5 Minute Shelf

January tends to do something to me. It makes me want to ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS! Organize the cups in the cabinet? Yup. Organize my underwear? Maybe. Organize the craft buttons by color, size and use? No. But now that you mention it..

I’ve talked about our closet before. I mean, it’s silly. How many times can one person really talk about a closet on the internet and hope people care enough to listen? Three apparently.

So you know I just basically added some nails for my necklaces and I had a rolling cart in there for clutches and something weird happened? The clutches always ended up on the floor and it turned into three junk drawers. That’s something I learned about myself. Give me a drawer and I’ll take a mile. Wait what?


But seriously, I didn’t utilize the rolling cart like I originally intended and it was wasting valuable space in our super tiny closet. It was a pretty big pain to squeeze by it everyday to get to my clothes. #firstworldproblems perhaps? Okay, lame hash tag insert, I know. I’m embarrassed myself.

So for something this easy you just need a piece of wood, the straighter the better. Since it’s going to be a shelf you want it to be level. You’ll also need some L brackets, screws and painters tape.


I painted my shelf with some leftover samples that we keep around the house for emergencies like this, and some fun bubble design I felt it needed last minute. Thanks to a gold Sharpie and a glass jar it was easy as heck. It looks a little yellow and gross in the next few photos but I assure you it’s the prettiest grey blue with bronze bubbles you ever did see.


Then comes the hangin’– this can be REALLY easy, I promise you. Take a piece of painters tape and your little level. Once you tape it on the wall and make sure the TAPE is level, you just attach the brackets to the wall and boom, bang pow. You’ve got yourself some level brackets.. Which means, your shelf will be level. See? Couldn’t be easier. It literally takes minutes. And, since you’re going to use paint samples which are flat paints, they also dry super fast. Did I mention this is the easiest tutorial ever? Yes. It is. Fast and easy.



That’s what she said.

Just kidding. How gross. ;)

So then you set your shelf on the brackets and screw them in to the shelf underneath. See!? Done. Add your pretties and you’re ready to go.


Confession, I have a perfume hoarding problem. I’m taking the possible steps to get rid of a few, but it’s hard to say goodbye.


The cutest little love bunnies you ever did see. Good job Hubby, good job!



So much more room! For bras! Not really, but Jami said it’s better to hang them so hang them I shall. I listen to her like that. Also, not pictured a perfect little magazine basket that is now housing my shoes. I guess most girls wouldn’t want to throw their heels in a basket but my stock doesn’t really go into shoes.. More like.. Perfume, and power tools.  ;)



So all in all.. Little closets, we’re making it work people!

To do in 2011

You may recall that last year I did a nice little project list that I wanted to complete in 2010, I’m happy to say most of it was completed, or at least started. Ha.

This year the list has a few new things, some a little annoying for my husband who thinks it’s “Fine now the way it is” and some that will only help if and when we decide to put the house back on the market. Shocker I know but my family isn’t getting any smaller and this house isn’t getting any bigger. :)

1.) Paint the kitchen, add trim to the top of the cabinets and fancy up a backsplash I can live with.

The kitchen right now is fine. It’s true, it was an AMAZING budget kitchen that still blows my mind that we could complete it with the funds we had. But it’s lacking in personal touches, and I’m sick of the yellow.

2.) Re-paint the hallways, entryway etc. and patch the hallway trim. 

Our hallway is only 6ish feet long. It’s the tiniest hallway you’ll ever see but it has a serious issue. One that is laughable, and you’ll probably stop reading this blog once you realize that we’ve ghetto-fied our house for so long. But this trim is hard to come by! The previous owners (or maybe the ones before that since Mr. Before us, only lived here a year) left it this way for us and we didn’t notice until we went to paint and clean the vent. *Sigh* awesome.

Yeah, they just put a hole in the wall for a vent and set the vent on, no.. Not screwed in.
The dust is all my fault, can’t blame them for that though.
This just got awkward.

I also would like to re-paint the black built in cabinet and add something special to the space I can’t wait to show you! 

3.) Finish the girls room/playroom.
We got a big chunk done by painting both rooms one weekend, but we left the ceiling untouched since I have a little trick up my sleeve I’d like to try. Which also includes buying curtains, bedding, and furniture for the playroom. But I already have one piece I’m happy to say has a home thanks to the playroom now. 
4.) Electrical, it’s pretty janky. 
I’m embarrassed to say that we’ve let it go so long. When we first purchased the house we didn’t have an inspection done. *Stoooopid* I know. But we were 19, poor and competing with another couple who wanted the house because of course this was before there was a house every corner for sale. And, the owner said he wouldn’t pay for any other fixings that needed to be done. Thankfully he paid for the Radon pipe as it was wayyy too high in levels of gas. Whew. But the electrical has given us an uneasy feeling for some time now and instead of going into debt trying to fix it, we can know tackle her and get ‘er done. Yeah I know I hate that saying too. 
5.) Basement.
This is our last one, and will only do if we don’t sell. If you remember my video then you’ll know ther’es just way too much down there to fix and make it affordable. Enough said. It’s a last and final option for gaining more space for us to live here. :)

I’m Baaack.

Whew! Sorry about the interrupted service there friends! I had a few things in my non-blogging life that had to be attended to. But, good news is– 1.) I’m back. 2.) We’re still friends, right?

If you’ve been around a while you may remember my top 5 list for things to-do in the house for 2010. Let’s rehash that shall we?

1.) Entry way
2.) The little girls’ rooms.
3.) Bathroom touch ups.
4.) Bedroom
5.) Dining room sprucing.

Want to see what that list looks like flash forward to August 10 2010? Yup. You do!

1.) Entry way

2.) Little girls’ rooms.
3.) Bathroom touch ups.

4.) Bedroom

5.) Dining room sprucing

So close I can taste it! Can I be honest with you right now? I loathe having my house on the market. It’s just sitting there, I can’t start any projects that can’t be finished by the next day because of showings. I can’t add anything that I might love because someone else might not love it as much (what? weird.) I’m bored. BORED. I tell you. Mr. Fingerprints and I have discussed what we’ll do if the house doesn’t sell by the end of our contract which includes a total basement re-do to make things easier for us to deal with. But what about now? Most of my crafty pants items were packed away during my de-clutter stage for showings and open houses and now I’m bored. Not living up to my potential. :) So.. I’m going to go ahead with the dining room and see what happens. Then maybe the girls rooms and see if anyone notices. ;-)

There I got it off my chest. Let’s all cross our fingers that Mr. Fingerprints doesn’t read this and give me the look. Yeah you know, that one.