Feature Yourself Friday

Friday Friday! Woohoo! Lord knows I need a weekend, badly. But I think I say that every day. :)

It’s been a minute or two since we’ve had a FYF so ‘Lets play a game called– look at the pretty pictures’ and then party.. Shall we? But first, I need to take a little survey..

1.) What browser do you read the blog on, if you open it up in a browser. If not, what means are you using to read the bloggy blog.

2.) Would you say, the blog is slow–or fast?

3.) If I had to truncate posts to speed up the blog, would that bother you. Scale of 1-10. ;)

If you could help me out with those three questions I would love it. Trying to make things a little better around here!


Tomorrow I’ll be sharing these little diddies on the blog.


They’re a fun new addition to the dining room.

I also set up a new centerpiece for the table. It makes me smile.


And, I have to share my bedroom again, because I love it. In case you missed it.. it’s done it’s done!

Small Bedroom

Well let’s just jump into it shall we?! Party on!

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