Christmas Decor 2012

I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet. Picture heavy if I can help it. :)

I went really simple this year. Once I felt overwhelmed with it… It was time to pack the boxes away and just relax.. It’s a TREE. It’s a MANTEL. It’s not the end of the world if it isn’t perfect. C’mon Rachelle.. Focus! There are bigger things going on.

I took what I liked. I asked the girls what they wanted. And, boom. Flower Muse helped as well by sending me a ton of pretty white hydrangeas. Goodness, this year..this week.. I needed some beauty. And, that they were. They were super fresh and have held together for almost a full week now. I loved them so much, I stuck them in my tree! They’re white and big ol’ balls

Ahem..{C’mon google, I dare you}

So, they mimic ornaments really well I think.

Okay, I said short and sweet and it’s novel long. Enjoy some twinkle lights. Some glitter and gold. And, be happy. Right now, this moment. Be. happy.

Merry Christmas, loves.





















More info on the Mantel?

How about those Gold Ornaments?

Want to just be best friends forever?

To see last Christmas

I’ll be joining the Nester for her Holiday party.. and hookin’ up with HOH

Handmade Ornaments {All that glitter…IS gold!}

So, letting the girls dictate how Christmas is decorated this year (I’m trying) they requested more glitter. More sparkle.

More sparkle you say?

Then you shall get more sparkle!

So we decided to take some clear ornaments, you can find these anywhere right now. I’ll stress that again, anywhere.

And, some Martha Stewart glitter, it came in a package of three but I bought the same kit last year so I’m overflowing with Gold glitter. Hate me, I know. The herpes of the craft world is having a serious outbreak at my house.

I also have an abundance of Mod Podge and glue because you just never know when you’ll need it.

And, clearly this tutorial started out as a Ball Jar tutorial. Apparently I didn’t take pictures of the ornaments. And you call this a tutorial Rachelle? Geesh.. But, well.. It’s late. Pretend those are ornaments.

I’m really good at this.


Then you basically take your pick. I taped off one so I could spray paint it with some muted gold, which I’m a big fan of. It isn’t yellowy at all. I also get really messy when it comes to spray paint. That can is embarrassing.

I taped one off and shhmeared some Mod Podge on it and dipped it in glitter.

Again, pretend that’s an ornament. Mason Jar, ornament..Same thing.


Bet you’ll never guess what my next tutorial is going to be…bwahahaha.

Moving on.

I used the glue to make little dots and sprinkled the glitter on it. My favorite! But super hard to photograph.

Chevron was used too, but he’s a jerk and wouldn’t photograph either.. You can see a bit of him up there though.

Are you laughing? I am. This tutorial is all over the place.

Blogger shmogger..I won’t quit my day job anytime soon. ;)

Then, one I got really wild and put it in the spray paint cap to spray it and it turned out with a really cool ombre’ effect.

So easy. The possibilities are endless with these clear ornaments, you know.

Put some snow in them, maybe a mini tree and it’s like a winter wonderland!

Have the kids write out their Christmas wishes and tuck them inside for keepsakes every year.

Shells and sand from your vacations.

Sprinkles. Enough said.

Pinterest has a million to choose from if you’re in need of some more inspiration.

Inspo, as my husband calls it–he says it’ll go viral soon.

So, there you have it.. Some of my favorite sparkly ornaments as of late. :)

I’ve also done these little diddies in Christmases past.

I hope you’re inspired to go make some ornaments this year. Because all that glitters IS gold!

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