Creating a Kids Baking-Carry-all Gift

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Rubbermaid Bento Organizers but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #HolidayBento”

So when I was asked to do a little somethin’ somethin’ with the Rubbermaid Bento Organizers I was really excited because I actually already use these little slices of heaven in my home! But I wanted to come up with something new for Christmas gifts that would incorporate them AND be a fun gift to get besides.. well.. a box with dividers. Though, useful– isn’t always the biggest WOW gift- right? Right? So I came up with something for a little girl or boy who 1.) Could always use a place to put trinkets, can I get an amen? and 2.) Would be fun enough to open as a gift.


So I thought about what my kids like to do– bake. What a fun thing for them to have their own mini-baking station! So I set off to Target to buy a Rubbermaid Bento Organizer and some fun little baking items. Imagine my delight when I could find MINI (think: Kid sized) goodies.. Mini cookie cutters and mini spatulas. I die.



I also got a really cute ornament because, I just couldn’t resist– glitter and pink. Two of my favorite things.


And, the rest is the easiest part ever– throw it all in the bento box and tie-er-up with string! Now, as a gift I would probably give a box of cookie mix with this but I know sometimes box mixes strike a cord with some people– you could always send a homemade jar of cookie mix y’all.. and everything would be right in the world. If you’re like me– send the box. ;) And their mom will thank you for not only giving a CREATIVE gift that just keeps giving, but one that will keep the clutter at a minimum because you gave the box to clean it up with too! The cool part about these Bento boxes are that the insides can be shifted to make room for whatever you are putting in it.



Other ideas for Christmas in a box gifts–

Bubble bath, candle, soap, loofa

Mani/Pedi set

Rainbow Loom bands (and all their million, trillion pieces)

The possibilities are endless and because Rubbermaid has so many different sizes for the bento boxes, you can go as little or as big as you’d like! I love that! Plus– this week they’re on sale (score!) and there’s a coupon code so you can get 1.00 Off at Target!


So instead of giving a gift in some box that anyone could just toss away after the gift is given, maybe– try out a Bento box that just keeps giving! I’m excited enough about these that I’m ready to give ALL my gifts in reusable boxes!

Merry Christmas!

Bedroom Makeover {Decorating a Small Bedroom}

I’ve finally got to a point where I feel like I can comfortably show you our “Master” bedroom.

I say “master” because it’s the smallest bedroom in the house. Nothing grand about it. But it’s on the main floor and when we first moved in, we didn’t feel comfortable with Lily on the main floor and the other bedroom upstairs wouldn’t really fit two beds for the girls to share a room. And, I was pregnant at the time and walking 2 feet to the bathroom in the middle of the night sounded a lot better than a flight of stairs.


So for a while it was a dark dungeon, and we switched it up a bit by making it lighter but we still didn’t have a headboard, and I hated having the bed by the windows, it would be freezing cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Horrible windows anyone? Yeah it’s on the fix it list.. the long list. ;)


So, we moved the bed which I liked. And, then one day when Jared was working late something sparked in me to start painting.. and it went on for months. But, the end result is beautiful, I think. Imperfect and mom-made just how I like it. But, don’t thank me for the brilliant idea– it’s all from this woman, she shows you how to do it and has a little template you can print out. If you haven’t seen her blog yet, run..go check it out. It’s one of my daily reads. :)

Anyway–I had this vision in my head, feminine meets masculine meets rustic meets metals and sparkle and textures.

Get it? You can almost picture it right? Me too.


So the wall was getting done slowly, and I painted the nightstands, and of course never talked about them. But sometimes I forget things are blogworthy– these really aren’t we’re just cheap and like to reuse what we have. A few coats of white paint and some pulls from the HD and we’re good to go.

  IMG_5726 IMG_5721

I’m a BIG fan of mixing metals. Big fan. Shiny pulls.. Dark headboard.. Yes please. I liked the nice pretty ones at Pottery Barn, but my friends.. This one is not it. It was a cheap $100.00 Amazon find that we spray painted and bolted to the wall. Not because the boats a’ rockin or anything, but because it’s lit-er-a-lly the most rickety headboard I’ve ever seen. No lies here. But it’s secured now and I kind of like it. Jared not so much, but we’re going to DEAL WITH IT until I make another. :)

This is getting pretty wordy so I’m going to make a separate source post, but a few other things I want to mention.



The other side of the room is pretty bare, I’d love to add a small chair next to the dresser. And, a nice rug but I haven’t found anything that suits my fancy as of late. What I’d really love under the Love sign is this shoe dresser from Ikea. We could use all the storage we can get but I think the register would be in the way. Once I get my butt to Canton to see if I could make it work in person, you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be getting it, if it will.


Oh, and if you didn’t notice Jared’s side against mine– I played the masculine/Fem game again- His definitely screams manly. Wooden frame with his favorite photo of me on our honeymoon, feeling mighty fine thanks to all those watered down Cancun drinks. Metal bucket so he can put his, I don’t know.. Manly things in like the remote and burts bees chapstick ;) The 7 made me happy since it’s our 7th anniversary this year. Also a sand dollar we smuggled into the US on our cruise. Please don’t alert the authorities.



My side. So girly..Gold..Sparkles and flying pigs. I don’t really need to say more.


Other favorite things:

The wedding pictures we FINALLY hung up. I like that they’re facing the bed. I wake up to memories of a very fun hot day, every day.


Also, it gets super moody at night. I enjoy it ahhhlot. I forgot how nice it was to have lamps, that I actually use.



I love it, it might be small but she is fierce.

Be back tomorrow with a source list and price breakdown. :) Later alligators!