DIY Furniture, How To Get Started And Revamp Your House

Are you getting bored of your house lately?

If you are, then rest assured you are not the only person to feel that way.

All of us like to revamp our home from time to time by replacing the same old furniture we have been using for years with something new that suits our tastes as well as appeals to the eyes of those around us.

However, getting an entire set of new furniture can be heavy on the purse. To help you get around this, I have a novel suggestion: Why not DIY?

Why DIY?

DIY furniture is very easy to disassemble, portable, and repairable.

Frankly speaking, we live in the age of DIY. For the uninitiated, DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself.

From clothes to computers, everyone wants a piece of the DIY pie, and for good reason.

Not only does making your own furniture allow you to create a piece that is unique to your home, you also get the satisfaction of using your creativity and expertise to make something that has your personal tastes associated with it.

Also, DIY furniture is very easy to disassemble, portable, and repairable. Most of all, you learn something new and save money at the same time.

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Getting Hands On With DIY Furniture

Another most important thing you may need when starting out are ideas.

Although creating your own furniture may seem like a daunting task, once you get started, you’ll love it!

Here is a list of some essential tools you should have under your belt before jumping on the DIY bandwagon:

  • Safety Gear such as aprons, protective eyewear, gloves.
  • A Kreg Jig
  • An electric drill
  • A screwdriver set with multiple bits
  • A tape measures
  • A workbench

Another most important thing you may need when starting out are ideas.

Thankfully, the internet is teeming with DIY guides and project ideas, along with detailed instructions, which will help you to begin you first furniture building project.

The tools you can order online or get from your local hardware store. As for the workbench…why not make it your first DIY project?

How To Use DIY Furniture To Revamp Your Home?

You can also use your old furniture and remodel them to fit the new look of your house.

One of the most striking advantages of DIY furniture is that you can tailor its shape, size and look specifically to the structure and décor of your house. No amount of shop-hopping or spending can get you the kind of personalization which creating your own furniture offers. Imagine filling that unused corner of the living room with a svelte bookshelf that you made yourself, using the spare wood lying in your attic.

Nothing can give you a greater satisfaction than seeing your own creation admired by your friends and family. Furthermore, you don’t have to do it alone! Invite them to lend a hand.

You can also use your old furniture and remodel them to fit the new look of your house. Upgrade your kitchen, bedrooms and playroom by taking apart your old furniture and creating something new from them that you and your family will cherish together.

You may be wondering when you will get time to make your own furniture. All of us have work, and numerous other household chores.

But once you begin you will be surprised to find that investing just a few hours on weekends can allow you to give your house that much needed makeover.

What you can do with DIY furniture is limited only by your imagination. I suggest you start with something small. Take that old junk in your drawer and turn it into a pen stand, or maybe a showpiece.

As with anything, initially you may face problems with your projects, but if you persevere, the results can by highly rewarding.

Green Ideas That Will Give Your Lawn A Facelift

A beautiful home with a green lawn surrounding it would be a dream place to dwell on.

A well-maintained lawn will for sure increase the aesthetic value of your possession, besides being a place of choice to rest in the laps of the Mother Nature.

Today I will discuss some simple, but effective methods to increase the appearance of lawns.

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Trim The Edges

Trim The Edges

A flourishing lawn covering a considerable area of courtyard can be made more decent when it is trimmed along its edges. Trimming makes the lawn look tidy and neat. Next, you can bury plastic molds beneath the earth to restrict the growth of grass within the area of your interest.

This helps you to organize your lawn in a way of your choice.

Border It

A well-grown grass-bed can be made more appealing in terms of its look by bordering it. The choice of material chosen to fringe it along its edges would be stone or brick arranged in slightly overlapping slant positions.

These can be either used in their natural color or can be dyed to suit your taste. Additionally, you can even add some lights along the border to increase the beauty of lawn during the night.

Imbibe Nature

A small water bowl or fountain amidst the green lawn

A small water bowl or fountain amidst the green lawn would be a great view for nature-lovers. The attractiveness associated with it will reach its zenith when a few birds would come there to quench their thirst. You can even resort to have a large pond within which ducks and swans swim around, provided your lawn area is considerably big.

A small fish bowl placed on a suitable decor item would also fit, particularly if you are low on budget and want to give it a go with less maintenance.

Cut A Path Through

The shapes of the stones constituting the path-way can be customized to your personal need

Small stones inserted into the earth along the patch give it a special look.

They can run along your lawn to connect two areas of your garden, say the bench to rest on with the swing.

The shapes of the stones constituting the path-way can be customized to your personal need including those of round, square and diamond.

All these techniques hold good provided you have a lawn which is healthy.

In order to ensure that you have a good lawn, frequent maintenance is absolutely necessary. Aerating the soil, watering the lawn at adequate instants of time, mowing at regular intervals, pulling out the weeds, renewing soil fertility using (preferably) compost manure are all necessary to ensure good-looking green lawn. 

Lawn Design

Designs For Your Lawn To Thrill Your Visitors

When it comes to the best of the Lawns, both planning as well as designing goes hand in hand. It can be said that lawn is the foremost feature of your garden. I’ll advise you to stress a bit upon the shape as well as size when you create a lawn. The final layout will determine the viability of your lawn, the overall appeal of your garden and much more. Today, I’ll mention some of the proficient ways that can provide your visitors with a thrill when they visit your lawn.


1.    Bordering Your Lawn:

Garden Fence

Garden Fence

What comes as a great fact is that we humans like borders, we prefer symmetrical divisions over the variable ones. Well, the same is with our lawns. Bordering your lawn in a capable way will make it look dapper, this will promote a catchy appearance when your guests enter the vicinity. A striking interaction is possible through a deemed bordering strategy when it comes to pleasing your visitors. You may prefer wooden borders for the outer boundary, for the inner divisions amidst the plants, I prefer using gaudy stones. The stones with color contrast can be of great worth for both, looks and rigidness.

2.    Include Focal Points:

Easy to build fountain

Easy to build fountain

When you think of thrilling your visitors in the first ever sight, I can think of making your garden interesting with the aid of focal points. This may feature inculcation of several items like Birdbaths, tiny fountains, arches and much more. Splashes of contrast plating can be your best pick for creating a garish appeal. A grand entrance can be planned with the aid of the same, you might place two spruces for the purpose of ushering the visitors. When it comes to placing spruces and alpine plants, I usually opt for 6 feet tall as well as wide ones.

3.    Leave Some Space:

Garden Seats

Garden Seats

Any garden is not just about plating, weeding, and pruning, your lawn must have ample space for you to sit back and enjoy an ecstatic touch of mother nature. The empty space may act as a little escape for you, you might drift away with the beauty of it. For this, a simple pair of table and chair can be of utmost worth. Let your loved ones leverage the organic potential of the place with some eateries through all of this. Let them come, sit and have the glimpse of those beautiful flowers. Let the birds chirp in that beautiful silence.

4.    Rich & Dark Colors:

Colorful Flowers

Colorful Flowers

Leverage the potential of the contrast offered by the variety of plants like purple foliage, encapsulate a blackish appeal with the same. It can be said that if you include black foliage, then you can revamp your garden with a magical touch. The dark-colored foliage amidst the lush green plant can cater to the appeal you desire.

Upgrade your garden

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Small Garden

There comes a time when you think of improving your garden but you don’t happen to have any clue. Today I’ll tell you about the 7 most fruitful ways that may ensure the viability of your endeavors related to the garden upgrade. By inculcation of the under-mentioned 7 key ways will surely boost the appeal of your garden.


1.    Rain Water Harvesting:

Assimilating rainwater can be your best pick when it comes to saving some bucks on your water bills and giving your garden a novel appeal. Through rainwater harvesting, you can leverage the offered potential and can benefit the plants in the vicinity as well. The water harvested by the process contains a lesser number of contaminants, the water is perfect for your plants. In addition, the setup is simple and for sure, it can provide a geeky look to your garden.

2.    Establish A Beehive:

Boost both, the pollination & the creativity of your garden through a small beehive. There is an array of beehives available in the market. I’d prefer a beehive made up of dead wood as it attracts the bees as well. The beehives today available are pretty alluring and they fulfill the purpose in the best way possible.



3.    Install A Birdbath:

If you ask me the best amenity to place in your garden, then I’d prefer a Birdbath, always. A birdbath can be your out of the box pick for attracting the little gaudy birds. The same can fulfill your endeavors related to having an attractive garden. The same can help the soil with attaining the desired moisture while serving those tiny cockatoos. Place some pebbles amidst the Birdbath for added appeal, boost the landscape look with a catalyst in the form of a great Birdbath.

4.    Pocket Plants:

Pocket Plants can be one of a unique way of doing tiny farming. The idea involves hanging a shoe organizer on a wall. Then you can fill up the same with some mud and place some ferns in it. The whole idea looks exotic and provides a touch of ecstasy to your garden. Pocket Plants adds grandeur to the organic appeal of your garden, it just makes things great.

5.    Table Topping Farming:

Place a metal table that is of no use for you in your garden, modify it a bit and place some mud with the maneuver in it. Place some fresh and beautiful ferns in it and you’re good to go. I personally prefer utilizing the things in hand to attain the best of the outcomes. The methods fulfill both my gardening purpose as well as it promotes usability. You might consider glass bottles, metal tubs for the same.

Wooden Table

Wooden Table

6.    Flooring:

Flooring plays a vital role when it specifically comes to the viability of your garden. Just imagine an attractive garden with red marble stone, pretty fascinating, right? Well, trust me, one should stress a bit on the flooring of their garden. People generally opt for a garden fully covered with grass, but I always suggest to divide the areas and include some solid flooring for added ease.

7.    Different Shades Of Green:

Give your garden a botanical color touch with different shades of green. You might include plants with low to higher green pigmentation factor. The idea promotes the viability of the appeal of your small garden by playing with the contrast associated with it. Try including hibiscus, you may also try some geraniums for the best contrast shades for green color. Encapsulate the love of mother nature in the best way possible by including an array of plants.

Lovely Nature

Lovely Nature

Great Ideas For Playroom When You Are On A Budget

Everybody wants a room in their homes to indulge in their sense of fun and to provide the space which is essential for the development of the young ones, playroom happens to be the room suited for these needs. For a home to look complete and beautiful living room, kitchen, playroom and the other rooms must be designed and organized creatively, see more on how to upgrade kitchen.

The key to designing the best playroom is to strive for achieving a balance between what you want and what the kid wants, you might also want to design the playroom keeping in mind the future perspective of the child and the room.


1.    Spacious Appeal:

One thing that is of paramount importance in a playroom is the designated area for doing homework or coloring so one should try to use the space judiciously and creatively and preferably corners should be used for low tables and child-size chairs however if one is short on space they can use flip down tables. To make sure that the room provides the space for socializing you can add a sofa bed or bean bags as they can be economical. This way you not only enhance the productivity of the room but it is also light on one’s pocket.

Gaudy Colors

Gaudy Colors

2.    Choose Most Gaudy Of The Colors:

The playroom is a space where kids spend most of their time and it is that space where kids can be themselves without any hindrance. For the kid to use his energy, imagination and creativity make sure to make this place beautiful and creative with all the elements which will help the little ones to unlock their potential. A different spectrum of colors can be used, indoor tepee also provides something different from the convention. One can use chalkboard wall surface as these are cheap and boost kids’ creativity.


3.    Pick The Finest Area:

When it comes to playrooms storage is very important as the kids need a place to store all their toys and other stuff. The challenge is not the storage but how to choose the area for storage, the best way to do so is to choose low height shelf for the kids so that he or she can reach the shelves easily. There are plenty of options to storage needs one can go for woven baskets or economical storage options like budget baskets etc.

Butterfly Wall Decoration

Butterfly Wall Decoration

4.    Revamp Those Ordinary Walls:

The way the playroom should be designed is that it should give a boost to the sports or activities they like for example if your kid likes football, place football related accessories in the playroom, experiment with the environment and make it a fun, rustic playroom. Another thing one can do is to revamp the walls of the playroom with paintings that have been created by the kids. Make sure that these are in plastic frames and do not have sharp corners so as the kids are safe from them.

Window to Nature

Window to Nature

5.    Provide A Glimpse Of Nature:

It is also essential for the kids to keep in touch with nature. Make sure that the things and the gadgets available to the kid in the playroom do not make him dependent on them and so as he or she doesn’t develop a materialistic attitude, design a playroom such that the window sits at such a position that it offers outside view.

Playroom Design

Playroom Design

6.    Design Plays A Vital Role:

It is also necessary to take some insight from the kids and design the playroom to their needs. Try to choose colors, themes and activities that they love the most while adding all the productive features and keeping their safety in regard which might include adding plush surfaces, strategically locating the playroom in such a way that one is able to see the kids playing while working.

Sassy Living Room

Brilliant Living Room Organization Ideas

As the name itself suggests the living room, in essence, reflects the living area that is the house itself. While some may complain that their living room isn’t large enough to give that piquant feel but there is always a scope for better organization. The trick lies in identifying the spots that are not being utilized and bringing the maximum out of the provided space. It is not necessary that one has to splurge to get the best out of a room check out the budget ideas for the playroom.


1. If you think you are short on space well, think again because have you ever thought about the space above the doorway in your living room. One great idea is using this much-underappreciated space to provide the necessary space for various items. Maximize the space around the doorway and other inconspicuous spaces to get the best out of your living room.

Living room

Living room


2. If the waste and trash in your living room hamper the shine and other features of the room you might want to consider using wastebaskets, however, depending on what you use them for they might get smelly so one can use trash cans with a lid or deodorizing cans.


3. The living room’s proportion , also effects the organizing strategy which will suit one, a snug living room demands use of coffee table not in the center as it would obstruct the entrance of the room so one can use the window recess to place a low coffee table without compromising the floor space.

Cozy Sofa

Cozy Sofa


4. The flat surfaces in the living room tend to get more cluttered with papers and books as the living is a kind of information center where every member of the family gathers. So as to keep the surfaces clean and clutter free one can use two drawers lateral file however if you don’t have much floor space one can use stackable file cart and try to keep all the papers in files rather than on the coffee table.


5. Some rooms have corners or angled corners and if this happens to be the case with your living room, it can compromise your living room’s ambiance. Bespoke bench seating and other custom seating options can be leveraged upon and the sloping roof or angled corner can be used to one’s advantage. Shallow spots pose the problem of not being able to use full height cupboards in these spots slip alcoves come to the rescue and add to ambiance and functionality as well.

Transform the corners

Transform the corners

6. The placement of TV in the living room seems to be a tricky affair when most of the people tend to hang the TV on an unadorned wall if your living room has some space limitations a better idea would be to go with the framing of your TV in the shelf area. Different shelves along with offering multiple storage options can also help to blend a TV in the room scheme.


7. Utilizing the areas often ignored is key to getting the best out of your living room not only in terms of functionality but it also helps in improving the ambiance, take for example the unutilized space behind the sofa, this space can be used for picture ledges and for displaying books, accessories, and art. For a family that tends to play games together allocate a separate game cabinet and space as this helps in freeing up the other spaces.


8. For those people who love to have houseplants around the house, the living room can become a jungle if left unorganized, so get a decorative plant stand and arrange the houseplants carefully they generally do best in corners and tiered locations.


Plant Decor

Plant Decor

The best way to organize your house be it your kitchen , living room or any other room is to analyze the space in the room and to utilize the wasted space or the unconventional spots to place your collectibles or other elements. Walls can be used for painting and picture collages, keep on experimenting with the furniture and the seating arrangement so as to get the one that blends with the room scheme.

Bright Kitchen

Easy Projects For Kitchen Upgrade

Everyone wants their home to look and feel best and exude pleasantness, while this seems to be a daunting task it actually isn’t as I have a few tips that can brighten up your kitchen and house. Whether you live in a condo or own a villa kitchen is the heart of the house and it is the place where many people spend much time bustling around. You can use various tweaks which actually improve the productivity, I prefer to use the wall space judiciously and use hooks to hold the kitchen utensils, this adds the vintage feel to the kitchen.


1.    Lightning:

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Another thing that I noticed is that most of the people tend to ignore the effect of lightning, well, to say the least, it does not only improve the ambiance it is necessary for proper cooking. I personally use the cabinet lighting which helps in getting rid of the shadow problems associated with the overhead lighting.


2.    Cabinet Space Management:

To add exclusiveness to the kitchen freeing up some cabinet space above the window shelving and picking a clever spot for collectibles can really add to the decor of the kitchen. The color scheme also plays an important role how the kitchen and the rest of the house feel and looks. I generally go for counter matching tops and the tables which sit in contrast with the color background of the kitchen, this adds the dramatic counterpoint to the kitchen.


3.    Gaudy Open Shelves:

To make the kitchen look more spacious I prefer to use the open shelves as in them you can see more of the wall space and this tends to create an illusion of more space. From the creative point of view, this provides the much-needed break from the closed shelves. Not just the walls and the cabinets change the look of kitchen but the table elements also play an important role, I use the oak side table for my kitchen however you can go for any oak or teak wood furniture as it adds to the vintage shade of the kitchen, well weren’t things better in the old days.


4.    Upgrade Your Appliances:

With the coming of new technologies and trends the kitchen appliances deserve an upgrade too, so I prefer to upgrade my appliances after around two to three years of use and I also use mix it up when it comes to drawer pulls, it completely changes the look and I personally prefer the vintage to modern ones but you can go for either as per preference.


5.    Amenity Arrangement:

Kitchen Interior

Kitchen Interior

I also keep on tweaking the sitting arrangement particularly with the stools and seats around the half wall that separates the living area from the kitchen. The one thing that grabbed my attention while doing dishes is the faucet, it isn’t just a conduit for water, faucets can actually make the sink look elegant and make doing dishes enjoyable as a matter of fact now my husband helps me in doing dishes. Another thing that I have done to make cleaning a breeze is the installation of deep sinks and creating a photo gallery backsplash by attaching picture frames using hook and loop tapes to the walls, these pictures provide the personal touch to the kitchen.


6.    Choose an Alluring Background:

The background of the kitchen is not as inconspicuous as it seems and a color palette or tin tiles which are simple and easy to clean actually adds to the overall look of the kitchen, make sure that the color palette isn’t too much distracting or too dull, try to strike a balance. If you have windows in the kitchen like I do you might want to install shades as it reduces the sunlight but I personally prefer the swinging wood shutters as they look more elegant. The kitchen floor forms an integral part of how kitchen looks, when I moved in with my husband in our apartment the kitchen floor had burgundy color and it just didn’t go with the walls, because of the limited budget I painted the floor in a checked pattern and trust me it is one of those decisions that I don’t regret.



Nobody can accurately tell you what furniture or color will suit your kitchen or rooms, so keep experimenting with the different furniture and colors and choose the style which suits to your need and which you find to be the best.

Transformed Bathroom

Bathroom Hacks: Your Catch For A Prodigious Transformation

When it comes to reviving an ordinary bathroom, it might not require an absolute makeover. You can provide your bathroom with style and the exuberance it deserves through following some of the most basic ways to transform your bathroom. With an array of options like creative wall designs, revamped window designs painted floors and ceilings or even a deemed smart storage amenity, these all ensure the viability of your bathroom in the best way possible.

The bathroom hacks can provide you with most simple yet exquisite of the way for the transformation of your bathroom and hence, the bathing experience. In this article, I’ll talk about the out of the box ways to transform your bathroom.


1.    Paint The Floor:

Painting the floor with most ravishing of the patterns can be of great worth when it comes to providing an exuberant touch to your bathroom. This can make your bathing experience more viable and comforting. If you’re looking forward to revamping the floor of your bathroom, then considering latex floors can be your out of the box pick. With customized patterns, you can achieve every sort of appeal you desire. You may prefer using polymer paints as they provide the best of the texture as well as appearance.


2.    Self-Made Wallpapers:

When it comes to a personal touch, making a wallpaper can be the best thing possible while you’re transforming your bathroom. Just imagine a beautiful wallpaper featuring most gaudy of your life moments. Let the bathroom singer inside of you go gaga while you cherish those greatest of the memories. This can be a great pick as it is cheap and it comes handy. You just require a bit of creativity & once you’re done, your customized wallpaper will fulfill your every perfect shower endeavor.


3.    Tiles:

Tiles for DYI

Tiles for DYI

Tiles can be your savior when it comes to keeping the floor clean and attractive. If you’re bored of your ordinary floor, then going for designer tiles can be pretty viable and attractive as well. Tiles featuring the vintage patterns are most preferred. With the installation of gaudy tiles on the floor, there will be no dirt and the surface will feature a stunning appeal as well.


4.    Mirror Frame Made Up Of Tiles:

Tiling a mirror frame is a new pick when it comes to providing the user with most novel of the ways to transform their bathrooms. The Mirror frame surrounded by the beautiful pairs of tiles can offer you a glimpse of heaven. Match your perfect tiles with a shiny mirror of the same size and thickness & give your bathroom a makeover.


5.    Elegant Lightening:

Elegant Bathroom Lighting

Elegant Bathroom Lighting

It can be said that lightning is the soul of your bathroom. Providing a dedicated light setup can be the foremost step when you think of transforming your bathroom. Using a yellow light with gaudy reflectors can ensure that décor stays lit. You may also install the lights around the bathtubs or even above the wash basin. If you’re thinking about installing a beautiful lightening décor then it is advised to place the setup at least 8 feet above the basin. Make sure that the lighting complies with the appeal of your bathroom.


6.    Floor Rugs:

Customized floor rugs are best when it comes to providing the floor of your bathroom with a new appeal. The rugs can make the floor 100% cozier and comforting. A vivid range of rugs is already available in the markets. What comes as a great fact is that, you can also make your own rugs with a sheer blend of love and creativity.


7.    Pebble Bathmat:

Make your very own customized bathmat with an outdoor rubber mat, few fresh stones, and a waterproof sealer. The bathmat can provide you with the best of the spa experience, the same can rejuvenate your bathing experience. Provide your bathroom with the best of the homemade accessories, especially with a pebble bathmat.


8.    Wall-Mount Cabinets:

Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet

Provide a crisp and clean appeal to your bathroom with a wooden wall-mounted cabinet, the same can ensure the viability of your bathroom products as well. Provide your bathroom with a systemized appeal when you install a beautiful cabinet on the walls.