Organizing Planet Barbie Land

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Home Depot & Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #AllAccessOrganizers”

So here’s the thing.. (Don’t you love it when posts start out with that.. I know I do.. haha) I’ve been stealing things from the playroom and putting them elsewhere.. Like the curtains (now in the dining room) The map (Now in the entry way) the rugs (Downstairs) Who would have thought? So we’ve been on the look out for a huge fluffy rug the girls like and some new curtains, but we also spent TWO DAYS and by we I mean me, cleaning out and organizing all their CRAP. Because that’s what it is. How two girls can accumulate 5 bags worth of trash in one tiny room I’ll never know, and the child who wont admit to having a liking for cutting up tiny tiny bits of paper and putting them in bowls to make soup– well.. I’ll find out who you are, woman.

Anyway, so they’re getting older– we took the kitchen out and they mostly play school, office, and barbies. Oh and makeup. But barbies is a HUGE deal for them. At my mother in laws house she has a room dedicated to it for them– barbie land. Well we tried to make our own barbie land here, with a GIANT house and approx 13,001 barbies. It was out of control. We didn’t have a basket or bin big enough for the barbies and they’d end up on the floor every day.



Christmas barbie was always judging..quietly.


Then when we found these handy things from the Home Depot I knew it would be perfect because the girls have little to no effort when it comes to putting them away!


My kids are lazy y’all. If it involves putting them neatly anywhere or having to be careful, it wont happen. This way– with the All Access Organizers from Rubbermaid they shove them in since they still open from the front when stacked unlike a lot of totes that you open from the top (but don’t worry they do that too! Magical.) I don’t step on a barbie shoe and we’re all happy. Even Christmas Barbie.


I bought 4 bins total, these two smaller ones, which I think are still plenty big enough and two bigger ones for their bedroom, I thought that it would be perfect for uniform clothes in the fall– since they stack so neatly they’ll both be able to get to their OWN pants/skirts/shorts/skorts with ease and we should have a lot less fighting and whining at 7:00 am. Can I get a hallelujah? But that in itself will be a job going through the never ending amount of uniforms.. Thank the lord we still have a month left!

If you’re out and about at Home Depot I highly suggest checking these Rubbermaid products out. They’re super affordable and they’ve made our lives MUCH easier. And, I think they might be sparking a complete room overhaul… you’ll just have to wait and see ;) I think the organizing is getting to my head.. watch out people. This is only the beginning ;)




It’s been pretty freakin’ rainy here in Michigan for the past few weeks. So, instead of spending weekends at the pumpkin patch like we kept planning on doing…

We’ve been napping. Coloring. Watching endless episodes of Sons of Anarchy (Me! Not the children, don’t call CPS quite yet.) and..making rainbows. :)

The playroom needed a little happiness so a pack of paper (only one page of each color made the whole thing!) and a little glue and bam, major happiness.

Did you notice the change on the gallery wall? I put the gift Kristi sent me from her shop Barn Owl Primitives and a 2.00 button I bought at Hob Lob a while back.. Oh, and that frame next to it? I saw a tutorial on Pinterest and HAD to go for it. ;) So cute.

I still want to strip the paint off the desk there (I did it in a moment of confusion, I blame it on little sleep– I really hate that I did that to the beautiful wood. Don’t hate me) and add a string of lights per request of the little ladies. I’m also thinking of taking out the kitchen since they don’t play with it and replacing it with a tent perhaps?

Playroom Art

It all started with this left over board.

I used the other half of it to create a little birthday gift for my Mother in law.. But, that’s not what this post is about.


This one is about some easy, peasy art. Simple.

I have these maps that I added to the girls playroom not too long ago, and they were way too small for the room so I needed a little something to add some oomph to the wall.

I also didn’t want it to take me more than 10 mintues.

Board.. Plus paint. Plus a fun quote.

Done and done.

This wall screams possibilities I think. :) Which is just what I want to encourage.

Pinterest Challenge

I did it y’all. I finished <i>SOMETHING</i> that I pinned. Finally.

If you’ve been here a while you might have noticed a change in me lately. Throwing more color into the house. Adding more handmade items. These times, they’re a changin’ aren’t they? Anyway, I wanted to make something FUN something BIG and something that screamed SUMMER.

Just in time to finally make something from pinterest, instead of just pinning.. I’d try actually finishing a project.


Meet..Surf & Turf.


Nothing says “Summer is all up in your face” like a giant dead lobster right? I think so. I hung that sucker right up in our dining room where he belongs. Perched on the wall where you can clearly see our favorite Summer photos tacked up to the fridge & our out of date Jones Design Company Calender. Am I the only one who is so bad about changing the calender? Seriously once I realize it’s time to change, the month is half over.


Back to the painting. I saw this beaut on Pinterest one day and wanted it. Badly. More so I wanted to make it myself rather than buy it.


I just used a cheap piece of MDF from Home depot and went to town. I think it should probably be aged a bit more with some stain and I thought about using a crackle method on it but seriously the fact that it’s this finished is a big accomplishment in my book. ;)

It wasn’t really rocket science, or anything that deserves a full tutorial. I just eye-balled it with a pencil and then went to town with plain jane acrylic paint. It’s far from perfect, and that’s okay. Not much is in this house. Imperfections are welcomed!

Big thanks to Sherry, Katie and the gang for really kicking me in the butt to finish something instead of just drooling over everything I see on Pinterest like usual. :)


2012 Resolutions

Okay.. I’ll admit it, I love them. I love the idea that I can start FRESH. Kind of like when I say I’m going to start working out but it can’t be on any day other than a Monday. New week. New year. You get the drift. New beginnings, and I enjoy them. Mucho.

A few things I want to work on this year..

Quit looking for perfection in my marriage. It wont happen. We can’t erase the past, nor is it a romance movie where he’ll sweep in and say all the right things and I’ll feel that twinge in my stomach, with a twinkle in my eye and know every things better. Nope. Nada.

We’ll still have fights.. Will they lead to divorce? Lord help me I hope not, but it’s NORMAL to fight. I don’t have to stay awake after every fight worrying that this one was the one that broke the camels back, we should have just agreed on where to have dinner damn it. 


Breathe Rachelle. LIVE. Stop worrying. Be happy. Quit being so concerned with the idea that he might not be happy. You make him happy, shut your head up.

Be a Yes Mom. Sometimes I think I’m the cranky Mom who doesn’t want to do anything. I’m also not really a “play” Mom. I love to take the girls to lunch dates, or movie dates, or shopping. We snuggle all the time or color but I don’t really…. play and I always feel like I’m scarring them for life by not rolling on the floor playing barbies.

I mean, I’m probably not scarring them, but I want them to grow up and have memories of me being fun, loving and a part (Not to be confused with APART.. Thankyouverymuch) of things.

Not remembering me working on something while they played in the playroom. I want to be in their memories. All of them.


Be in photos.
LOL this one sounds so superficial, doesn’t it? I’m always behind the camera. I say to Mr. Fingerprints all the time, “What if I were to die. You wouldn’t even remember what I looked like!” I’m trying to be better. Say, “hey! Take a picture of us.” But I feel so lame doing it. Stop it Rachelle.. Quiet that head up again! ;)

Be happy with my body. This also means taking care of it. Sure I want to lose 20 more pounds but if I don’t that’s okay. I’ve been working hard as a mother trucker to lose my baby weight.. (Ha, the baby who is almost…Four. Gulp) But my body will NEVER be pre-baby. It’s okay. Learn to live with it, learn to like it. I should probably quit messing with my hair too because it’s a hot mess and can’t afford any more fried ends or patches from it falling out all the time. ;)

Be a happy person. Be a good friend. Be content. Be the sunshine in someone’s life. Be the blog that people feel good after they read. Be the best me that I can be.
Because I only get one shot at this lil’ thing called life. I fully intend to rock it this year.

What about you? Do you have any new years resolutions that you’re going to work on this year?! Share with us! 

Sharing over at Amandas! 

Best of 2011

It’s time to wrap up 2011 and take a look at the highlights of the year.. 

One project that we got done this year that I’m super excited about is the…

It was slow and steady that’s for sure but I’m so happy that it’s done and is a nice comfortable room for the girls to play in. Tons of details here, and here.
We did a little magic to the hallway, and even though it’s 6 or 7 feet of space that usually gets unnoticed I love the new closet doors we built.

Definitely better than they were. Plus the white is so fresh and pretty compared to the black.  

I did a quick face lift to the bathroom with some fabric art.

Put a Bird on it. 

Worked on the kitchen a little bit by adding a Chalkboard wall, Kitchen shelves, beadboard backsplash, and some bun feet.

Had some fun in the mantel department

Some favorites..
‘Twas quite the year. I hope you have fun browsing the links and going through the memories with me. :)

And, of course it wouldn’t be possible to run this place alone, and thanks to my ah-mazing sponsors this year.

Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart.. Thank you!

And, of course there would be NO blog without the love and support from you lovely ladies. Every reader..subscriber..every one of you. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know. Through your encouragement as I fluff my home, mother my children and learn how to make this thing called marriage work. You’re my cheerleaders and there isn’t anything quite like real friends is there? Even if you friends are thousands of miles away. I’m honored to call you friends.

Group hug.

This year was pretty tough for some of us, so I’m praying for us all to have one hell of a 2012. Can I get an Amen?

Love. Just love.

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Home-made Christmas gifts

We’re a few days away from the (suggested..Psh! I’ve been rocking Christmas scents and music for a while now) kick off to the holiday season so it’s time to think about gifts! And, what better gift is one that’s hand made..with love.

The first one I want to share is a fun little memo board that I saw floating around on Pinterest. I don’t have any ornate vintage frames but I do have a Wal*mart and they’re cheap. 4.00 cheap. Yes, please.

I bought some yummy spray paint colors but I actually ended up liking this one the way it was. Since, it’s for my kitchen and all. I used brown painter paper from Home Depot for inside the frame. I really dig brown and black together, classic and neutral but you could do anything inside these! Scrapbook paper, fabric, a photo, the possibilities are endless. That’s the beauty of this.

I bought the paper for our Thanksgiving tablescape so technically it wasn’t in the total cost of this project but if you want to add it to it, it was 10.00 for a HUGE roll. Awesome for coloring at the table for kids, seriously.

I wanted to use magnets but, let me tell you about these suckers.

They were a dollar something at Wal*mart and to put it bluntly they suck. I put about 100 of them on the back of the frame and they still didn’t hold it up. Boo! I could have went to Michaels and used the heavy duty ones, because I have before for other projects and they do rock the socks, but.. I didn’t want to waste the gas driving there. Hello, I’m Rachelle and cheap.

Next best thing, these velcro command strips. I can’t rave enough about these things! I used them in the playroom makeover to hold up all the girls art on the walls and they’re still going strong. If you’re giving these away for gifts you could buy a pack of these and just put two on the back and leave the paper on the strips so they don’t lose their sticky, and it’s great because of the velcro you can still take it off the fridge to write on.

Which leads me to my next point, I’d wrap up a sharpie with the gift. Get a pack of 6 or whatever they come in for 5 bucks and tie it with a ribbon, instant cute! Bonus is with using a sharpie rather than a dry erase marker, if you bump it while you’re writing on it, it doesn’t come off but, it does come off clean with windex or a baby wipe if you’re like me and always have them in the house for messy faces and what not. Love those things!

So there you go.

This was a pain in the butt to photograph because of the glare but you get the gist. Super cute, super cheap and everyone would use it. If you wanted to go up one notch you could always order some cute vinyl and put the families last name on it, or something equally as cute like “Meal planning..Calender..To Do” Like I said.. Possibilities? Endless!

I’ll be back all week sharing fun handmade gift ideas, woohoo! See you tomorrow!

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Pick Fair Designs Giveaway

  *Giveaway now closed*

Pick Fair Designs Woo hoo! 

Their pillows are rockin’ out in our playroom as we speak. Such fun designs, lemme tell ya. 
Sure you could go to a big box store and buy pillows that everyone else has
*cough cough*
Target..Pottery Barn..Etc.

But, why not get some that no one else has that someone made with their own hands sewing machine. I know, much more personal. Means more. Feels better. 
Trust me.

Oh, and they have tons o’ other fun stuff too! Love these straws and baggies. 
Today they’re offering up the Green and White Polka Dot indoor outdoor Pillow
Want to know how you can win? Let me tell you the ways! 
These are all optional, you can do one or you can do all of them just be sure to leave separate comments letting me know each time so it’s easier for to choose a winner! 
 1.) Leave a comment, any comment! 
2.) Check out Pick Fair and let me know what your favorite item is (Besides the pillow you’re planning on winning, duh.)
3.) Ice Cream flavor, what tickles your fancy?
Did you miss the last one? Urban Frontiers
Next up..Sugar and Dots!

Easy Canvas Prints

When I was in the midst of the playroom redo I was contacted by a lovely lady from Easy Canvas Prints asking if I’d like to have a canvas made. 

Canvas Prints

1.) Duh, I would.
2.) Hello PERFECT addition to the playroom, for reals.
First off the ordering was about as easy as you can get.
Pick your size, up to 30×40 (Holy huge canvas batman!) 
Pick your wrap, Standard or Gallery 
Choose your picture
Bam. Done. 
The shipping was seriously fast, I think it was about a week if that until it was on my doorstep. And, the packaging was awesome there was no chance of bending or being ruined in that sucker.

I got the gallery wrap so it’s nice and thick, I also got it in a 12×18. Perfect size for the space.

I love that it anchors the photowall. It’s definitely the first thing you notice, maybe because we’re such a good lookin’ family, maybe because it’s such an awesome canvas, I don’t know. ;)
But, I do know that I love it and I love the impact it makes on the playroom. So even when the rest of the room looks like this..

The photo wall still looks good.

Right now they’re running an awesome special for free shipping (in the U.S) and you get a free 8×10 with any purchase over 60.00! Check it out buddies! A great and affordable idea for a Mother’s Day gift, Birthday, Father’s Day, or just to add a little canvas spice to your life.
I was asked to do an honest review in exchange for a free photo canvas. But all the positive love is just because they rock. I don’t lie, yo.

Playroom follow up answers.

Whew, thank you all SO much for the playroom love yesterday! Ah, you all rock. I was so nervous about making it just right that I forgot to just “let it be”.

I got a few emails and comments regarding some items in the room. :) Here’s the answers :)

1. The L-O-N cards are held up by the 2.00 sticky putty that came with them. They fall off every day. I know, shucks. Maybe I didn’t put enough on them, or the textured walls? Oh well, soon I’ll change it to double sided tape or something. I used velcro on the READ letters and they’re holding up FANTASTICALLY.

2. The curtain fabric is from Hawthorne Threads. Love them, I also bought the girls bedroom fabric from them. Very very very fast service.

3. Nope, it’s not always this clean haha. The big toys are hidden in the closet behind the shoe shelves faux built ins.

4. Yes the gumball machine is usually on the stand, but for the pictures I wanted it in here. Velcro remember? But, a reader informed me that JCPenney has stands! Holy cow.. I want one, because well.. then it’s real metal and not wood..not to mention fan-cy! But we’ll see. They’re 20.00 or so I believe.

5. The blue-tealish frame next to the lamp is from Target, they have a ton o’ colors and I love them.

I think that’s about it! If there’s any other questions I’ll just add the answers to this post, so check back if you still have one. :)

Happy Hump Day!