Organizing Planet Barbie Land

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Home Depot & Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #AllAccessOrganizers”

So here’s the thing.. (Don’t you love it when posts start out with that.. I know I do.. haha) I’ve been stealing things from the playroom and putting them elsewhere.. Like the curtains (now in the dining room) The map (Now in the entry way) the rugs (Downstairs) Who would have thought? So we’ve been on the look out for a huge fluffy rug the girls like and some new curtains, but we also spent TWO DAYS and by we I mean me, cleaning out and organizing all their CRAP. Because that’s what it is. How two girls can accumulate 5 bags worth of trash in one tiny room I’ll never know, and the child who wont admit to having a liking for cutting up tiny tiny bits of paper and putting them in bowls to make soup– well.. I’ll find out who you are, woman.

Anyway, so they’re getting older– we took the kitchen out and they mostly play school, office, and barbies. Oh and makeup. But barbies is a HUGE deal for them. At my mother in laws house she has a room dedicated to it for them– barbie land. Well we tried to make our own barbie land here, with a GIANT house and approx 13,001 barbies. It was out of control. We didn’t have a basket or bin big enough for the barbies and they’d end up on the floor every day.



Christmas barbie was always judging..quietly.


Then when we found these handy things from the Home Depot I knew it would be perfect because the girls have little to no effort when it comes to putting them away!


My kids are lazy y’all. If it involves putting them neatly anywhere or having to be careful, it wont happen. This way– with the All Access Organizers from Rubbermaid they shove them in since they still open from the front when stacked unlike a lot of totes that you open from the top (but don’t worry they do that too! Magical.) I don’t step on a barbie shoe and we’re all happy. Even Christmas Barbie.


I bought 4 bins total, these two smaller ones, which I think are still plenty big enough and two bigger ones for their bedroom, I thought that it would be perfect for uniform clothes in the fall– since they stack so neatly they’ll both be able to get to their OWN pants/skirts/shorts/skorts with ease and we should have a lot less fighting and whining at 7:00 am. Can I get a hallelujah? But that in itself will be a job going through the never ending amount of uniforms.. Thank the lord we still have a month left!

If you’re out and about at Home Depot I highly suggest checking these Rubbermaid products out. They’re super affordable and they’ve made our lives MUCH easier. And, I think they might be sparking a complete room overhaul… you’ll just have to wait and see ;) I think the organizing is getting to my head.. watch out people. This is only the beginning ;)



5 Minute Shelf

January tends to do something to me. It makes me want to ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS! Organize the cups in the cabinet? Yup. Organize my underwear? Maybe. Organize the craft buttons by color, size and use? No. But now that you mention it..

I’ve talked about our closet before. I mean, it’s silly. How many times can one person really talk about a closet on the internet and hope people care enough to listen? Three apparently.

So you know I just basically added some nails for my necklaces and I had a rolling cart in there for clutches and something weird happened? The clutches always ended up on the floor and it turned into three junk drawers. That’s something I learned about myself. Give me a drawer and I’ll take a mile. Wait what?


But seriously, I didn’t utilize the rolling cart like I originally intended and it was wasting valuable space in our super tiny closet. It was a pretty big pain to squeeze by it everyday to get to my clothes. #firstworldproblems perhaps? Okay, lame hash tag insert, I know. I’m embarrassed myself.

So for something this easy you just need a piece of wood, the straighter the better. Since it’s going to be a shelf you want it to be level. You’ll also need some L brackets, screws and painters tape.


I painted my shelf with some leftover samples that we keep around the house for emergencies like this, and some fun bubble design I felt it needed last minute. Thanks to a gold Sharpie and a glass jar it was easy as heck. It looks a little yellow and gross in the next few photos but I assure you it’s the prettiest grey blue with bronze bubbles you ever did see.


Then comes the hangin’– this can be REALLY easy, I promise you. Take a piece of painters tape and your little level. Once you tape it on the wall and make sure the TAPE is level, you just attach the brackets to the wall and boom, bang pow. You’ve got yourself some level brackets.. Which means, your shelf will be level. See? Couldn’t be easier. It literally takes minutes. And, since you’re going to use paint samples which are flat paints, they also dry super fast. Did I mention this is the easiest tutorial ever? Yes. It is. Fast and easy.



That’s what she said.

Just kidding. How gross. ;)

So then you set your shelf on the brackets and screw them in to the shelf underneath. See!? Done. Add your pretties and you’re ready to go.


Confession, I have a perfume hoarding problem. I’m taking the possible steps to get rid of a few, but it’s hard to say goodbye.


The cutest little love bunnies you ever did see. Good job Hubby, good job!



So much more room! For bras! Not really, but Jami said it’s better to hang them so hang them I shall. I listen to her like that. Also, not pictured a perfect little magazine basket that is now housing my shoes. I guess most girls wouldn’t want to throw their heels in a basket but my stock doesn’t really go into shoes.. More like.. Perfume, and power tools.  ;)



So all in all.. Little closets, we’re making it work people!