Life Lately..and something special!

My two cousins and I basically grew up together, summers at our Grandma’s house, even when my Aunt and Uncle were building we all lived together momentarily. So naturally we’re pretty close and this weekend one of them had a wedding. Gosh I love weddings, so much love in the house… Wait till they see how marriage really is! ha ha :) Really, my other darlin’ friend Jami wrote a post to her sister that I really loved– you should check it out. Marriage is tough y’all, but so worth it.




Next up– My little lady friend Nikki asked if I could open up a Thirty-One party for my readers, of course I jumped up on it! I know a lot of people love Thirty-One, me included. They have so many awesome products to help you organize your life! There’s a special going on right now too– for every $35 spent get an Organizing Utility Tote for $15 or Super Organizing Tote for $25.


And, she has a double hostess rewards special going on so BOOK SOME PARTIES and get some free loot! You can do an online party if you aren’t local to her (Kzoo, Mich) and I know how hard it can be to get everyone to come out to a party on the weekends so online parties are a great alternative :) Now, go ahead and stop reading me babble and go check out some pretties! Go to her Parties and check out mine– Rachelle FOTF


That’s all I’ve got for ya on this Monday! I’m off to paint the laundry room floor to have SOMETHING to share..soon! :)


5 Things You Never Knew About Me

First things first, have you seen the new blog makeover? There’s still some tweaks to be done but I’m in LOVE with the result. Jessica from Southtown Creative really knows what she’s doing! I also added a Project Gallery and it’s AMAZING. Mostly because I figured out how to do it myself.. haha Check it!

Let’s play a game shall we?

More of a confessional if you will..I ‘spose. And an instagram gallery of sorts.. Whatever.

Five things you didn’t know about me yesterday.. and..go.

My middle name rhymes with my first. Which is silly in itself, and then I went and married a boy with a kooky last name that has a silent C at the front of it and it confuses people. Oh and my name isn’t Rachel. I just blew.your.mind didn’t I? It’s Rachelle.. Like Ra-Shell. Sometimes I still come to Rachel though, I mean..25 years and all. My Mother hates it, she reminds me that it’s not my name and to not go by it. ha, silly woman. Picture us in the dr’s office “Rachel S” I get up because I know they mean me and she says “It’s RA-SHELLLL” Her fault really. Just kidding Mom.


I can’t blow a bubble with gum. No clue. I don’t chew gum anyway, but if I did and entered into a bubble blowing contest I’d surely lose and probably do it wrong, and die.


When I’m concentrating at home, reading or on the computer I pull the neck part of my shirt over my mouth. It’s so weird, it makes Jared laugh because I don’t realize I’m doing it. Nervous twitch maybe? Something from my childhood probably. Therapy helps. Just kidding, we haven’t talked about that.. yet.


I get hives. Literally all day long. If I’m talking to someone, nervous, excited, angry, sad, eating.. My chest is full of them and it makes people uncomfortable. So uhh.. excited for Haven anyone? I’ll be the chick in a turtleneck.. in August. Awesome.


I’ve had my nose, tongue, belly button and ears pierced and took all of them out. Well, okay I wear earrings but just in one hole each, I have 3 holes in each ear. Basically I’m full of holes.. Wait..what?

Happy Monday Homies.

Instagram Life

I’m a big fan of Instagram. I’m not going to jump on the vine bandwagon anytime soon but I sure do love seeing what everyone’s up to with pretty pictures and filters and sharing my babies faces. Because, let’s face it.. They’re freakin’ adorable.

Here’s my life via instagram as of late.. if you’d like to follow along I’m Fotfblog {Clever I know}

Recently Updated7

1.) The girls got fun glasses.. Sometimes I steal them. Not Chloe’s though because she wears them EVERY.WHERE. She’ll say “These are real guys, I have bad eyes” Dork.

2.) Said glasses at TGIFridays

3.) We’re the elderly couple trying to figure out this finicky phone.. we also don’t clean mirrors.. Clearly.

4.) Girlfrann got her hair did and a hot chocolate. She felt pretty fly.

5.) Two things.. I hit 100k which is crazy because we bought it almost new. Wahh. Also almost 60 degrees in January, What?!

6.) Earrings weren’t as fun getting as someone thought.. Poor babe. It was okay 10 minutes later.. Best birthday gift ever she said!

7.) Pier 1 pinned my bedroom.. ’nuff said.

8.) Rusty metal arrow goodness? Or made from paper.. You decide. ;) I’ll blog about it soon.

9.) Pre-earring joy. SUCH excitement!

10.) Matching makeup.. Not matching bathing suits.

11.) Sleepy head.

12.) I quit pop again (YES POP) and my coworker spilled hers and it affirmed it’s love for me.

Do you have an instagram? Share it in the comments so we can follow you!

Oh! Shoot.. I forgot to tell you! There’s a giveaway going on over on Facebook right now.. :) You might want to check ‘er out.

Weekend Hap’ns

Sometimes I worry I don’t have anything blog worthy and I should just…not.

But, then I remember it’s my blog to mess up how I’d like and even the boring things are pretty cool… to me at least. ;) So.. here’s a big ol’ insta haps for you. Which btdubs you can always follow along on instagram to see it live! ha :)

1.) Yes, she’s in the bathroom. No, she’s not going. She was watching me get my weave on. ;) But, it’s a real smile and I hardly ever get those from her and it amazed me. She’s so beautiful it hurts.

Said weave. Fake hair. Dark. It’s actually pretty painful and I think my head is rejecting it? If that’s possible. Anyway, my scalp is angry but it’s pretty. I’m conflicted.

We put up the tree. And then it wasn’t sparkly enough for the girls liking. And, then they kept sneaking ornaments and putting them on their tree. This whole “let them run Christmas” isn’t working so well. We’ll see. So far I have some color on the tree and I haven’t broken out into hives yet…..ahem.

I know. Dad’s giving no heat curls.

So hot.

That is all.

If Michigan will get it’s act together and stop THUNDERSTORMING in December, I’ll take pictures of our holiday decor.. Silly Michigan.

How about you? How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!