Green Ideas That Will Give Your Lawn A Facelift

A beautiful home with a green lawn surrounding it would be a dream place to dwell on.

A well-maintained lawn will for sure increase the aesthetic value of your possession, besides being a place of choice to rest in the laps of the Mother Nature.

Today I will discuss some simple, but effective methods to increase the appearance of lawns.

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Trim The Edges

Trim The Edges

A flourishing lawn covering a considerable area of courtyard can be made more decent when it is trimmed along its edges. Trimming makes the lawn look tidy and neat. Next, you can bury plastic molds beneath the earth to restrict the growth of grass within the area of your interest.

This helps you to organize your lawn in a way of your choice.

Border It

A well-grown grass-bed can be made more appealing in terms of its look by bordering it. The choice of material chosen to fringe it along its edges would be stone or brick arranged in slightly overlapping slant positions.

These can be either used in their natural color or can be dyed to suit your taste. Additionally, you can even add some lights along the border to increase the beauty of lawn during the night.

Imbibe Nature

A small water bowl or fountain amidst the green lawn

A small water bowl or fountain amidst the green lawn would be a great view for nature-lovers. The attractiveness associated with it will reach its zenith when a few birds would come there to quench their thirst. You can even resort to have a large pond within which ducks and swans swim around, provided your lawn area is considerably big.

A small fish bowl placed on a suitable decor item would also fit, particularly if you are low on budget and want to give it a go with less maintenance.

Cut A Path Through

The shapes of the stones constituting the path-way can be customized to your personal need

Small stones inserted into the earth along the patch give it a special look.

They can run along your lawn to connect two areas of your garden, say the bench to rest on with the swing.

The shapes of the stones constituting the path-way can be customized to your personal need including those of round, square and diamond.

All these techniques hold good provided you have a lawn which is healthy.

In order to ensure that you have a good lawn, frequent maintenance is absolutely necessary. Aerating the soil, watering the lawn at adequate instants of time, mowing at regular intervals, pulling out the weeds, renewing soil fertility using (preferably) compost manure are all necessary to ensure good-looking green lawn.