Board and Batten entry way all mapped out.

Whoa look who finally decided to show up to her own blog. ;) Summer has officially taken over, I suppose. But I thought I’d stop by and share something I finally did complete!


Ever since I saw this pin, which lead me to this blog post I was in heaven! It’s just the right about of quirk and whimsy that I’ve been looking for as I bring more color into the house, without it being too trendy.. Are maps trendy? They’ve been around quite a bit so lets go with classic. Maybe a little trendy to put them on the walls but we wont think to hard about that. If you love it, throw it on the wall I say.



Melissa used tacks to keep hers up, I couldn’t do that thanks to our plaster walls which crumble at the sight of anything sharp, so I did the next best thing and just hot glued them. The best part about hot glue is when you’re done with it it (usually, knock on wood) pops right off. The only downside to this is I couldn’t get the maps quite as tight as I’d like, but a little double sided tape should help that, if I get my lazy butt to fix it that is. Contentment is good for everyone, I also say. ;)



I used maps we already had, which is why you’ll see a lot of Michigan maps (Thanks Mom!) and an Alaska one, which made me laugh since my step dad clearly circled a town and wrote “lunch” next to it. Priorities. We have them people! It would have helped laying flat if I actually used new maps we wouldn’t have the creases and folds and imperfections but that’s what happens when you’re on a spending freeze like this little chick is. Saving myself, from myself.



Okay, enough talking– you get the point. Maps.. walls.. glue.. Go!


*Because I feel the need to point it out, the zebra print needs to go, I’m aware.



The perfect Margarita {Chalk Art}

It was time to change the chalkboard again.. and since things are getting pretty colorful.. I went with something a little more fun. I found this print on pinterest from this shop and I really wanted to do that, but I mean, I didn’t want to be a full on copy cat.. so I just dabbled in the copycatness and made my own version. Her’s is so much better and I’d buy ALL of them if I could!  And, truth be told I’ve never made my own margarita so this could be completely false and for that I apologize. Let us pretend that it really is though! So guests can say, wow.. she’s rad writing about alcohol on her walls..for her children to see. She must be mother of the year.

If only you knew.

Less talking, more pictures. And go!



*Please note we swapped out backpacks for swimsuits this week! Yeehaww!*



If you’re over the whole chalkboard walls trend I’m sorry you had to endure this. I’m still a big fan, and I’m not a dust hater so it works well in our house. :) As for the summer list that looks like it’s already checked off– those are from last year. Lazy lady here hasn’t even done 2013′s. Oy!

DIY Lifestyle Magazine

I’ve got something kind of exciting.. (Okay, really exciting for this chick!) To share with you today :)

I was asked a few weeks ago if I would like to share a project in a new up and coming DIY mag made especially for IPads! Fun! They asked if I would share our DIY key holder and share I did! I wont lie, it was pretty cool seeing my picture up there.


Have an iPad and looking for some DIY inspiration? Check out the February issue of the “DIY Lifestyle” Magazine, for free! Many DIY projects contributed by talented bloggers (still pumped mine was included– they wanted a lil ol’ blogger like me?! haha) For your free trial download the magazine here: then click on subscribe and then current subscribers, enter in “1monthdiy” to get the current issue for free; and do it soon because the coupon is only valid until February 28th. Enjoy!

Entryway Orginization

Remember way back when we spruced up our entryway? And, it looked pretty and had lovely baskets and hooks and pillows and you just want to hug it? Yeah that one. Well… let’s talk about that for a minute.

Anyone who lives in a cold area knows that once cold weather hits closets..entryways.. they basically fill to the brim with big ol’ coats and too much, well junk. It drives me insane when it just so happens that the backpacks go on the hooks first, then one million coats to follow. Which, causes an avalanche the following day and a mom cussing the whole system, walking out the door.

Quietly ;)

Rinse and repeat.

So I needed a new approach to the backpacks. We live in a smaller house, no coat closets so what you see is what you get. Which I guess can be a good thing, if I actually had room to hoard hide things, I probably would have my own Monica Closet.

I found a few inches behind the door that just so happen to fit the backpacks perfectly! I know it’s sad to get so excited over spaces to fit backpacks but, c’mon after months of backpack hassle I think I found the golden ticket.

Wait it gets better.

We had some hooks left over from the previous owner {free!} and spray paint we used for another project {free!}

Do you get where I’m going here? Free. A scoop of happiness in making mornings easier for fa-ree. And, so it was.

I know the corkboard is quite the mess right now but it makes me smile. Schedules, pictures, happy creative kids. Plus this one makes me laugh every time.

Mary had a little jam

How about you? Any small living tips you’d like to share to keep you sane in the brain?

If you want to see how we got from start to finish.. Check em out!

Joining Thrifty and her wild foyer, entryway, mudroom party. :) I can never resist a party.

Thrifty Decor Chick

Board and Batten Entry way..Summerfied.

Er.. Springified? Maybe I just skipped spring and jumped to Summer. That could be true.

Either way, it’s board and batten with a fresh coat of paint (I know, why would anyone WILLINGLY paint board and batten again..Well, entry ways in the Michigan winter and muddy spring equals lots o’ mess and I do love a fresh coat of paint….) Plus we painted the walls a new color. However I feel like it’s when you color your hair and it totally looks different to you but no one notices. Yeah, but I notice and I love it.

I think the walls used to be bamboo or Indian painting. They ring a bell for me but I could never find the can to double check, or I could be crazy and making those up. Either or.

Now, though…they’re Sandstone Cove from HD. :) La-la love it! It’s such a fresh color. I had quite the time trying to find a neutral beige/greige color without it being too green or too pink. This fits the bill. However in some lights it does cast a green hue but, not as much as Rice Grain which was another contender.

That’s a lot of paint info for you, and that wasn’t even the point of this post. Geesh Rachelle stay on track.

What I did do, is get some new pillows! Whoopwhoop! They’re outdoor pillows, which I love because I’m not freaking out about them getting dirty or being left on the floor to get peed on because they’re new and then must get marked. What? Your 6 year old dog doesn’t pee on EVERYTHING if you don’t keep on eye on him or crated? Oh.. Right. Me either.

And, can you believe it? I went for another graphic print! I’m soo out of my comfort zone it’s ridiculous, but I like it.

I’m living on the edge here. 
But I paired it with a floral print. 
Phew, there we go. 
Calmed down again. 
I like how they have similar colors so they “go” but they aren’t the same. You get it, dont ya. 

Now, I don’t want to toot my own horn but I do believe there is a way to incorporate black, and brown together and it’s working wonders in here. Love the brown rug, the chalkboard paint, the cork and the walls. With a splash of green it all just flows. Don’t be scared to be wacky and use black and brown together, they’re neutrals for a reason, because they go with everything. Why can’t they go together? I think David Brom. taught me that, he’s on a lot at this house. He’s hubs favsie.

So that’s how I summerfied my entry way. Now if the weather would warm up and I could take out the MILLIONS of boots and winter shoes out of the bottom bins and fill it with flip flops my job would be complete. However, you just never know here. ;)

Want to see it throughout the years? Little changes people, we’ve done ‘em.

 (Notice the door is only primed..I know I know, only half superstar project getter doner.)

In super important other news, my friend and sponsor Denise is helping the victims from Alabama by donating all her proceeds from her instant download shop from now until May 5th. 
 So, if you sew, or know someone who is, or just because you want to help, check it out and buy something or two. I can only imagine the devastation going on down there right now and I’m in AWE of how our blogging community is coming together to do what we can to help. Gosh you guys are awesome, just awesome.

Gumball Machine Stand Tutorial

Holy guacamole ya’ll. This is a good one.

We’ve had this old gumball machine on the top of our cabinets for..well about three years now. I wanted a vintage theme up there but that got old fast so it just sat there, alone. Wanting me to fix it up and make it gorgeous. So, this weekend I did.

The moment I saw Lindsay’s gumball machine (filled with goldfish {squeal}) I knew I wanted mine on a stand. But how!?

Case in point. Lowes.

I purchased a single banister rod (At least I think that’s what you call it.. That’s what I call it.) and some small corbels. I also took a crappy cell phone pic. Hey, it is what it is.

I spray painted that sucker and glued the corbels to the bottom using wood glue because it’s what I had on hand. I would have liked to use screws but mine were all too long and they would have hit each other. Oh well. My kids may or may not swing from this so we’ll see how the glue holds up I guess. It wasn’t too expensive so I wouldn’t be super mad if I had to make it again. Once the glue dried I added another coat of paint to the whole thing.

This is when it gets tricky. I bought the round piece of wood from Hobby Lobby to sit the gumball machine on but I wasn’t sure how I would make it stay, kids can be crazy ya know. I didn’t want it to be permanent in case I ever got a wild hair to not have it on a stand. But I didn’t want to just sit it on it knowing full well someone would bump it and boom..crash..cry. So, I opted for heavy duty velcro.

This way it’s good for now, but I always have the option to get it off if I need to. And, better yet. I can get to all the money I’m gonna make from this money maker in our entry way. Cha-ching.

I also thought it looked a little too…new. So I scuffed it up with some distressing ink.

Yes, that’s still that one chip of paint that is hanging in there. For all the “get a mani”, commenters. I know. I’m lazy, true story.

 LOVE. I filled it with Gobstoppers because they’re amazing and I hate gum with a passion. 

I think it’s a little tall though, so I’m gonna chop some off. Er.. have my Father do so when he brings his saw over. I don’t want to risk any un-evenness with my box saw. :) Not a good time. But, all in all.. I think it’s freaking cool as heck.

100000 Points to the person who noticed I painted the entry way again this weekend. Yeah, it’s subtle I suppose but I can totally see a difference. Now onto the trim again (hello, black spillage there) and the ceiling and this room will be done. and done. 

There’s a few ladies I’ll be partying with :)

Entry way switcheroo

Remember the entryway that received a complete overhaul? 


Well it got a little sprucing up for the arrival of summer, or apparently around these parts– Tornado and storm season. Grr. Anyway I needed some brightness in my life. It started with this rug, which matched perfectly to this banner I made.

Then I couldn’t be stopped. 

I swapped my home-made tacks (which I still love) for these huge tacks– (Because we like things supersized around here) from Wal*mart for 3.00ish dollars. If anything under 20.00 is justifiable, then 3.00 is practically free. At least, that’s what I tell my husband. ;)

If I have a new rug, I need a new accent pillow, right? Sure. So I scooped up the matching towel to my rug and voila! Some super cute and water resistant pillows!

What I  love the most about them is the girls can snatch them up on their way outside when they go play and need something soft to lay on. I wont worry about it getting wet and the color bleeding. Yup, genius I’d say.

My baskets got a tiny overhaul too. How? Easy, I just erased the tags and gave them the proper fillin’ for summer.

We don’t need hats and gloves so I opted for
Quick and easy for when we’re on the go. Love the last minute trips to our favorite great lake.
2.) Sun
Does anyone else ALWAYS lose their sunglasses? Is it just me?
3.) Beach
More or less because it looked cute, but just like the SPF it’s nice to know where there’s a towel–quick.

Love the little changes that help me soak up my summer.

Making it pretty

Yes, I’m well aware that most cork boards function by being the message center, idea center, memo board. But who says they can’t be PRETTY? When I pictured my giant cork board for the entry way I knew a few lovely things would end up on it that I just didn’t want to forget about, like an upcoming wedding. Miss Lindsay might be upset if Mr. P forgets to stand up behind her fiancee` huh? That was a close one.

So see? One vital piece of information has made it to the cork board. Everything else is just pure bliss. Wanna see?
First up, a lover-ly photo, in a frame hung by a tack. What’s so amazing about this picture? Well it’s the beach and my husband doing what he does best, playing with my favorite youngest daughter. At first, I’ll be honest I thought they were both my kids when come to find out after close inspection– the other child doesn’t belong to me. Opps! I put it in a dollar store frame, with tacks hot glued to the back. Hello lover.

Next up, my “practice a zig zag on the sewing machine” mini pendant banner. LOVE IT. Like, hard core love it. I had the tiniest bit of that pretty turquoise fabric left and made 3 little flags with it and 4 burlap flags. Then tried my hardest to make a straight zig zag on some brown ribbon. Don’t look at how many times I messed up. It’s bad. I’m learning okay? ;)

Then, I had to jazz up some tacks. To do this I simply hot glued them to some sea shells that I lovingly stole from LB1. Beachy and beautiful!

Remember those “Family” plaques that were all the rage during Christmas 2 years ago? Well I had a bunch of “Blessed” ones packed away and decided to get one out and spring it up. What was a yellowish crackle is now a turquoise messy yellow crackle.


But really I smeared some paint on and wiped it off. It was that simple! It looks old and beat up and messy and beautiful. Remember Nester’s mantra! To add a little kick to it I tied some ribbon in knots around the handle. The message isn’t to bad either. We are very blessed. :)
I’m sure more treasures will find its way to the big ol’ board. But for now it’s working and it’s lovely to me. It might not make sense to everyone, but hey– they don’t live here!

Happy weekend!


Entry way part….17.5 million

How far along are we now? Second trimester? :) Really it’s taken about two three weeks but I think it’s pretty much done. I’ll let you see for yourself. Let’s have a mini recap shall we?
I’ve linked all the stages separately be sure to check them out for the how-to’s! :)
Start..drab..boring..orthopedic looking waitress shoes..

Something cozy welcome us home, we’re done!
Let’s see that before and After again

I’d still like a fabulous door to walk into the kitchen with, but that takes time and money. Both of which I don’t have right now. :) But I adore my new entry way. I did it myself (besides some saw help from B.D) Surprised husband with my talents, and gave the girls a place where they can forget to put their snow gear. I love it.

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Little addition

I was overjoyed to have this little addition pop up out of no where. Well, teqnically it wasn’t out of no where. It was tucked nicely in one of the end caps at Target. 50% OFF!

Um, what addition did you think I was talking about? :)

I love it! So beachy, and bright! Reminds me how much I miss summer! Hurry up and leave winter- shoo!

I may still find another pillow for here, I had something in mind and I’m not sure if I’m ready to give it up. But I do enjoy the blue and red combo! Like red checkered picnic blankets and blue skies! I can almost taste the lemonade, smell the hot dogs on the grill and hear the fireworks!

Just what I needed during this late February Michigan snow storm we’re in the middle of! :)