Bedroom Sneaks

I’m waiting for the sun to come out and give me a good day to photograph so for now, you get some sneak peeks. I love it. I wanted something that was a little feminine meets masculine meets rustic meets modern meets shiny, glittery fun. All wrapped up in a bow and presented to me with cupcakes.

Maybe not that great, but it’s a small room and I wanted a big impact. Something you wanted to just lay in and watch movies all day long. Which is basically my dream day, in case you were wondering.





Worlds Smallest Closet

I don’t know if you’re aware but we live in a ridiculously small house. Okay, I take that back. I know we’re beyond blessed to even have a roof over our heads and have the space that we do have but sometimes when I walk into my 2 foot by 3 foot closet I cuss a little bit. I do. I’m working on it.


Now that I’ve got THAT off my chest ;) I’ll share with you a few tweaks we did this weekend while working on the bedroom. Since we have very little room to store clothes, what we don’t wear we get rid of. And, out of season items go in the basement. Summer is my favorite closet time since there’s no bulky sweaters and hoodies. Praise the Lord for Michigan summers that’s for sure. Yes, those are my bras over yonder. Let’s all agree we’re adults and not giggle. I hear it’s better to hang them than stuff them in a drawer so that’s what I do.


Awkwardness aside I scrounged up an old frame and some chicken wire to make a little pin/ earring holder it adds a pop of color to the white walls.

Let’s get something out of the way. This whole closet aims more towards function than being the prettiest closet on the block. I love the look of door knobs for holding necklaces & bracelets but honestly I couldn’t waste the space. Tiny nails it is. Basic and boring but I sure store a lot.


Which brings me to my next point.

Clearly, I’m a necklace hoarder. I tend to go for things that can be worn up or down. Everything from Target goodies to some shops you may have heard of like Lisa Leonard & Cap Creations.. watches..

The cheap roller cart stores fabric, pillow covers, clutches and extra hats. How random? But it felt right.

On top is a pretty little dish I got from a wedding many moons ago to hold earrings. I always say I’m going to put a picture in it like it’s supposed to have but it’s been years and still haven’t gotten to do that, I’m not holding my breath.

The heart box is something I made my senior year. It’s one of my most favorite pieces of art, honestly. I just love it. It holds..Junk, right now.

So there you have it. The most smallest closet and it’s mini overhaul. I’d love to do a pretty paint job in it and have a pretty door with window panes but, you know how that goes. :) One project leads to another!


But, in more exciting news, I finished the wall that never ends too this weekend!

I also added curtains.

Oh, beauty. You’re sure coming along nicely. Once I pick out bedding and swap out the light fixture & add some lamp shades (The blue is not staying) it’ll be all done. Well, as close to done as anything in an ever revolving house is.