happier version of me. Sometimes life really just gets me down and why? There’s so much beauty in just being able to wake up every day! Positive living, I’m working on it.

I also want to eat as clean, and healthy as I can. My body is definitely telling me things lately and I’m trying to listen. The other day, I was craving Brussels Sprouts like a crazy person. Why? I’ve NEVER had them in my life. But I couldn’t think about anything else. So off to the store I went. My body wants greens, it’s getting greens– ha!

And, no. I’m not pregnant.

But, can that be my N.Y.Resolution too? ;)

So tell me yours!

Guest Blogging

I’m over at this lovely lady’s blog tonight.


You should probably go check it out. I hear there’s a giveaway…. and a linky party.. And cupcakes!

Okay, there aren’t cupcakes. But you should still check it out.


Bedroom redo

Well, the votes are in. Bedroom it is! You bathroom ladies (hehe) had some good pointers. But overall the consensus was that the bedroom project would be next. I’m a little excited. I’ve been saving a bit here and there for this room remodel fluffing since I knew that the shock of finding out how much bedding and accessories can really cost, might hurt Mr. P’s brain. Let’s look at some inspiration to get me goin’.

Loving these bed frames. They’re far from bulky, so they’d work nicely in my teeny tiny room.

Creamy colored bedding.. mixed patterns.. planked walls. Goodness.

Baskets and painted furniture! Yum!

Hey, while we’re at it– a couple other mama’s are working on their bedrooms too! It’s like a party. Check out their inspiration posts too! Everyone has bedroom makeover fever! :)

photos: Country living & Pottery barn