DIY Valentines Art

Remember the piece of art in the corner of yesterdays photo?


Well that just so happens to be Jared’s Valentines Day gift I whipped up the other day for $1.79.

Seriously it’s so easy. You’ll thank me later!

First, the story behind it, is kind of silly and sickeningly sweet.

It’s the coordinates to our high school math class– I know I know. Roll those eyes baby!

But, that’s where we met and I have a soft spot for that place. So, I did what any sane person would do and message their old highschool teacher on facebook and casually ask her to 1.) Install a latitude/longitude app on their phone and go stand in the math room and write down the coordinates. Like that’s asking too much? Ha! Okay sometimes my crazy takes over and runs wild, what can I say.

If you don’t have access to the app or what to do it the (easy) way which I didn’t know about till after– whoops. Check this website out and put in your address. So easy! I promised, didn’t I?

But she said yes.. Yay! And I took those numbers and used Picmonkey to type them up with a chalkboard background.


You can’t really see the detail of the background but it’s got a hazy chalk look, the font I used was Chelsea Market and you can google chalkboard backgrounds and come up with a million different types and save them. That’s probably illegal. Pretend I didn’t encourage that.


I could have printed them but, devil cat chewed up that cord– so I sent it to walmart and an hour later, I had ye old print in 5×7 form. And, I couldn’t be happier. Jared couldn’t either!

Valentines Mantel {2013}

I did a little playing with the mantel this weekend.

Just in time for Valentines Day. Clearly I was not on the lovey dovey holiday ball this year. But, it’s still fun to add some pink to the house. I wanted a touch of industrial if I could so Jared helped me make this arrow– which I’ll show in another post.


C for Cupid!


Ombre “art” if you can call it that. More like cut up strips of paper and taped inside a frame. But secretly.. I love it.


The arrow needs to be sanded down, I tried the salt trick and well.. the salt is being a whiny little brat and wont come off– Some way some how, it will look like rust if it kills me. Which it might.

Anyway, this mantel was completely free. Everything I already had and it felt really nice.


Like that little piece in the frame there? Come back tomorrow for the deets on that, it’s so romantic it’s sick.


If you want to see pictures of Valentines pasts check these out!

Valentines Day goodies.

Happy Valentines Day! 
I hope you’re indulging in chocolate and hugging on your sweeties today. 
But, just in case you need a few more quick and fun ideas to make the day extra special I’ve compiled a little list for you! 
Adorable hair style for your little cupcake
If you want to go for a more Valentines-night-in-approach. 
Add some twinkle Christmas lights.. and a movie and this would be my perfect date, seriously. 
Perfect Valentines Nails
This is some serious sugar, but if it’s just for one day out of the year you could probably let it slide ;)
My kids would adore me if I made one of these for them to come home from school to. Love it. 
So there ya go! Some quick and easy ideas if you’re a slacker like me and haven’t been stalking Pinterest since January. I pinky swear I’m going to be better about St. Patricks day… ;) Maybe. 

Valentines Day Mantel

My most favorite favorite mantel was last years Valentines Day Mantel. I just love it. I threw the aqua in on a whim and it just worked.

I’d totally do it again this year but I used the frames for our cheap bathroom art. ;) So.. Since I didn’t want to make the trip to Walmart today I thought I’d try something different.

Remember the sign that I made for Christmas? Well the fantastic thing about hot gluing letters to it meant that I could pop them off with no damage. Shhcore.

I actually painted this a while ago and then hung it up in our bedroom because I have a few things up my sleeve to show you in there but, I needed something lovey-dovey for February. There’s nothing wrong with stealing from one room to help another out. Nothing wrong with that, t’all.


So.. Ball jars, books and flowers. It’s not great.. Not my favorite. I might change it up a little bit some more but for now, it’s not an empty (faux) mantel above a giant box tv.

And, the best part?

When the rest of the room looks like this..

and this..

The mantel still looks like this..


Did you notice we painted? Again.

*Sigh* It’s a sickness, fresh paint just makes me happy.